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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dorky Video and Score Card

For most of my young life I was a successful athlete. I competed in Volleyball, Basketball and Track & Field- Shot Put and Discus. By the grace of God, amazingly supportive parents and my skills with a round orange ball, I was blessed with a Full-ride college scholarship to play basketball. I balanced school and a demanding basketball schedule, talk about a crash course in time management. My career ended with a knee injury that would not go away and required clean up surgery. When my athletic career abruptly ended I soon found I did not have an identity without sports. Who is Melanie without a score card? No Stats, no grades, no expectations to live up to, just me. For a few years I STOPPED playing sports and working-out because I was rebelling....I wanted to know what life felt like as ME.

Married my sole-mate and together we produced 2 adorable boys. Eventually I realized that I longed to fill the athletic void, a way to burn off my excess energy, and to work toward goals just for me. Insert running!!! So I would like to report that after my 1/2 Marathon I am athlete again. This time I am an athlete with an identity. Running is secondary to my LIFE and I am proud of it... Below are my STATS from the race, pretty darn good for a Rookie....FYI I also have a healthy sense of pride in accomplishment :)

Time: 1:43:39 Pace: 7:54

Division (Female 25-29): 10/80
*Would have taken 7th for men my age...LOL

Gender: 27 / 530

Place Overall: 118 / 878

She speaks...I probably should just leave you with still photos...but who can resist a DORKY post-race video.. I REALLY REALLY had to RUN to the bathroom.. WARNING I am loud, turn down your volume..


Lora said...

WAHHOOOOO!!! Congrats Mel, that is fantastic! So proud and happy for you :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

awesome, you should be proud. :D

tfh said...

Ha! I think you're adorable in your dorky video. What are the chances that you could come in 27th among females but that 10 of those would be in your AG? AWESOME for anybody, let alone a rookie!

Cyndi said...

GREAT RACE! Girlfriend, you are NO 'rookie' ;-) You are a speedy chica!

Good job! And you SHOULD be damn proud!

J said...

You ran such a great race! I know the feeling of losing the identity after playing bball. I think having the 5th year of college and also track really helped out a lot because then I didn't miss the void as much and it has eased me into running!

Rookie on the Run said...

Yes, you are an athlete. And an amazing one! Those are some great stats... keep that up and I'm sure you'll be placing in the top three in future races. :D

I'm so glad you found something to enjoy without having it define who you are. It's more like who you are shapes how well you run! Your drive, determination, and dedication are all part of who you are and what makes you such a great athlete!

That video was NOT dorky. How can you still look good after running a half so fast?

Congrats & Hugs!

Janice {Run Far} said...

love the video.... great time.

I recieved my braclet and all the other great goodies you sent me. I am so excited about it all. Thanks

Being Robinson said...

That is awesome! I like the video, you know everyone will expect one after each race now right?! DO IT! :)

Marathonman101108 said...

WOW! BRAVO!!I just caught up reading all your post and pre race reports! I have goosebumps, and I didn't even run the race. Girl, you did FANTASTIC! What a time...what an athlete...you make me want to go run a half marathon before the one I'm running the end of June. What a transition you've made from your days of playing basketball to running. Congrats again

IzzyBubbles said...

Nice stats!!! you are most definitely an athlete, my friend - I hope that someday I can be as athletic as you. :)