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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reasons to be GLAD

Fellow Blogger Melanie reminded me of the "Glad Game" from Pollyanna, where you think of reasons to be glad with every situation. So after my Grumpy-Guss post yesterday I will infuse gladness into my Blog today.

-Fellow Bloggers also named Melanie-
*Wishing Melanie good luck in her 1st Marathon on Mother's Day
*Thanking Melanie for inspiring this post, have fun on your hometown cross-country run this weekend.

-Being married to a man who is a gifted cook and having leftover Chicken Enchiladas for lunch, YUMMY!!

-Fun gift ideas for fellow runners, check out these earrings:

-Contests and Giveaways
*Brian has an awesome Great Wall Giveaway that ends today

-Seeing a 26.2 decal on a car window on my way to work and thinking that I will buy one for myself once I cross the Marathon finish line.

-Bringing my work-running-friend Faith a Red Velvet cookie to congratulate her on finishing the Vancouver Marathon last weekend. Her smile made my morning!!

-Watching Tara and Helen run a Marathon on the Biggest Loser

-Having small knee pain last night, icing and having zero pain today :)

-Attending an event that I don't have to plan, set up for or clean up after.

-Comments from all of my Bloggy world friends.

I hope that you can all find reasons to be GLAD today :)


J said...

i loved watching tara and helen run the Marathon on biggest loser too! it was very inspirational! There is alot of be glad about today. Hope that knee stays pain free!

Rookie on the Run said...

My cynicism aside, it was very moving to see all of the BLs finish the marathon. Tara did really well... but then she does well on everything.

Thanks for the reminder to find things to be glad for! :D

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Thanks for the shout-out! :D So sweet!

tfh said...

Cute earrings and hooray for men who cook! (cooking well is just icing on the cake!)

Velma said...

It is OK to be grumpy sometimes :)

Melanie Tait said...

Hey Mel,

What a lovely post - I'm so flattered to have helped inspire it! Oprah and Pollyanna are both onto something when they say we should reflect each day what we're grateful/glad for.

I must let you know about my last post too. If we were at school together and you were mega runner, you would have had nothing but admiration from me. I always admired fitness and athletic prowess (I think because I didn't have it). I've never really been one to resent what I don't have - I'm usually mad at myself for not making it happen!

In fact, my next "raging runner" on my blog is one of my mates from school who was and is a top notch athlete - he's about to do one of those crazy-ass ultramarathons!

Have a great day! Loved your post.

Sarah Jane said...

Such a nice reminder of how much we all have to be grateful for!!

Ashley said...

You know what's awesome? When I read "the glad game," I totally said it in my head with a Hayley Mills accent, LOL!!!!

Great post!!! :)