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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 by the Sea

Stats for 6/22:
3.11 Miles
Time- 25:30
Pace- 8:12
Seaside Oregon on a drizzly day along the Promenade path.

We took a quick trip with the in-laws to Seaside, Oregon this weekend. If you have never been to Seaside you should go, at least for a day. It is a total tourist trap with shopping, events and beautiful beach. I was so excited to run my 3 miler along the water.

I set out while the family was eating breakfast, I TOTALLY should have eaten first because all I could think about was getting back to EAT. Along the way I saw people in clamming gear, a group of Harley Rider posing in front of a statue, a lady speed walking while holding goggles(?) and various older couples relaxing and walking their dogs. There were homes with pristine yards and hotels from nice to yuck, amazing how the real estate can change with a few strides. It was raining but not enough to be annoying, it was refreshing. My legs felt a little heavy, but I am guessing it was because of all the beach walking and chasing after my non-stop little guy.

I passed a runner who looked like me in height and build. I thought about stopping her and telling her about the long length spandex pants I bought at the Nike outlet, but chose to stay quiet. The run was relaxing and just the escape I needed. I have ZERO time to Blog or check out Blogs today, will try to get caught up this week. Below are a few photos from the trip.

My new Nike sweatshirt, love outlet shopping
Posing with my little stud on the Promenade
Hubby on Fathers day with the view of the other direction of the Promenade.
In town I saw this store and had to take a photo for my Fairweather Running buddy... too funny!!


Being Robinson said...

OHHHH i LOVE it! haha, thanks! that is cute. thanks for thinking of me! your weekend looks amazing and FUN. and i SOOO heart that hoodie, i'm such a nike junkie, i need to go to there. have a good day, business and all! oh and your family is so freaking cute, i want to stick all of you in my pocket!!

IzzyBubbles said...

Ooh, looks like fun. I'm so jealous of all your runs along the water - so pretty!! Your comment about eating cracked me up - if only you knew how many times I've had the thought "5 miles until pancakes...4 miles until pancakes...3 miles until pancakes.." etc. Too funny.

Ashley said...

Great pics - I want to go there now!!! Sounds like a great weekend getaway & beautful scenery for a run. :)

Aron said...

i always make my own pace band... just google marathon pace band and the websites should come up. you type in your goal time and then it will make one for you. i print it out, cut it, and then cover it in packing tape to laminate it. it then tells you where you should be at each mile, so you just look at mile #__ and your total time running. its also helpful since every marathon i have run garmin is longer with weaving etc... so you can make sure to be on with the clocks at the mile markers.

does that make any sense?? lol :)

Aron said...

oops i used the wrong account above :)

anyways - race week. i usually run a little more than that, my plan actually has a lot of running, but i usually dont follow it. i think just keep them short and crisp, make sure your legs feel rested, but i know i have to run at least something that week or else i go crazy :) i think my last marathon i did 5, 4, 4 or something like that. YAYYY you are going to do great! its sooo exciting :)

J said...

Those pictures are great, such a beautiful place! You reminded me I need to get to the outlets and get some stuff!