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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pushing Ahead??

Stats for 5/11:
4.14 miles
Time- 36:10
Pace- 8:43
WINDY run pushing the jogging stroller with hubby, hills and tired legs.

On Mondays I work from home so hubby and I (depending on the weather) will take the boys out in the double jogger and RUN. Yesterday there was no rain so we went for a quick jaunt. The plan said 5 miles....hmmmm? Hubby does not like to run that far so I figured if I got in some good hills and pushed the jogger that would suffice.

When I got to my training hill my 3 year old wanted to run up too, it was the CUTEST thing to see his tiny strides running up as I galloped down. I told him to turn around as I passed him and he said "OK, I just have to touch the pole first." OMG he is TOTALLY 100% my kid, I will not turn until I get to a specific spot either. Blaine ran the about 300 yards and is pretty darn speedy, IMPRESSIVE. It was nice to be with all of my boys, I ran a few more loops than they did, having them there made the run wonderful....I miss them when I am running.

Blaine asked me if he could come to my race this weekend, "I want to watch you race Mommy!" It would be great to cuddle my boys at the finish line. However, for my first 1/2 Marathon race, where I am learning to be a racer and hubby to be a spectator, it will be easier for the boys to stay with Grandma and Grandpa. Thankfully my folks have offered to take the boys on Saturday night, so it will be Charity and Muscle Man to cheer me on!!

This leads to my question..... I am in week 10 of 16 week Marathon training plan. I am following my plan as best I can. BUT... I want to do well in the Capital City 1/2 Marathon on Sunday (5 days away). Can I take is easy this week to rest and prepare for my race? Or should I do the 8 miler on the schedule today and hope for the best?

My legs are tired/heavy...so I feel like I should take it easy, but I also don't want to get behind. Any advice you have would be helpful.. THANKS!!


Melanie Tait said...

Hey Mel! I'm afraid I can't offer much advice about your half, but I wanted to drop by all the same. How WONDERFUL that you can run with your family! That's so awesome. Sounds like you're teaching your 3 year old some terrifically healthy habits!

Rookie on the Run said...

How cute that your 3 year old fan up the hill, too! He must love that you run. And what a great example you and your hubby are for your kids.

Regarding your question... I am no expert but I think it would be a good thing to take a rest. I doubt you will get behind in your training in that short amount of time. I'll interested to read what others have to say about that.

Have a great day!

Rookie on the Run said...

Oops... ran, not fan. :D

Sarah Jane said...

If it were me, I'd taper before the 1/2 for sure. Odds are it will improve your performance AND reduce your chance of injuries during the 1/2. You'll still have 4weeks of hardcore long runs before the marathon, so your training shouldn't suffer. Good luck!

Tall Girl Running said...

I agree with the last comment. When in doubt... rest! (but especially right before a race).

I always run (short and slow) the first few days of the week before a race, then take the two days immediately before the race completely off. It's just enough to keep my legs feeling fresh and come race day, they know exactly what to do.

This will be a good chance for you to experiment with a little tapering before your marathon. Whatever you decide to do, make note of how it felt so you can make adjustments next time if needed.

IzzyBubbles said...

I can't claim to have any idea of what I'm doing, but I'd say you're okay to take an easy week and rest. I actually did a 1/2 in the middle of my training plan on the week we were supposed to run 18 miles, just happened to have a rest week before the half so it worked out. And then I came back the next week and instead of doing 20 miles did my 18 miles and eventually caught back up with the plan and it all worked out.

Velma said...

I agree with all the comments. The hardest thing about marathon training is getting to the starting line rested and healthy. Most marathon training plans have occasional down mileage weeks. Good luck! You will be just fine :)

tfh said...

I agree with everybody else-- you won't lose anything if you take it easy, and will probably gain more from running a half to the best of your ability!

Love "I just have to touch the pole first." :)

Aron said...

I did a half in the middle of marathon training and trained through it... so I continued with all my mileage and then ran the half. Personally, I think running on tired legs helps with marathon training. My schedule also called for 15 with 12 at goal pace that day for a long run, so it fit in well. Do what you think works best... you will have some training to go! good luck :)

Shelley said...

Hi! I found your blog through Jen and Brian McGill's...

I've done a few half marathons and two full marathons. Most recently a half marathon followed one week later with a full. I'd say it's up to you... If you want to race, or if you're competitive like me and get caught up in the festivities and excitement, taper the rest of the week for the half. A short taper, race, and a recovery week (maybe sticking with the recommended mileage but keep it super easy) shouldn't hurt your full marathon. Recovery is important, though, to prevent injury and overtraining! You still have weeks to play with and get some longer runs in for the full.

You will want to be able to get those longer (22+ mi are on my schedule) in before the full, just to have the experience of running for such a long time, and they will be more enjoyable on fresh, healthy legs!

I'm not a coach, or extremely experienced in training to run. I swam competitively through college, and took up running in grad school.

You're awesome! Have a great time this weekend! Run hard, and stay hydrated! -Shelley