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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tech free and Race Tee

Stats for 5/20:
5ish miles
Time: 41:09
Hilly run in my neighborhood with no Ipod or Garmin.

This week I have been a TOTAL Gufus...forgot to take my running shoes to work on Tuesday which meant Shelby was solo.. Yesterday I left my Ipod and Garmin in my desk drawer at work. I was tempted to skip my run because I am ADDICTED to technology....but with busy times there are not many options to skip. So I went PAINFULLY tech free yesterday, no music and no Garmin. Me and my hubby's Ironman wrist watch scaled the hills together. What I learned about tech free running is that I focus a lot more on my form.

My legs feel great, my breathing is spot on, my arms....now there is an area for improvement. As I run my arms shrink up under my armpits, imagine a 6 foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex.. As I ran I tried to fight the arms down and loosen up...no such luck. This form is OK, not ideal, but OK for short runs but after 26.2 miles I am guessing I would be very sore and expelling way more energy than I should be. Something to think about...

I have a new route that takes me up Mount Doom and down, up Car Killer Canyon, continues with a steady incline for a distance and as always, ends with Hill of Death.. I felt a bit like the Slow moving freight train in my son's children's books, but careful not to let the incline get the best of me I fought on...hills are MENTAL and I will get over my issues...

Check 5 miler down....Left on the schedule for the week, an 8 miler and my LONG 18 miler. I still have not mapped my route for my LONG run, mentally working on that one. I may end up on my usual flat Orting trail, it is sooo peaceful not to have to worry about Cars or stoplights for a distance.. I am thinking of calling Fleet Feet running store to see if they have some ideas for long long runs...or maybe even training groups..

My Nathan Speed 2 came in the mail yesterday!!! THANK YOU NATHAN!! I will be testing it out in the next few runs and have a FULL report early next week. I did try it on and a perfect fit, who knew I was a medium, that is a FIRST for this big girl.

In other fun news I am in LOVE with my environmentally friendly race Tee...It is made by Green Layer 51% Bamboo and 49% polyester. I have not worn it to run yet but the fit is awesome, it is very light and the thumb holes make me smile...I am a gear dork...and I earned it by running 13.1 miles so I am guessing this will be my favorite Tee for a while.. Photos below..
Note the thumb holes...LOL
And a plug for the race on the back too..

Welcome to my new Followers, glad to have you.
Happy Thursday to all!!


Janice {Run Far} said...

are you really 6 foot? wow... BTW you are adorable.

I have a 20 miler this weekend and I am SOOOOO not looking forward to it. Last sat I was so dead and could barely do my long run then. I hope sat is better

Tall Girl Running said...

That's the coolest race shirt I've ever seen. Totally worth 13.1 miles!

Rookie on the Run said...

Cute race shirt! I love the thumb holes, too. Have a great 18 mile run on Saturday!

Oz Runner said...

i've tried a few runs lately without the ipod and find that i actually run faster, maybe i'm more focussed....running without the garmin would be tough though.....good luck on the long run..

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Love the shirt! Have a great weekend :)

Sarah Jane said...

Wow, what an awesome race shirt! I get excited every time I get a long sleeved one, let alone one with dry wick and thumbholes!! Jealous!! And I must know...these mountains and hills you run, did you make up the names or are they actually called the Hill of Death, Car Killer Canyon, and Mt Doom??

IzzyBubbles said...

I have a really hard time running withtout the good old mp3 player because I hate the sound of myself breathing - but I'm weird. :)

Love the race shirt!! They don't give away race shirts that cool where I come from, and my OKC marathon finisher shirt is disappointingly huge. May have to run some races up where you live to get better swag!