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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 posts in 1 day??

So what do I do with a RARE afternoon free? I go SHOPPING! And where? At the local running store of course. Had to stock up on plain Gu and some tasty treats. I perused the clearance rack at Road Runner Sports and found a fun new tight tank with a zipper pocket for $19.95. Not name brand or anything but pretty darn cute and totally in the budget. Check out the site, there are some good deals in the outlet section. I was tempted to buy the pink version of the tank but am currently stuck in a blue rut...well with my matchy-matchy ways I will most likely always be in a blue rut, until I get new shoes that is...

To clarify on my last post, I do REST, I only run 4 days a week. But when it is a "Run Day" I rarely skip. I will hit the pavement during snow drifts, downpour rain and crazy wind gusts. Today I gave myself permission to pass and will stride it out on Wed and Thurs. Gonna try for 20 this weekend, GULP!!! My running buddy (and former competitive runner) at work recommended that I try to get in a 22 miler prior to my race. So I upped mileage on my plan a bit over the past few weeks.

Funny I am looking forward to the taper weeks. Marathon training, working full time and raising 2 boys is TOUGH WORK!! Maybe Half Marathons will be my distance after this? Or Maybe 5 Ks? Or Maybe the Mile? LOL!!

OK I am done complaining now, after all I signed up for this, crazy as it is, it was my decision and I will make it happen in 1 month and 1 day!!!


Melanie Tait said...

Marathon training, work and babies WOULD be hard work - you're the bomb being able to do it!

New tank is v cool - and pockets? How terrific!

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

cute top! I gagged a little when I read "plain gu". That's one tough stomach you have there! I can barely handle the taste of any gu, but it has to have SOME sort of taste, LOL!

robinbb said...

I love going shopping for running clothes and shoes and gu's. I guess that is why my normal wardrobe only consists of race shirts, because I spend my money elsewhere.

I bumped my last long run up to 21 miles and am so glad I did. That run ended up only being 20 minutes shorter than my marathon was, therefore my body was totally ready for the time I was on the road.

IzzyBubbles said...

I think all running clothes should be made with some sort of pocket! Coming from one blue rut girl to another, life is easier when everything you own matches! at least it's one thing you don't have to think about in the morning. :)