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Friday, May 1, 2009

Help with Hydration

As my training mileage and the local temperature increases (depending on the day I do live in WA) so does my THIRST!! I tried running carrying a water bottle on my 13 miler earlier this week and HATED it. Scratch that, I liked having the water and gulped every last drip, I just was not happy about holding the bottle. I am on a serious hunt for the RIGHT Fuel belt type water carrier. I would prefer 4 bottles with a small/medium pocket and I am a bigger person so it has to fit those of a larger frame.

I have Googled a bit and found Fuel Belt and Amphipod which I am interested in. Before I make the wrong purchase I wanted to check with the Bloggy experts...I am sure many of you have already passed on gems of knowledge on this exact topic.

What 4 bottle fuel belt would you recommend?

Website links and specific product names are much appreciated


Velma said...

I love my red fuel belt - they come in different waist sizes, so I would try one on. I do think that they stretch out over time, but they wash nicely and go back to size. Here is a link -

Happy fueling!!

Rookie on the Run said...

I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have a fuel belt on those long runs! I have a Nathan. It has four 10-ounce bottles and a pretty good-sized pouch in the back (big enough for a phone or small camera). There is also a small pouch in the front.

If I remember correctly, they run a little small, especially if you want to wear it lower (on hips).

Good luck!! :D

IzzyBubbles said...

I know you SAID you wanted a 4-bottle fuel belt, but I have a single bottle Nathan belt that I like a lot. It doesn't bounce or ride up and has a small pocket in the front for keys, etc. Plus the pocket for the bottle is insulated so it stays a little colder than it normally would.

Aron said...

I use the nathan speed 2 belt... I know there is one that holds 4 bottles too. I really like it!!