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Friday, May 8, 2009

Ghosts and Mirages

Stats for 5/7:
7.0 Miles
Time- 59:56
Pace- 8:33

WIND on Interurban trail with Shelby for about 3 miles.

Work is busy, home is busy, we are going out of town this weekend which will be busy….my COFFEE is not keeping this engine going. I am TIRED!!! So the big "7" on the plan today was a bit intimidating to tackle on my lunch break.

Shelby and I changed and set out. We planned to run on a different section of the trail than we had in the past. Apparently that section is no-satellite land because my Garmin could not keep up, the mileage was TOTALLY Screwey..

No rain but WOW did the WIND make up for it. I was very aware of my non-aerodynamic broad shoulders. I hoped that the return trip would be wind aided. Just past the Dreyers icecream Warehouse (YUMMY) or mile 2.5 Shelby wanted to slow her pace and we planned to reconnect when I turned around….little did we know the mirages/Ghosts on the trail would not let that happen.

I ran ahead, fumbled with my Ipod buds and smelled the Chocolate from a nearby factory. Just them the wind picked up and I SWEAR it was a haunting from the Ghost-of-runners-pastLOL, I watch too much Ghost Whisperer. I wanted to try eating Sports Beans while running, it worked pretty well, but I got a side ache later…Hmmm? Was it the jelly beans or the cake I ate an hour before my run…

I turned at what I thought was half way, somehow I lost .4 mile on my way out and gained it on the way back..WEIRD!! So looking forward to the wind being at my back. NO SUCH LUCK! How is it possible to have a head wind both directions? Ghosts I tell you!! I thought I saw Shelby up ahead but must have been a mirage because it was not her. I passed about 5 runners, nice to be in good company.

At mile 6 I felt like I got stung by a bee on my right foot, come to find out later it was caused by sharp toenails rubbing..oops. I powered through and FINALLY found my partner. We finished strong and made it through the tired and weird run!!


Tall Girl Running said...

In Idaho, running against a head wind in all directions is not only possible, it's the norm. I wouldn't know what having it at my back feels like.

Good job on forging ahead! I figure wind resistance is like hill training without the pounding on the knees. Just gotta embrace it.

Oh, and congrats on committing to the marathon. You're about to have the experience of a lifetime!

tfh said...

You run past the Dreyers ice cream warehouse? Now that's motivation! :) Great job on a tough and strange run, and have a wonderful weekend and a happy mother's day!

IzzyBubbles said...

Yep, in Kansas, too, wind from all directions is the norm. I do most of my long runs in a park where it theoretically should be possible to do at least 1/4 of every run with the wind at my back, and damned if every single run out there doesn't seem to be straight into the wind the whole time. Oh, well - it makes you a stronger runner. :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Happy Mother's Day, and running PAST an ice cream warehouse! lol You are stronger than I