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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Stats for 5/12:
5.07 Miles
Time- 42:33
Pace- 8:23

"Untouched" blared as I set out…I know nothing about The Veronica's their music, ethical or political agendas, world views, etc…what I know is that EVERY RUNNER should have this song on their play list. The pulse of the song is nothing short of perfect for running..so that is my endorsement for the day.

My plan was to run 5 miles easy….not look at my watch and just go with what felt good. So around .4 I felt really comfortable in my stride, I had just run a slat 50 yard section and was curious what pace I was at, so I broke my own rule and looked. Ummm 6:55… WHAT? Either my Garmin is on crack or I am. SLOW DOWN!!

As I continued at an EASY (for me) pace the wind made the trees, bushes and tall grass dance gracefully, a fat Robin flew across the path and the leaves flickered dark/light. There is such beauty in nature, the expression "Stop to Smell the Roses," came to mind. For runners we could say "Run to appreciate nature." Cheesy yes, but I truly notice the BEAUTY that surrounds during my training.

A young guy ran by wearing a bright green Under Armour shirt, VERY COOL!! I really need more green in my life, note to self see if they have that color in women's gear. Funny I was wearing a long sleeve coat over a long sleeve shirt and spandex pants. He was in shorts and short sleeves…Yes I am a WIMP. It is time to retire my Adidas spandex. Funny story I bought the spandex at a Garage sale years ago when I was about 40 pound heavier. Got the pants home, struggled to put them on, and looked like sausage casings…YUCK!! Those pants that I could not breathe in and sat in my drawer for years are now too big.. CRAZY!!

No sign of red-short-guy (click for story) as I continued, thankfully I did not need smirky vibes today. A grey haired woman with thick glasses walk past and smiled, the wisdom in her eyes was haunting. I thought of my Grandmas who have passed in the last few years. They were so proud of me while I played basketball and in all aspect of my life. What would they think of me running 13.1 and 26.2 mile races? Grandma Dorothy, sitting in her favorite chair watching baseball would say "Now what do you want to go and do that for honey?" Georgie, working in her garden overlooking Hood Canal, would look at me with a silly hidden grin and utter, "What a character you are Melanie!" The thought of my Grandmas made me smile from ear to ear. Anyone looking at me that moment would have thought I was Kookoo.. Amazing what we think of while we run…the sadness that I usually feel when I remember those who have passed was replaced with utter joy today.

The last mile I was on autopilot thinking about race strategies and how excited I am…I TRULY have no idea what my body is capable of with running, I have not overexerted myself at any point in my training. Time will tell!! Thanks to all for the tips below. I am going to take tomorrow off, run 3 miles at Shelby's pace on Thursday and rest/ice/stretch/massage on Friday and Saturday. I think that and a BIG plate of Spaghetti with Shrimp will put me just where I want to be.

WOW that was a long post for a 5 miler….my race report is going to be a novel.. LOL..


Rookie on the Run said...

I notice nature and people much more when I'm running. It must be runner's high or something.

How sweet to be able to remember your Grandmas and to imagine what their reactions would be. Worthy of a big, kooky smile!

IzzyBubbles said...

It's nice to stop and notice things when you're running - so often I just drift off into my head, and forget to stop and notice things around me. Must do that more often. :)

If you like green, check out the skirt sports website - they came out with some awesome green stuff for spring (such as my very favorite green running dress).

tfh said...

That just sounds like a fantastic run-- being able to enjoy the natural world AND happy memories of your grandmas.

Being Robinson said...

Nike has some new green stuff out too, super cute. I heart it.

And just so you know. I have departmental meetings quite a bit, they are called afternoon trips to Starbucks.... I leave the rabid ducks behind for those though.

Aron said...

omg isnt that the BEST song ever! its one of my "power songs" :)