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Thursday, May 28, 2009

What if I am sick on Race day??

Stats for 5/27:
8.02 Miles
Time- 1:08:48
Pace- 8:34
SUNNY day on the trail, killer stomach ache and HOT!!

Since late in 2008 I have had odd stomach pains, debilitating fetal position lower abdomen pains. I went to a specialist the end of the year, had an endoscopy, ultrasound and other tests done. The Doctor, who reminded me of one of the "Others" from LOST with his dark circles under his eyes, said "Mam, I don't think you need further testing." OK, ummmmm, so why does my stomach hurt then?

I never got that answer, so off and on I get the pains. And 95% of the time it is on Wednesday, WEIRD!! I have kept food journals, tried to pin point environmental and stress factors, NOTHING. So yesterday it was Wednesday and I brought my friend "Stomach pain" on my run.

What do you do on race day if you are sick?
You run
What if it hurts really badly?
You run
What if you feel like you can't make it one more step?
You run

Who knew that training while sick would be good for me. The pain came and went, I tried to focus on my music and form. Thankfully the path I took was lush and green, the ivy and full leaves on the trees were AMAZING!! At one point I felt I was in an Amazon jungle, shaded by large overgrown weaving branches.

My peace and serenity was quickly followed by a creepy 25 yard jaunt under an bridge overpass. At 6 feet tall I do not generally worry about being taken out by lurking weirdos, but this section was SCARY!! I sped up. Visions of a cereal killer trying to stuff my lanky body in a trunk crept into my mind, MORBID I know. Sorry about that! I am pretty darn sure that any psycho would see me as too much of a challenge to tackle.

I finished my run and felt much better afterward.... Mind over matter. Mind over sickness. What if I am sick on race day??? I pray that I won't be, but if I am I will RUN....


IzzyBubbles said...

Great post! Great attitude, too, but I think you'll be okay on race day, I really do!

I love hearing about the places you run. It's so much more interesting than my runs, I enjoy running as it is but I think I'd enjoy it even more if I had pretty places like that to go.

Ang said...

I do the exact same thing when running under overpasses!! I get totally freaked out everytime. My trail run right next to a river, so I always imagined getting killed and tossed into the river. At least now I know I'm not the only one with paranoid thoughts. :)

J said...

That is really strange about the stomach pains. Glad you still got your run in and done! I hope you figure out what is wrong.

Being Robinson said...

I agree with Izzy here, your runs are always so much more interesting than what we have here. Sigh.

My sister actually suffers that same mysterious stomach cramping you are talking about. She has been to dr.'s scoured online sites where other women face the same issue... and basically she said dr.'s never have any answers for any of these women. Her's is quite debilitating, and happens more often than not during a run.

But that said, you are tough, so even if you have some pain, if I can finish a marathon, well my friend, I'm pretty sure you can too! :) No matter what.

Rookie on the Run said...

I guess it's good the marathon is on a Sunday! Those pains sound really sucky, but your attitude is great! I bet you'll feel fine on race day, but like you said... you'll run. Because you are tough!

By the way, I hate underpasses too! Creepy places. :[

Rookie on the Run said...

I can't believe how many exclamation marks I used in that above comment. It's becoming a bad habit!!!!

robinbb said...

I think practicing running through the pain will really help you in case it does show up on marathon day. The marathon is a big mental game for me. Keep reminding yourself during your race that you CAN do it and that you deserve it and work through the pain.