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Sunday, May 3, 2009

15 miles- Smiling and Breathing

Stats for 5/3:
15 miles
Time- 2:05:17
Pace- 8:21
Sunny day on the Orting trail with Charity on bike.

Eats on the run: Dinner- Wheat flat bread taco with baked beans, turkey, cheese, sour cream and salsa. Snack- Cookie, milk, tortilla chips and kiwi Breakfast- Wheat bagel with cream cheese and jam, coffee, water, and red bull.

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Something AMAZING happened…I just ran 15 miles, which is the longest distance I have ever run in my life, and I am BLISTER free!! For someone who has been plagued with blisters FOREVER this is a welcome change. I 100% attribute this change to Colleen and the wonderful Fitology of Fleetfeet in Bonney Lake.

The Orting trail was buzzing with Bikers today, not sure what they were doing but many had race numbers. I must have been one of the few runners not to get the memo because I only saw one runner on the entire trail today. I was glad to have Charity on bike next to me, protecting me from the other bikers.

When we set off I felt TIRED....hmmmm? Could it be what I ate last night? Or maybe I did not eat or drink enough this morning? Either way I have never felt this poorly just starting out. Thankfully as an athlete I know how to push through those days and the PERFECT weather totally helped. The first mile I saw something WEIRD, a man in his mid 40's wearing Mickey Mouse ears while drinking a beer and building a fence with 2 other men....at 10:30am?? OK, off I went past the cows, I knew the return trip would be STINKY.

My plan called for 14 miles, with the great day I opted for 15 instead. Toward the end of the first half of the run we went past a latte stand, there was a 6 foot tall wood carved mocha next to the trail, only in South Prairie. Yes, I crossed city lines from one small town to another, even smaller town.

At the half way point we rested, I took an unflavored Hammergel, a couple moons and 8 ounces of water.

My new outfit from Target. I am a clearance rack girl $9.99 for the top and pants for $21.99. Pretty good deal for a whole outfit.. Not Nike but it was great! I also got a new dry-fit visor at the Nike outlet $10.86 :)

The view from the bridge at our turnaround point.
Charity being silly.. She wore the backpack with all my stuff. I am still in search of the best Fuel Belt for me. Amazingly I have gotten advice from a few people and all have different ideas :) I am hoping that by next weekend I will own a Fuel belt and get to attempt drinking and Gu-ing while running.
It got HOT so I stripped down, the only racing tank I have is a XXL...from before I lost 65lbs..I am a size Large now. Time to shop for a few tanks.
The second half of the run I felt strong. I hopped over piles of horse poop and breezed past cow-stinking pastures and people smoking....(REALLY fresh air people??) I was at a good clip when I had to itch my leg, not an easy feat at 6'0 tall, I tried to run and itch, no luck...so I had to stop. I itched and fixedc my sock. This was mile 10ish and getting my 185lb machine going again was a chore, note to self stopping is not good!!
The run was amazing, and spiritual. At one point I felt low, I looked to my left to see a little girl with the most beautiful smile. She looked at me as if she knew I needed her smile to keep me going and I DID. Later I felt tense and my breaths were too fast, a butterscotch haired woman on a bike looked at me and exhaled slowly...as if to tell me to focus on my breathing. These two stuck in my brain for the rest of the run. Smile and breathe I thought. At mile 13 I realized that I had met my pace goal for a 1/2 Marathon, SWEET!!!
The last 2 miles I kept thinking 4th quarter, fellow basketball alum J will understand this analogy. As a basketball player the game may be decided in the 4th quarter when you are tired and sweaty, the mind overtakes the body. You run faster than you have the whole game because everything is riding on you. Those last 2 miles were totally mental, I knew my legs would take me if I kept my head in the run.
When we were done I was EXCITED about my time and even more excited to go with Charity to our favorite Thai food place....Fresh rolls and Chicken Pad Thai, awesome post-run food!! Hope everyone had a good LONG run weekend!! I sure did.
Much of the trail is lined with these mossy rocks.
Spring has sprung in Washington
What a beautiful trail, Charity stopped to take photos for me.
The run next week will be in my old stomping grounds, Spokane.. FUN!!


Jill said...

I love reading your running blog...probably because I am obsessed with running now. Thanks for the detailed running report and CONGRATS on your first 15 miles in one run...amazing. Orting trail looks so pretty from all your pictures. So fun to have your BF go with you!

Melanie Tait said...

Wow Melanie - what a beautiful run! The scenery looks just incredible. And how awesome you have a terrific friend to ride alongside you with your gear - which running shop can I get one of those at?:)

Congrats on the 15 miles! That's awesome.

J said...

Great job on the 15 miles! I loved the basketball analogy! I totally understand! The 4th quarter is when you somehow find all this energy and push through the pain! I love the pictures! Great job!

tfh said...

You look great and that is a SUPER pace for a 15 mile training run! Definitely get yourself some tanks that fit so you can show off that awesome upper body on warm weather runs!

IzzyBubbles said...

Awesome job on the run!! I remember the first time I ever ran over 13 miles training for the half marathon, it's such an awesome feeling. And what a beautiful setting for you to do it!! Someday I hope I can be fast like you. :)

Rookie on the Run said...

A comment full of WOWs:

Wow! What beautiful scenery. I'm jealous!

Wow! Your first 15 miles!

Wow! Awesome pace... you go girl!

Wow! What a nice friend to ride along side you and take pictures!

Wow! Mickey Mouse ears? Really?

Great job, Mel! You are amazing!

Alisha said...

You are amazing! Keep up the hard work.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

congrats on your milestone, and love the pics! :)

Unknown said...

Great story - and beautiful pictures! We lived in Eugene, OR for several years - after two seasons of the Northwest, I didn't want to leave (my wife won that argument!). Your postings regarding recent times are very impressive; given what you're clocking 15 mile runs, you'll smoke the Rock and Roll Half in June. Mark

Marathonman101108 said...

GREAT run and report! Also, the pictures really help capture the feeling of your run. I could almost smell the poop! It's great to get motivation from others when you least expect it. Little do the little girl and the woman on the bike know how much they helped you. There's no doubt that your basketball experience helps make you a better runner. Who'd have thought that playing basketball could benefit you as a runner?