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Friday, May 22, 2009

8 going on 18

Stats for 5/21:
8.03 Miles
Time- 1:05:59
Pace- 8:13
Warm day, light breezes, new route and solo..

Re-united with my Ipod and Garmin, I hit the trails near work on my lunch hour yesterday. My Boss, LOVE HER, gave me permission to take longer lunches for my runs so long as I make up the time....soo nice.. Slated for 8 miles I was mentally mapping a route that would keep me shaded and be scenic on such a lovely day. I am seriously working on my runner's tan...the defined sock lines and WHITE mid section, very attractive... Oh well, at least the sun has finally arrived and bronzed cheeks with freckles make me smile.

Part way through my run I took a different route than I had planned, my old co-worker Tanna had taken me on the path but I could hardly remember (that was back in the day when I struggled to put one foot in front of the other on a 5 miler). I LOVED the path and will use the same route for future mid-week runs. My only complaint is the high volume of bikers...I feel like I am going to get knocked over one of these days.

All and all uneventful except for butterflies, birds, bunny, batting at bugs, bum with a backpack, bikers buzzing and a belly ache..

I should explain for new followers or anyone totally confused by the names of my hills...I am very dramatic when it comes to hill training and I make up endearing names for my local stomping grounds...

Hill of Death: Small vertical climb the last 300 yards of my run, killer

Mount Doom: A .5 mile gradual incline ending with a fire station

Car Killer Canyon: The type of hill that cars have trouble starting on, we once sat and watched cars slip back down on a snowy day.

The only one that actually has a name that is real is Monster Hill which is near my office and on Monster Road, that one always makes me laugh..

Speaking of hills I am still torn about my 18 miler tomorrow. Need advice: Should I run uninterrupted on a level paved trail? Or should I incorporate hilly terrain with some stops for cars and lights? Let me know your thoughts.

All the luck on races and runs!!


tfh said...

It's great that your boss gives you time for your runs, esp. since you're a busy mama! Also works out that you have some nice trails near work. :)

As for the run this weekend-- I dunno! I'd probably just shrug and go for the prettier run. :)

Being Robinson said...

As someone who doesn't have hills, but craves them for future marathon training (seriously, not having any makes it harder to run a race that does have them) if your marathon is going to be hilly, do the hilly route. YAYA for 18 miles :)

Velma said...

I agree - kudos on getting running in during work! I would do the hill route for at least one run per week. Even if you run a flat marathon, running hills makes your legs really strong. It also builds confidence.

Good luck!

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

*sigh* I'm jealous. Jealous that you have a boss that lets you run on lunch breaks, and HILLS! my part of SC is as flat as a 2x4. I love the hill names!