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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Last Mile (20)

Stats for 5/30:
20 Miles
Time- 2:56:42
Pace- 8:50
Beautiful sunny day, started running at 7am, sore neck and ITCHY..

Eats for the run: (First Dinner) Ravioli, shrimp, corn bread, brussel sprouts and Bud light. (Second Dinner) Tortilla chips w/ salsa, part of an empinada, shrimp quesidilla with beans and rice and a Corona. LOTS OF WATER!! Breakfast- Bagel, coffee, red bull, water.

The night before my (first ever) 20 mile run I went to celebrate with my friend Jessica who is getting married next weekend. I ate dinner before I left because I had no idea what to expect and we were not meeting up until 7:30PM. Once I got to the restaurant the Mexican food was beyond tempting and I ate a second dinner. Thank goodness for the calories I burn running.

Me and Jess. Had to cut out early since I wanted to hit the road to beat the heat.

I have been really focused on everything for comfort, and to be distraction free, on race day. I replaced my crappy headphones, bought a new shirt and am working on the right balance of water, gels, and other essentials. My pony tail has been a constant source of irritation, so I opted for my signature hairstyle from my basketball days.

FYI LOVE the french braids, I am totally set for race day. I put on some sunscreen, which I learned later was very itchy, posed for this photo and hit the road.

When I first set out my neck HURT. I call it Batman neck, the pain comes now and them, my guess it is the result of years of basketball and having my body pulled on. Thankfully I took some pain Tylenol, which kicked in quickly. The first 2 miles I felt horrible and wanted to go back home and try tomorrow. I fought my internal urge and warmed up around mile 5.

Bullet version of the 20:

-Other stats: Consumed 3 Gu Chomps, 1 plain Gu, Blue Gatorade and Water. 18 (+-5) Runners were on the road. Had to stop 7 times for street lights. Traversed 8 inclines. Nearly got hit 2 times (only once was my fault)

-Mount Rainier was beautiful. We are having a mini heat wave with sun in the forecast for the foreseeable future. At 7am it felt great with a slight breeze, over the nearly 3 hours it heated up.

-I saw a ton of Garage Sale signs and TOTALLY wanted to be out seeking deals.

-My half Marathon time was 1:54:21

-I missed Charity (My BF since high school who usually rides her bike with me on long runs), she was at home getting ready for her son Nathan's 7th birthday. I had 30 minutes to get ready for the party when I was done running.

-Wore my visor the first 9 miles then took it off and attached it to my belt. I think my visor days are over for LONG runs. I won't wear it on race day.

- I was HOT/SWEATY/ITCHY and need to find some good sunscreen that does not leave film on my arms.

-While stopped at a light a skinny awkward guy ran up and waited next to me. I HATE stopping, it takes me a little bit to get going. He went ahead, I figured that he would take off, well he didn't. I was 2 paces behind staring at the music note tattoo on his left arm and cross on his right calf. Behind him I was annoyed. NO WAY WAS I GOING TO LET THIS GUY RUIN MY RUN!! So I passed him and kept on going.

-My body felt great. I had minor pain in my left calf and my right foot was being weird, could have been caused by not tying my shoe tight enough. The 3rd toe on both feet have perma-blisters that filled around mile 16, not painful but I noticed.

ADVICE: After the half way point of a LONG run, think about the mileage ahead, not behind. When running today I had completed 15 miles and thought about the 5 remaining, I said to myself "5 miles is easy for you. You do it all the time. Only 5 miles left." For me it really helped. I visualized how I feel when I run 5 miles and my legs were transformed (well for a few miles anyway.

MY (Our) LAST MILE: The last mile I was cruising down a decline, focused and hopeful to hit my sub 3 hour goal. Ahead I saw a guy in a blue shirt pushing a large stroller. It was odd to me, I don't usually see guys running alone pushing kiddos. As I got closer my heart jumped for joy...there was my blue eyed hero, with my little buddies, carrying a LARGE bottle of Blue Gatorade. I feel that David and I are linked with a 6th sense, today that was confirmed. He had no idea how much I NEEDED him, hmmm.... actually he did!! "I am at 19.38!" I managed to muster out in my excitement, "Good job babe!" He replied. We ran as a family, hit 20, stopped and strolled home. The PERFECT way to celebrate the accomplishment, with my boys!!

AMAZING I just ran 20 miles! Wow that was a long one..LOL


Velma said...

WOW!! You did it all by yourself - quite an accomplishment!! Love the braids - I wish I could do that.

Kelly said...

Yay! I love that your husband was there for the last mile, that's amazing!
Congrats on the long run :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! nice work.

robinbb said...

What an awesome run report. That is a really good pace. I seriously got the biggest smile on my face when you said it was your husband. Aren't they they greatest?!!

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

what a fast pace, even with the Batman neck!! GREAT JOB! and your hubby is such a sweetheart!!

J said...

Great job on the 20 miler. Those are some great tips and i really think you will be so well prepared for race day!

When I played bball I always wore my hair in a pony tail and then braided the pony tail. I often did this for running too. My senior year my hair was sooo long that I had to get a teammate to french braid it for me and I wore it exactly as you have it in the picture! How funny is that! The sad thing is that I can't french braid my own hair, only other ppls : (

Felice Devine said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that your hubby showed up like that! That is just way too sweet/cool!

Congrats on your 20. YAY!!!!

(And thanks for your kind words on my last post, too!)

Being Robinson said...

Wow your first 20 miler sounds fantastic, CONGRATS! You are a total rockstar. Hope you are feeling great today.

Tall Girl Running said...

I think I felt more satisfied after finishing my first 20-miler (signifying the hardest part of my training was over) than I did after the actual marathon. It's a great, great feeling so bask in it!

It's interesting the different perspectives of long-distance runners. I tend to focus on the mileage behind me rather than on what's still to come. Even after running the first two miles of a long training run, I tell myself, "that's two miles you don't have to run again today". I think it helps me to concentrate on what I've already accomplished instead of worry over what's left to endure!

Tall Girl Running said...
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Marathonman101108 said...

You sure Jessica isn't your sister?! You guys look alike. Great job on your 20 miler. Your times are putting you on track to run a sub 4 hour marathon. Nice to see your hubby was there when you needed him. Even nicer to see all the women saying what a wonderful husband you have...Congrats again.

Ang said...

You go girl!!!! I thought about you so much Sat. it's not even funny. :) I should have just called.

Melanie Tait said...

Congratulations! So well done! 20 miles! That's incredible.

How lovely of Dave to so anticipate your needs. They need to start a factory making blokes like that!

IzzyBubbles said...

wow, that's a great 20 mile run report! So much better than my two 20 mile runs. You are going to rock this marathon, lady!!

Love the hair - so cute! I wish I could braid my own hair, but alas, I'm not that talented.

Okay, sunscreen - you MUST try Neutrogena Ultimate Sport sunscreen, it's what I've been wearing lately and it's FABULOUS. Sweatproof, rub proof, you put it on and it vanishes, it's great. No icky film. More expensive than your average sunscreen, but totally worth it. If you try it, let me know how you like it!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

agree with Marathonman... you and your friend could pass as sisters! Well done on the long run, and sweet of your hubby to show up.

Aron said...

AWESOME job on your 20!!!!! hope taper is going well now... marathon will be here SOON!!! :) :) :) YAY!