6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Last Mile (20)

Stats for 5/30:
20 Miles
Time- 2:56:42
Pace- 8:50
Beautiful sunny day, started running at 7am, sore neck and ITCHY..

Eats for the run: (First Dinner) Ravioli, shrimp, corn bread, brussel sprouts and Bud light. (Second Dinner) Tortilla chips w/ salsa, part of an empinada, shrimp quesidilla with beans and rice and a Corona. LOTS OF WATER!! Breakfast- Bagel, coffee, red bull, water.

The night before my (first ever) 20 mile run I went to celebrate with my friend Jessica who is getting married next weekend. I ate dinner before I left because I had no idea what to expect and we were not meeting up until 7:30PM. Once I got to the restaurant the Mexican food was beyond tempting and I ate a second dinner. Thank goodness for the calories I burn running.

Me and Jess. Had to cut out early since I wanted to hit the road to beat the heat.

I have been really focused on everything for comfort, and to be distraction free, on race day. I replaced my crappy headphones, bought a new shirt and am working on the right balance of water, gels, and other essentials. My pony tail has been a constant source of irritation, so I opted for my signature hairstyle from my basketball days.

FYI LOVE the french braids, I am totally set for race day. I put on some sunscreen, which I learned later was very itchy, posed for this photo and hit the road.

When I first set out my neck HURT. I call it Batman neck, the pain comes now and them, my guess it is the result of years of basketball and having my body pulled on. Thankfully I took some pain Tylenol, which kicked in quickly. The first 2 miles I felt horrible and wanted to go back home and try tomorrow. I fought my internal urge and warmed up around mile 5.

Bullet version of the 20:

-Other stats: Consumed 3 Gu Chomps, 1 plain Gu, Blue Gatorade and Water. 18 (+-5) Runners were on the road. Had to stop 7 times for street lights. Traversed 8 inclines. Nearly got hit 2 times (only once was my fault)

-Mount Rainier was beautiful. We are having a mini heat wave with sun in the forecast for the foreseeable future. At 7am it felt great with a slight breeze, over the nearly 3 hours it heated up.

-I saw a ton of Garage Sale signs and TOTALLY wanted to be out seeking deals.

-My half Marathon time was 1:54:21

-I missed Charity (My BF since high school who usually rides her bike with me on long runs), she was at home getting ready for her son Nathan's 7th birthday. I had 30 minutes to get ready for the party when I was done running.

-Wore my visor the first 9 miles then took it off and attached it to my belt. I think my visor days are over for LONG runs. I won't wear it on race day.

- I was HOT/SWEATY/ITCHY and need to find some good sunscreen that does not leave film on my arms.

-While stopped at a light a skinny awkward guy ran up and waited next to me. I HATE stopping, it takes me a little bit to get going. He went ahead, I figured that he would take off, well he didn't. I was 2 paces behind staring at the music note tattoo on his left arm and cross on his right calf. Behind him I was annoyed. NO WAY WAS I GOING TO LET THIS GUY RUIN MY RUN!! So I passed him and kept on going.

-My body felt great. I had minor pain in my left calf and my right foot was being weird, could have been caused by not tying my shoe tight enough. The 3rd toe on both feet have perma-blisters that filled around mile 16, not painful but I noticed.

ADVICE: After the half way point of a LONG run, think about the mileage ahead, not behind. When running today I had completed 15 miles and thought about the 5 remaining, I said to myself "5 miles is easy for you. You do it all the time. Only 5 miles left." For me it really helped. I visualized how I feel when I run 5 miles and my legs were transformed (well for a few miles anyway.

MY (Our) LAST MILE: The last mile I was cruising down a decline, focused and hopeful to hit my sub 3 hour goal. Ahead I saw a guy in a blue shirt pushing a large stroller. It was odd to me, I don't usually see guys running alone pushing kiddos. As I got closer my heart jumped for joy...there was my blue eyed hero, with my little buddies, carrying a LARGE bottle of Blue Gatorade. I feel that David and I are linked with a 6th sense, today that was confirmed. He had no idea how much I NEEDED him, hmmm.... actually he did!! "I am at 19.38!" I managed to muster out in my excitement, "Good job babe!" He replied. We ran as a family, hit 20, stopped and strolled home. The PERFECT way to celebrate the accomplishment, with my boys!!

AMAZING I just ran 20 miles! Wow that was a long one..LOL

Friday, May 29, 2009

Snowing in May

Stats for 5/28:
5.26 Miles
Time- 47:22
Pace- 9:00
Running with Shelby on the river trail in 70+ degree weather.

My work-lunch-running-buddy Shelby and I FINALLY reconnected after weeks of having off schedules. Poor Shelbs was sore from her Ski to Sea relay race over the weekend. In short Ski to Sea is a 90 mile relays race with the following legs: 1. Cross Country 2 .Downhill / Snowboard 3. Running 4. Biking 5. Canoe 6. Mountain Biking 7. Sea Kayak. Shelby was the designated runner. Running Course Length: Approx 8 miles, 2,200 ft drop in elevation. She ZOOMED her way through the course and has been nursing sore legs ever sense. See my buddy is her adorable race photo below, yes I stole the photo, sorry photographer!!!
So we set out on a SLOW run together. I wanted to show her my new route. We talked and meandered along the weaving river path. It was in the 70's with a light breeze, nice for a run but approaching on hot for a Washington girl. The cottonwoods released there fuzzy white tuffs and parts of the path looked like it was snowing. A nearby pond was dusted with a thin film of cotton and pollen. Bugs, cotton, more people on the path, gotta love the sun...

Her increased fiber diet did not agree with Shelby so she asked me to tell stories to give her something to focus on, other than her gurgling tummy. As you know I can talk....well I guess you don't know that...as much as I like to write I like to talk ,so I thought up a few recent (uninteresting) tidbits and kept us moving.

Eventually Shelby had to walk and I set on. My joints were sore, knew I would be icing when I got home. I could not pick up the pace, oh well slower it is. I passed a muscular guy with PERFECT posture. How do people run with straight backs? It is WEIRD to me. Soon after him a VP at my company bounced by, I didn't know he ran? I say "bounced" because he has wavy flowy hair and while running it flops up and down. His Ipod, Sunglasses and perfect attire reminded me that I am in a totally different economic class....I wondered if I could beat him in a foot race, the thought brought out my dimpled grin.

Nearing the end of the run there were 3 women, who looked like tourists, on the path. They walked 3 abreast as if they owned the sidewalk, the Monkeys music video comes to mind. Should I weave around the middle? Or maybe do a spin move? Possibly hurdle the shorter one in the middle? Maybe rudely bellow GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! Nope, I simply went to the left and ran on the browning grass.

Home stretch, I sped up UNTIL...a lady in a car stopped and yelled "Do you know how to get to Ikea?" REALLY? REALLY? Do I look like I am out for an afternoon stroll? I wanted to pretend like I did not hear and continue on my way. Fortunately for them I am not that person. I stopped and kindly passed on the gem of directional knowledge. Sped back up and hit STOP....

FYI mentally, physically and emotionally preparing for my 20 miler tomorrow.. Any advice for a Rookie? All the best to the gang of bloggy runners in the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll this weekend!!! Go Aron (Runner's Rambles)! Go Amanda (Run to the Finish)! Go Sara (AKA Rookie on the Run) you are going to ROCK!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What if I am sick on Race day??

Stats for 5/27:
8.02 Miles
Time- 1:08:48
Pace- 8:34
SUNNY day on the trail, killer stomach ache and HOT!!

Since late in 2008 I have had odd stomach pains, debilitating fetal position lower abdomen pains. I went to a specialist the end of the year, had an endoscopy, ultrasound and other tests done. The Doctor, who reminded me of one of the "Others" from LOST with his dark circles under his eyes, said "Mam, I don't think you need further testing." OK, ummmmm, so why does my stomach hurt then?

I never got that answer, so off and on I get the pains. And 95% of the time it is on Wednesday, WEIRD!! I have kept food journals, tried to pin point environmental and stress factors, NOTHING. So yesterday it was Wednesday and I brought my friend "Stomach pain" on my run.

What do you do on race day if you are sick?
You run
What if it hurts really badly?
You run
What if you feel like you can't make it one more step?
You run

Who knew that training while sick would be good for me. The pain came and went, I tried to focus on my music and form. Thankfully the path I took was lush and green, the ivy and full leaves on the trees were AMAZING!! At one point I felt I was in an Amazon jungle, shaded by large overgrown weaving branches.

My peace and serenity was quickly followed by a creepy 25 yard jaunt under an bridge overpass. At 6 feet tall I do not generally worry about being taken out by lurking weirdos, but this section was SCARY!! I sped up. Visions of a cereal killer trying to stuff my lanky body in a trunk crept into my mind, MORBID I know. Sorry about that! I am pretty darn sure that any psycho would see me as too much of a challenge to tackle.

I finished my run and felt much better afterward.... Mind over matter. Mind over sickness. What if I am sick on race day??? I pray that I won't be, but if I am I will RUN....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Toddlers, Trampolines and Tunes

On Monday hubby said "You are only running 5 miles so that means you can work out with me." Muscle man loves it when I put on a tank top and lift my puny weights while he powers up big numbers. In my past life I was capable of lifting massive amounts, well for a "girl" anyway. Now I am content with lifting just enough to tone the muscles. I thought it would be fun to put the weight I have lost on a bar and try to lift it...65 pounds... HEAVY!! GEEEZZZ!! Everyone should do this. Pick up the amount of weight you have lost, or hope to lose. Even if it is 5 pounds, then imagine running with that weight strapped to your back. Hmmmm?? I am sure glad to be rid of that!

Then I opted to lift my favorite muscle builder my BOYS!! Together they weigh just over 70 pounds, yes we grow them BIG..
Take 1: Easton is smiling but Blaine is being shy..
Take 2: Big brother has his dimpled grin and the little guy is looking at, who knows what. Oh well we tried.
I went through the photo archives from this time last year and pulled out this photo. I LOVED this photo when it was first taken. AMAZING what a difference a year and TONS of miles can make.

Running has transformed my weight and has made all aspects of my life a bit easier. On vacation hubby and I scaled trails with ease, I chase after my kiddos without getting winded, and I can jump on a trampoline!! My folks bought a 12 foot trampoline with enclosure for the kids, and being a big kid myself, I spent a good amount of time playing.
I thought it would look like I was jumping higher if I pulled my legs up.
Show off!! Air guitar pose, later he did the running man, I was cracking up..
A little tentative, he will get used to it soon.
I am sooo pleased that my bloggy-running-facebook-buddy Sara posted her massive play list on her Blog today, check it out HERE. And Carlee posted her play list before her Marathon last weekend HERE. I have an I-Pod Shuffle, which means that whatever is on my I-pod could possibly blare in my ears during my run. So I am forced to be very selective on what is on my play list. With my Marathon exactly one month away (WOW) I am starting to make a list of the 4+ hours of tunes I want to join me on my run. I LOVE it when bloggers post their music selections. I am VERY limited, 100% boring and uncultured when it comes to music. I listen to Miley Cyrus and past contestants on American Idol, how mainstream can you get?? So please post your favorite 10 songs from your play list and help me get my list together....1 month will fly by and I don't want to be stuck with JT pestering me with "Sexy-back."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 posts in 1 day??

So what do I do with a RARE afternoon free? I go SHOPPING! And where? At the local running store of course. Had to stock up on plain Gu and some tasty treats. I perused the clearance rack at Road Runner Sports and found a fun new tight tank with a zipper pocket for $19.95. Not name brand or anything but pretty darn cute and totally in the budget. Check out the site, there are some good deals in the outlet section. I was tempted to buy the pink version of the tank but am currently stuck in a blue rut...well with my matchy-matchy ways I will most likely always be in a blue rut, until I get new shoes that is...

To clarify on my last post, I do REST, I only run 4 days a week. But when it is a "Run Day" I rarely skip. I will hit the pavement during snow drifts, downpour rain and crazy wind gusts. Today I gave myself permission to pass and will stride it out on Wed and Thurs. Gonna try for 20 this weekend, GULP!!! My running buddy (and former competitive runner) at work recommended that I try to get in a 22 miler prior to my race. So I upped mileage on my plan a bit over the past few weeks.

Funny I am looking forward to the taper weeks. Marathon training, working full time and raising 2 boys is TOUGH WORK!! Maybe Half Marathons will be my distance after this? Or Maybe 5 Ks? Or Maybe the Mile? LOL!!

OK I am done complaining now, after all I signed up for this, crazy as it is, it was my decision and I will make it happen in 1 month and 1 day!!!

Trying to be Tough

"Tough times don't last
but tough people do."
A.C. Green

I am really not sure what is going on but I am TIRED!! So tired that coffee and food are not perking me up. I have really tried to put on an awake face and keep GOING...but today I am giving in. No run today, I am going to drive to Starbucks and then REST...well rest as best I can at work.

I sure hope this passes. GEEEEEZZZZZ!!!

Chasing Shadows

Stats for 5/25:
5.60 miles
Time- 46:32
Pace- 8:18

The weather has be AMAZING in the greater Seattle area. I live in the booming city of Puyallup in the foothills of Mount Rainier. Most of my training has been on rainy gray days, the kind of weather that the media projects on Washington. I am realizing the sun makes running sooo different. I have been testing some options for Summer gear, to make sure that I have the least distracting outfit on for the race next month. Lately I have noticed that my visor has been a constant source of annoyance, so I went on my 5 miler without it....hmmmm.. Sun in the eyes sorta sucks, will think of other options. I have never tried sunglasses for running, mainly because sunglasses give me a headache, but maybe it would be worth a try??

Still in hill training mode I headed down Car Killer canyon headed for Mount Doom. My legs were a little tired, but I could tell I just needed to warm up. Below is the view from mid hill on Car Killer Canyon, not too shabby right??
My goal was to run the level straightaways slower and speed up the inclines. I flunked on the first hill, can you say TURTLE SLOW. As I ran down I saw my shadow just in front of me. Shadows fascinate my 3 year old, I rarely notice mine unless he is nearby. Today I was aware, I used to see my shadow and turn because I looked like an 8 foot BLOB. Transforming me has chizzled my silhouette. I must say my shadow is a well-oiled machine...LOL.

Approaching going back up Car Killer Canyon I saw a young couple with 2 strollers blocking the sidewalk. I did not want to bugg them with my usual "On your left!!" Instead I hopped down to the street and sped up. It felt good, so I increased my tempo. I was bounding, sprinting, springing, up a hill that has in past months totally zapped me. VICTORY!!! When I got to the top I felt amazing and BREATHLESS.. I earned that breathlessness!

A quick run, home to shower, and over to my folks to build their new 12-foot trampoline with enclosure. SO FUN!! My 8 year old nephew and I jumped like little kids. Funny how running changes all aspects of your life. I would never have had the energy to jump on that trampoline without running. It may be subtle but if you pay attention you may notice that you are a shadow of your former (pre-running) self...

New photo of me and my boys coming soon, once I get the energy to upload the photos...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Haunted Comments

Very strange lately I have commented on a few Blogs and soon after I post the comment and closed the page...the site multiplies and there are several screen open. I try to close ALL the windows and they just keep coming. Has anyone experienced this issue? And if so what did you do? Have you ever had this problem on my Blog?

I LOVE to cheer people on and add my 2 cents, makes it hard when I never know if I will get hit by the Bloggy window ghost.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

First 18...

Stats for 5/23:
18 Miles
Time- 2:41:31
Pace- 8:58
Run around my hilly neighborhood with Charity on bike.

Eats for the Run:
Riesling, bacon wrapped prawns, goat cheese on a crustini, beef medallions, salmon with mango salsa, lamb chops, trio of mini desserts, coffee, chocolate chip cookie and Special K Red Berries. Breakfast, wheat bagel with cream cheese and jam, coffee w/ cream, banana, water and 1/2 Red Bull.

In case you are curious why my usual BORING diet was kicked up a notch, I worked an event on Friday night. I was on my feet most of the night and indulged in an exquisite menu at dinner. I had NO IDEA how this change would impact my run, but I did not have much choice.. Home at 12:30PM ate my cereal and off to bed. At 9:00am Charity arrived at my house. I had a mental plan for the route, vaguely guessing that the mileage would add up. We took a couple quick photos. My NATHAN Speed 2 filled with water and blue Gatorade, Charity with her new bike basket and bell, we set off.

It was a warm day and grew increasingly hot as the run went on. Now I sit here with sun burnt arms….ummmm…oops!! The Garmin and sock tans lines are especially lovely. My plan was to start with Mount Doom and Car Killer Canyon…I did not think about how tough those hills would be on a bike. Yes, I am officially the worst friend ever. Poor Charity was forced to walk her bike up the LONG hills, but she kept in there. My best friend is a tough one and she got a GREAT workout.

Thankfully the hills after mile 4 were pretty gradual. We talked, I tried to ask leading questions for most of the run, this is the fun part of having Charity with me. The area we covered I had been on many times during training the past few months, it was all new to Charity, which made it fun. She loved Gem Heights road and the Cherry Blossom lined sidewalks. At mile 7 I pulled a Gu Chomp out of my rear pocket, totally easy to grab, washed it down with water and kept my pace, NICE!

There were several walkers/runners on the LONG route. Most were non-wavers and non-smilers, BUMMER. I am the cheese ball with a wave and grin for everyone. The runners I do remember were a bean-pole girl in her 20’s on the opposite side of the road with a small dog trotting by her sneakers. She waved across the road as if we were old friends, I LOVE nice people. The other group was a youngish guy pushing a rowdy flopping toddler in a single jogger, followed closely by two youngish females, one with 2 little ones in a double jogger and the other chatting her ear off. I immediately made up a story in my mind about these people, anything to help me understand why the guy was pushing one kid, leaving the woman to lug the big weight.

At mile 9, just after passing a grumpy group walking 4 adorable yorkie dogs, near the fountain on Sunrise Blvd I took a Gu and tossed the trash in Charity’s basket. I felt strong, like my muscles knew exactly what to do. It was not until after mile 14 that I felt a change.

Passing Wal-Mart on my right, mile 14.3, I knew it was time for tunes. Charity complied and followed closely behind ringing her ADORABLE bell at the people on the path ahead. I was starting to feel light headed so I swigged down some blue Gatorade. I knew that I did not have much mileage left, but this was still approaching distances I have never accomplished. I ITCHED like crazy as my whole body was covered in salt, totally distracting. As I passed 16 miles on my Garmin Charity snapped a photo, “This is the longest distance I have ever run,” I yelled loudly over my Ipod ringing in my ears. 16.5, 1.5 miles left, I was able to do the math and mentally map a route ending near my doorstep at 18. This is the half way point of my USUAL 3 mile run.

I had run the route countless times. When I was 60 pounds heavier, in the wind/rain, on Thanksgiving morning, days when I was tired, days when 3 miles felt like an eternity, this pavement was MINE. Today my legs had 16.5 miles on them, not 1.5….it felt different. I was TIRED, but I knew it was mental. I tried to fight the demons in my head telling me to slow, as an athlete I know that I can push beyond when my mind says stop.

Turned the corner and faced Hill of Death ahead of me. DARN HILL!! There is a flat stretch approaching the little hill, ahead I saw a Garage sale and to my left the ICE CREAM Man. REALLY? The SLOW driving Ice-cream man with the blaring obnoxious song was the most ANNOYING thing you can imagine on the final leg of the LONG run. I thought about stopping and convincing the driver to give me a free sweet treat. Instead I pounced up and weaved around the Garage salers spending their pennies on cool items at the bright truck. With Charity just ahead I sped and heard the Angel Garmin chime… STOP!! 18 miles done and done.

My goal was to slow my pace, I don’t understand slowing too much, so I hoped for just less than 9 minute miles. I did it and felt GREAT! I know that it is not accurate but if you total my 18 miler with my 8 miles on Thursday the time was 3:47ish… Hmmmm. About 1 month to my first Marathon, I still have not decided what my goal will be, but what I do know is that I CAN DO THIS!!!

Me and my BFF on my front lawn
Gratuitios bum shot to show off my new gear
16 miles...and going

Friday, May 22, 2009

Santa Runs too (Foto Friday)

I TOTALLY forgot about this photo.. I thought it was sooo funny that Santa was in line for the Honey buckets at my 1/2 Marathon. Took the photo hoping to crop it, but it is blurry.. Look in the middle.. TOO CUTE!!

HAPPY FRIDAY and Ummmm Merry Christmas!!

Friday Funny

A Hobbit looking man, holding a plate with Eggs and Tabasco, entered the elevator on the bottom/ground floor of my 5 story office building and asked me

"Going up?" Hmmmmm....

*And the funniest part is that the first time I posted this I TOTALLY screwed it up. Thanks Heather!!

8 going on 18

Stats for 5/21:
8.03 Miles
Time- 1:05:59
Pace- 8:13
Warm day, light breezes, new route and solo..

Re-united with my Ipod and Garmin, I hit the trails near work on my lunch hour yesterday. My Boss, LOVE HER, gave me permission to take longer lunches for my runs so long as I make up the time....soo nice.. Slated for 8 miles I was mentally mapping a route that would keep me shaded and be scenic on such a lovely day. I am seriously working on my runner's tan...the defined sock lines and WHITE mid section, very attractive... Oh well, at least the sun has finally arrived and bronzed cheeks with freckles make me smile.

Part way through my run I took a different route than I had planned, my old co-worker Tanna had taken me on the path but I could hardly remember (that was back in the day when I struggled to put one foot in front of the other on a 5 miler). I LOVED the path and will use the same route for future mid-week runs. My only complaint is the high volume of bikers...I feel like I am going to get knocked over one of these days.

All and all uneventful except for butterflies, birds, bunny, batting at bugs, bum with a backpack, bikers buzzing and a belly ache..

I should explain for new followers or anyone totally confused by the names of my hills...I am very dramatic when it comes to hill training and I make up endearing names for my local stomping grounds...

Hill of Death: Small vertical climb the last 300 yards of my run, killer

Mount Doom: A .5 mile gradual incline ending with a fire station

Car Killer Canyon: The type of hill that cars have trouble starting on, we once sat and watched cars slip back down on a snowy day.

The only one that actually has a name that is real is Monster Hill which is near my office and on Monster Road, that one always makes me laugh..

Speaking of hills I am still torn about my 18 miler tomorrow. Need advice: Should I run uninterrupted on a level paved trail? Or should I incorporate hilly terrain with some stops for cars and lights? Let me know your thoughts.

All the luck on races and runs!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tech free and Race Tee

Stats for 5/20:
5ish miles
Time: 41:09
Hilly run in my neighborhood with no Ipod or Garmin.

This week I have been a TOTAL Gufus...forgot to take my running shoes to work on Tuesday which meant Shelby was solo.. Yesterday I left my Ipod and Garmin in my desk drawer at work. I was tempted to skip my run because I am ADDICTED to technology....but with busy times there are not many options to skip. So I went PAINFULLY tech free yesterday, no music and no Garmin. Me and my hubby's Ironman wrist watch scaled the hills together. What I learned about tech free running is that I focus a lot more on my form.

My legs feel great, my breathing is spot on, my arms....now there is an area for improvement. As I run my arms shrink up under my armpits, imagine a 6 foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex.. As I ran I tried to fight the arms down and loosen up...no such luck. This form is OK, not ideal, but OK for short runs but after 26.2 miles I am guessing I would be very sore and expelling way more energy than I should be. Something to think about...

I have a new route that takes me up Mount Doom and down, up Car Killer Canyon, continues with a steady incline for a distance and as always, ends with Hill of Death.. I felt a bit like the Slow moving freight train in my son's children's books, but careful not to let the incline get the best of me I fought on...hills are MENTAL and I will get over my issues...

Check 5 miler down....Left on the schedule for the week, an 8 miler and my LONG 18 miler. I still have not mapped my route for my LONG run, mentally working on that one. I may end up on my usual flat Orting trail, it is sooo peaceful not to have to worry about Cars or stoplights for a distance.. I am thinking of calling Fleet Feet running store to see if they have some ideas for long long runs...or maybe even training groups..

My Nathan Speed 2 came in the mail yesterday!!! THANK YOU NATHAN!! I will be testing it out in the next few runs and have a FULL report early next week. I did try it on and a perfect fit, who knew I was a medium, that is a FIRST for this big girl.

In other fun news I am in LOVE with my environmentally friendly race Tee...It is made by Green Layer 51% Bamboo and 49% polyester. I have not worn it to run yet but the fit is awesome, it is very light and the thumb holes make me smile...I am a gear dork...and I earned it by running 13.1 miles so I am guessing this will be my favorite Tee for a while.. Photos below..
Note the thumb holes...LOL
And a plug for the race on the back too..

Welcome to my new Followers, glad to have you.
Happy Thursday to all!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mishmash Randomness

Forgot my shoes yesterday (DER!) and am CRAZY busy with meetings today so I most likely won't be running...so this post is a mishmash of topics.

STATS for 5/18:
5.05 Miles
Time: 42:24
Pace: 8:23
Running the day after my 1/2 Marathon, hills, tight quads, warm day, and running in my neighborhood.

I ran the Monday after my 1/2 Marathon, hoping to see what my legs would do after running to NEAR failure the day before....I believe it was Aron who offered the tip that it is a good idea to run on tired legs, I took the advice. All in all the run was AWESOME!! OK so these legs do have more in them, check!!

Reflecting on the race I have mentally prepared myself to no longer go on the easy level trail runs....yes folks I NEED more hills in my life. So my 5 miler was nearly all hills....all in preparation for this... Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on June 27th....

THANKFULLY the wonderful race people changed the course and the last 6 miles are pretty darn LEVEL....YIPPEE!!! I am not sure exactly what my pace will be...but tentatively I am slated for the BQ Coral 3:40min. Could be a Pie in the Sky Goal...but I am not shy to TRY.. Rookie qualifies for Boston first time out, sounds like a good headline to me. May re-evaluate after my 20 miler...will keep you posted.

TRAINING and PRACTICE...I am anxiously anticipating my belt from Nathan, hoping it will come this week before my LONG run. For LONG runs I have tried a few items from Gu's to Chews, my favorite Gu is the PLAIN...LOL...I am that exciting. I am a BIG fan of various types of chews (that may not be the correct term in running land)....I was TOTALLY bummed because my stash ran out before my race, I will not let that happen again. I went to REI and picked up a few items to try for fun..so look for a product report next week for the following items....

I am sure these items have been reviewed before....but not by me...LOL.. Happy Wednesday.. OFF TO MEETINGS MEETINGS MEETINGS...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dorky Video and Score Card

For most of my young life I was a successful athlete. I competed in Volleyball, Basketball and Track & Field- Shot Put and Discus. By the grace of God, amazingly supportive parents and my skills with a round orange ball, I was blessed with a Full-ride college scholarship to play basketball. I balanced school and a demanding basketball schedule, talk about a crash course in time management. My career ended with a knee injury that would not go away and required clean up surgery. When my athletic career abruptly ended I soon found I did not have an identity without sports. Who is Melanie without a score card? No Stats, no grades, no expectations to live up to, just me. For a few years I STOPPED playing sports and working-out because I was rebelling....I wanted to know what life felt like as ME.

Married my sole-mate and together we produced 2 adorable boys. Eventually I realized that I longed to fill the athletic void, a way to burn off my excess energy, and to work toward goals just for me. Insert running!!! So I would like to report that after my 1/2 Marathon I am athlete again. This time I am an athlete with an identity. Running is secondary to my LIFE and I am proud of it... Below are my STATS from the race, pretty darn good for a Rookie....FYI I also have a healthy sense of pride in accomplishment :)

Time: 1:43:39 Pace: 7:54

Division (Female 25-29): 10/80
*Would have taken 7th for men my age...LOL

Gender: 27 / 530

Place Overall: 118 / 878

She speaks...I probably should just leave you with still photos...but who can resist a DORKY post-race video.. I REALLY REALLY had to RUN to the bathroom.. WARNING I am loud, turn down your volume..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Capital City Half Marathon May 17, 2009

Stats for Capital City Half Marathon:
13.1 miles
Time: 1:43:39
Pace: 7:54
Sunny day, rolling hills, no wind, surrounded by runners of all shapes sizes and ages.

Just near the start line...a ball of nervous energy!!
My supportive hubby running to take photos while carrying my heavy camera.
Activity just before GO!!
The front of the pack. Note my red-head buddy is on the far left in the red race tank stretching.
And we are off!! the lady next to me looks so determined..

Mile 1 (7:03):
Coming into the race I was more nervous of being in sea of people at the start than I was to run the race. I have a phobia of crowds. Thank goodness I am tall so I can see above most everyone. Hubby and I got there early so we could get a spot close to the start line. His plan was to walk/jog to two spots on the course and snap a few photos, bless his heart he wore the backpack with my heavy camera. I could not decide if I should take off my long sleeve shirt….so I kept it on BIG MISTAKE more about that later. Everyone poised to start. My heart was beating with anticipation. GO!!! I scrambled to maneuver around people, reminded me of the busy hall-ways in high school. I realized that I TOTALLY forgot to start my Garmin, DER.. The tightly packed group spread out quickly SWEET!! I found a comfortable spot toward the front of the pack. Nearing the Farmers Market and Port of Olympia area there was a STENCH…thankfully that only lasted for a small distance. I loved running next to the water admiring the sail boats and the outfits of other pretty runners. Dave planned to meet me at the end of the scenic stretch and there he was with the camera, I smiled, waved and sped by.
I moved to the right so Hubby could get a good photo.
And here I am...buzzing after mile 1
Love the leg muscles of me and my fellow lady runners.
I am not in this picture but Dave wanted to show the LINE of people, pretty cool

Mile 2 (7:23):
Just after mile 2 there was a gradual CLIMB for most of the next couple miles, so I kept with the fast pace to gain some speed to make up for my slower pace on the incline. I was going FAST, fast for me but it felt good. I was passing people left and right, my main goal was to stay in front of women in my age group, while running it is pretty difficult to tell someone’s age.LOL.. I kept on trading spots with a little blond with braided hair, a water belt and muscular thighs, that girl was determined. As she past me I thought I would for sure pass her later (never happened). First water station but I was not ready yet, I smiled at the volunteers.

Mile 3 (7:48):
Time to CLIMB!! The Capital City ½ Marathon is HILLS, rolling hills, steep hills, monster hills, not much flat to enjoy. My legs were strong as I ran the gradual incline, mentally I compared it my training hill on Sunrise, although this hill was much longer, just over a mile. The roads were lined with flush green trees, BEAUTIFUL!! I kept to the right, trying to avoid meandering in front of people. I passed 33rd street, my favorite number made me smile.

Mile 4 (7:48):
The end of the climb was tough. I felt my legs slow as a girl in a lycra pink tank-top passed, I thought about asking her where she got it but resisted the urge. I am guessing that chatting about shopping is bad race etiquette. Water station, this one I was ready for. I grabbed a cup for an adorable boy in an oversized volunteer shirt. Everyone smiled and clapped, I LOVE the energy of those on the sidelines. I thought hmmmm, I am not even a 3rd of the way there.

Mile 5 (8:02):
The roads were closed off, well sort of. There were times when I darted to the shoulder to avoid traffic. This stretch of road was a no-shoulder residential section. A man who looked in his late 70’s was all decked out in red white and blue flag clothing was walking with the runners, guess he thought it was a good day to stroll, I doubt he even noticed all of us running past him, PRECIOUS!! My head phones would not stay in, what a PAIN!! I am tempted to take them back and try again. I realized that I do not like to run to Justin Timberlake songs and there are a few on my IPod, SKIP SKIP SKIP. I passed the first race-promoted viewing site and say families with signs, noise makers and big smiles. I hoped that Dave would make it to where we planned to meet.

Mile 6 (7:56):
Starting to get hot and annoyed at my STUPID choice to wear long sleeves I could focus on nothing else. I unzipped the top portion and got some relief. Just as I was passing a house with the street number 3333 an older lady in a pink Danskin Triathlon tank glided past. She was graceful and effortless, like she had done this a million times and was out for a jaunt in the park. I envied her grace as I clomped over a tree branch.

Mile 7 (7:39):
This part of the course seemed a bit unplanned. We swerved through ugly neighborhoods turning and wavering left, right, left… I was glad I was with a small pack of people or I would have been really off track. My plan was to take a Gu at the midway point with some water. Many of the water stations came without warning, thankfully the one at mile 7ish was on a straightaway, so I pulled the Gu pack from my rump pocket, forced down an orange flavored grossness, tossed the refuse in the trash bin, grabbed a water and was OFF. Pretty darn smooth for no practice with taking Gu while running. A lady near me grabbed a water sponge, I am not sure if I will ever do that I am not a fan of being wet while running. As the heat increased I sort of wished I had grabbed a sponge.

Mile 8 (8:00):
I was HOT!! I thought about taking my shirt off, stopping and re-pinning my race number to my t-shirt, NO I was not going to waste my momentum fixing my stupid decision. I knew I would see Dave on the next mile and wished I could toss him my shirt but instead took it off and wrapped it around my waste with the race number facing out. RELIEF! If I would have just worn my t-shirt, less distraction, Oh well. A man passed me with black long sleeves, gloves, a lycra beanie cap and another shirt, WHY? OK that guy had to be roasting. The temp was not overly hot, but as you run the body temp, STRANGE. (FYI he finished just behind me...LOL)

Mile 9 (7:25):
All I could think about was seeing Hubby, I hoped that he didn’t get lost and would make it to see me. I was mentally preparing myself for him to not be there but also truly praying for a familiar face, the one person who was there just for me to cheer me on and take my picture. The guy with my Blue Gatorade and a smile to keep me going, he was planning to be at the bottom of a tree lined decline. As I rounded the corner and sprinted down I saw him and started waving like an IDIOTLOL.. I think I had lost all inhibition at that point and just wanted to make sure he saw me. Dave ran a little with me and handed me my YUMMY blue Gatorade. It was refreshing, seeing him was wonderful…but it lasted about 15 seconds and I was off.
The rare decline on the course...ZOOMIN!!
Here I come HONEY!!!
Oh geez these are out of order...he got to the spot and took a picture of the pace car. I was nowhere near the pace car, pretty cool pic.
Next up the hill that nearly defeated me.

Mile 10 (8:46):
I had heard a man at the starting line talking about the hill at mile 10 being the toughest part of the course, I took a mental note. After running 9 miles a hill that would take your car effort to drive up is HELL. I kept my stride, I fought, I tried, I was pooping out….people started to walk and I REALLY wanted to join them. This race had been nice until this mile, it was TOUGH!! My breath was labored and just then a man in his 30’s looked at me and in a calm voice said “Slow down and breathe.” There are many angels in the world, that day he was mine. He had no idea the impact those 4 words had on me. He gave me the permission to let myself recover, I was fighting and what I needed to do was recover for just a minute. I slowed my pace but never stopped, and I got my breath back. Toward the middle of the hill an impromptu band in tie-died shirts played an off tune version of “Eye of the Tiger,” internal laughter and a big thumbs up for them.

Mile 11 (8:31):
DEFEATED by the time I reached the summit of Mount Killed My Legs (LOL) I tried to maintain focus with a fuzzy head and groggy body. At that moment I let the question enter my brain “Why am I doing this?” which followed closely by “How am I ever going to finish a Marathon?” My internal struggles and negative thoughts were partnered with an increased urge to urinate. WHAT? I had never had to GO while running, guess I over-hydrated. There was no way I was going to stop! I was too close to slow down. I prayed my mommy bladder would keep it in. Suddenly I realized I was nearly alone, there was one tall runner in a red shirt in front of me and nearly no one behind me, STRANGE. I sped up to make sure I would not lose the pack.

Mile 12 (8:21):
There were signs lining the road that said “You are almost there,” and “Don’t give up.” I tried to focus on those words but inside I felt DONE. I flipped through my IPod desperate to have music to get lost in….VICTORY I found my song, “Untouched” blared in my ears and the thought “You have 1 mile left and you are going to beat your goal” lifted my spirits. The last 3 miles were the LONGEST miles of any I have ever run, which I will admit was mostly mental, but having to GO did not help. I ran past the last water station trying not to look for fear I would wet myself. The volunteer waved and smiled, all the volunteers were GREAT!!

Mile 13 (7:45):
The last mile… There was a 5 mile race going on which ended in the same location as the half, hmmmm I think that the people who were finishing when I was running were there for the t-shirt. GET OUT OF MY WAY I AM TRYING TO FINISH MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!!! GRRRRR… They walked 3 wide as I dodged traffic to get around. Ahead I saw the girl in the pink lycra tank, I knew she was in my age group and wanted so badly to pass her, but at the end of a long race 200 yards is a lot to make up. She would win today, but overall I felt great I did not get past by many females and I knew that I would beat my race goal. Finally all the hills were in my favor, the last bit of the race to the FINISH is down hill, SWEET!!! Brittany bellowed "Womanizer", my anthem to the Line..

Mile 13.1 (6:55):

I SPRINTED, my long strides felt amazing. I turned my shirt around so my race number showed. The streets were lined with people cheering and taking pictures. I could not find Dave, but I knew he was there. Not shy I waved with 2 hands to the crowd, PRIDE grinning my cheesy dimpled smile. SUCCESS!! VICTORY!! I was pumped the announcer said “There is an energetic young lady.” You bet I am! The clock said 1:43:39. My goal was 1:45, AMAZING!! That is sub 8 minute miles for 13.1 miles. I saw Dave poised with the camera and video. He was taping and all I could think about was going to the bathroom, DORKY race video coming soon. I gave him a kiss and ran to the Honey Bucket, thankfully there was no line.

I don’t have my overall standings yet…so look for that and my post-race thoughts in the next couple days. All in all I am super excited to be a Tall Half Marathon Mom.

Here I come!! Note 5 mile walkers to me left..
Waves and smiles!! LOVED THAT FINISH LINE!!
The race Map
Relaxing and watching people get their awards...
So that is it....more STATS and a DORKY video coming soon..

Why did I run a half Marathon?

Everyone has a story about what got them running. To fully understand my half marathon journey (and eventually Marathon) I should explain mine. This time last year I was 45 pounds heavier trying to shed the baby weight, while transitioning back to work, and sleep deprived with a 4 month old son. My story is not unique; there are many mothers who long to have their old body back.

So when I got back to work I asked my fitter/leaner co-workers if I could run with them, they humored me. I tried to keep up while I huffed and puffed. My legs ached, my lungs burned, my thighs…well you get the idea. I made progress slowly and signed up to run the Race for the Cure 5K. This race was humbling and encouraging. My time 29:33, which is just less than 10 minute miles, my co-worker Cela slowed her pace and stayed with me, she was the reason that I did not walk.

I kept with it and gradually increased my distance and speed. The pounds started to drop off and people noticed. Raegan, a mother and wonderful lady who works in my building, wondered what I had been doing to lose the weight and wanted to join me on my runs. We were a little miss-matched but had a GREAT time on the run together. I told her early on that I had always wanted to run a ½ Marathon, she had the same goal. So we sign up for the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon. Unfortunately Raegan has been plagued with injuries and is sidelined.

My body has responded to my training so I opted to run a ½ Marathon a month earlier than expected. I found the Capital City ½ Marathon which was local and fit in our budget, it was my Mother’s Day present, ironic since having kiddos was what sparked my running habit.

Sooooo now that you have the full back story….next is my race report..

STRUGGLED to finish a 5K in June 2008

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Starbucks Secret

I know I know...I should have the posting of my first 1/2 Marathon including photos and a riveting race report....WELL you will have to wait...because running 13.1 miles is tiring and it is going to take me a bit to put it all into words. I promise to have something by tonight or tomorrow morning..

On Saturday we went to the Race Expo...which was really a few vendors in the park. Hubby got a new New Balance running outfit and I found NOTHING...but it was still fun to be there. I was really curious about the race route so we drove it prior to the expo. I quickly learned that they were not kidding when they said "Rolling Hills" the whole course was hills. As we drove I tried to compare the hills to my training runs and mentally prepare my strategy...as a Rookie I need all the help I can get. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and the weather was to be just as good on race day...YIPPEE!!! We continued on the course and hubby planned out the best way to meet me along the way. This quick drive proved to help us both out a ton..

Back to the Race Expo to wait in the LONG line of 1/2 Marathon peeps.. As an event planner I reserve the right to just registration tables....but as these people were volunteers I chose to keep my mouth shut...well one thing, make sure that you have more volunteers dedicated to the line that will have the MOST people....event planning 101. So I got in line and Dave took the boys for a few circles around the park. I was just behind a scruffy looking red-head, a beautiful granola blond holding a petite little toddler and an ex-military woman. I am not shy to chat with people so I joined the conversation whenever I felt the need.

Little did I know that talking with these people would TOTALLY save me. All three had run several races and competed in the Capital City 1/2 a few times. They welcomed me to the group. The thin red-head in sunglasses said he ran Boston the previous month....um OK so I guess I should listen to the guy...LOL.. He talked about races, showed his gnarly blister from his work boots and eventually turned just to me. Whispering "Tomorrow morning the Honey Bucket line is going to be really LONG. Last year I went to the Starbucks and there were only 3 people. Make sure you do that, but please, don't tell anyone." I took a mental note and smiled that he would share his secret with me. Eventually we made it to the front, got our chips, SWEET marathon pullovers and eco-friendly bags. They also had Chocolate Gu...YUCK no thanks..I am a fruity Gu-er.

I got a little nervous, this was all very real. The rest of the day I was all-over the place. From Olympia, got dressed in 15 minutes, then down to Sumner for Courtney's Sweet 16, back home for a mound of Spaghetti with shrimp and biscuits, loaded the boys to take them to Grandma and Grandpas for the night, then to see Wolverine..FULL day!!! Needless to say when my head hit the pillow I was out. Hubby had running dreams, FUNNY!! We set out early, I ate my usual..coffee, bagel with cream cheese and jam, water and Redbull.

Parking was on the street, WHAT A PAIN!! We parked pretty far away and I REALLY had to use the facilities, nervous mommy bladder. The line for the blue smelly toilets was forever long...so I took my new friends advice. Into Starbucks and there were 3 guys and 1 girl and dedicated gender stalls. And guess who was there?? My red-head buddy in a bright yellow Boston shirt, he gave me a high five and was glad I took his advice. Funny how the littlest things can make your day. Who knows why we ended up in line together twice but he TRULY helped out a ROOKIE... Off to the starting line...

OK I won't leave you in total suspense. I am a 1/2 Marathoner and a pretty decent one at that.. Race report to come. And welcome to my new followers :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Stats for 5/14:
3.06 miles
Time- 23:47
Pace- 7:45
QUICK run on wet pavement, no rain, hurrying to get back to a meeting.

Yesterday was, just as the post says, RUSHED... I was trying to fit in my cube move with my normal work load (which right now has no wiggle room). I offered to cover for a co-worker so she could go on a birthday lunch, which meant my run got pushed back, Shelby was too hungry to run with me and by the time I got out the door it was 1:00 and I had a 2:00 meeting and had not eaten lunch. I thought about running after work but remembered that I had plans to go to Courtney's Sub-District Track Meet (Courtney is my BFF Charity's, aka biking BF, little sister and I have known her since she was 2....so basically she is my little sister.) Hmmmmm??? So the leisurely rest/taper run that I was planning on turned into an all out RUN!!

The only thing I thought about during that 3 miles was how GOOD it felt to run. The stresses melt away and it is just me....me and the pavement.... Less than a year ago I could not run 3 miles without stopping, I was lucky to have a pace less than 10 minute miles. My body hurt, my lungs ached, my knees felt like they were going to buckle, every stride was labored and HEAVY.. Today I can finish 3 miles in well under a half hour, clean up and 2 minutes later feel GREAT!! It is AMAZING what a difference a year can make.

Run down, now I will rest, relax and prepare for the Half Marathon on Sunday.. FYI Weather report is AWESOME.. Partly Cloudy with a high of 70!! Which is really exciting because this has been the rainiest May on record....

And FYI my AWESOME little sister qualified for Districts and it is her 16th birthday this weekend. I am AMAZED at the woman she has become and am over the moon proud of her. One of my miles will be dedicated to Court for her birthday.. The other 12.1??? You will find out soon...
Have a GREAT weekend!! Race Report coming Sunday.... (knowing me I will sneak in a few post before then...LOL)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

While in Traffic (4)

The mind rambles of a wife, mother, breadwinner and runner, while on her hour++ commute in heavy traffic....Episode 4:

Rain windshield wipers on full blast..the weather report for race day says cloudy with a high of 72 that would be great!! Wonder what I should wear? It won't be warm at 7:45 AM. Maybe I should check out the clearance rack I bet long sleeves are on sale…hmmm if only I had some money.

I can't wait to get to the Office and move from my coffin of a cube to a BIGGER one.. Amazing how the tallest person in the office has the smallest working space. I am still laughing about Fair Weather Runner's post yesterday…if you have seen "Office Space"…or even if you haven't, go read it…The image of rabid ducks and having an office on a dark loading dock…LOL...

It is going to take forever to move cubes. At home hubby keeps my hereditary pack-rat nature in check, at the office there is no one to check me. Today I will be wading through 4 years of JUNK..

And if this rain keep up I will be wading through my run at lunch, good thing the locker room has a blow-dryer. Hopefully Shelby can go that way I won't be alone in the muck.

So hard to believe that I will be 30 in 1 month!! Gotta send the email addresses to Kiera, I am SPOILED to have a friend who is hosting a party for me..and he house is AMAZING.

"May the Force be with you," funny the DJ thought that was from Star Trek…nope Star Wars. My 3 1/2 year old LOVES Star Wars, he is always calling me Princess Leah, I totally take it as a compliment. I used to think that the Yoda quote "Do, or Do Not Do. There is no Try." was gospel. Now that I am a runner, I am not so sure. Yes the quote applies often in life, especially for people who mistake trying for real effort. But with running trying is doing. We all try, our try from day to day changes, and there are days when the try in our heart is stronger than the try that our body can perform.

I love the smoking commercials, smoking and running LOL "Second to last!", if only these were heard by smokers. On my run the other day the wind blew a huge puff of smoke in my face, YUCK!! I bet the 4 people who went outside to "Get some fresh air," shop in the organic section, drink non-fat milk and take vitamins daily.. WHY PEOPLE? You are killing yourself from the inside. Healthy choices, really?

Wow the rain is really coming down…I hope it doesn't rain on Sunday.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Self Image

What I hope I will look like at my 1/2 Marathon on Sunday:
Reality of what I will look like at the Race:
Yes..I am that COOL....
Have a good night!!!


Stats for 5/12:
5.07 Miles
Time- 42:33
Pace- 8:23

"Untouched" blared as I set out…I know nothing about The Veronica's their music, ethical or political agendas, world views, etc…what I know is that EVERY RUNNER should have this song on their play list. The pulse of the song is nothing short of perfect for running..so that is my endorsement for the day.

My plan was to run 5 miles easy….not look at my watch and just go with what felt good. So around .4 I felt really comfortable in my stride, I had just run a slat 50 yard section and was curious what pace I was at, so I broke my own rule and looked. Ummm 6:55… WHAT? Either my Garmin is on crack or I am. SLOW DOWN!!

As I continued at an EASY (for me) pace the wind made the trees, bushes and tall grass dance gracefully, a fat Robin flew across the path and the leaves flickered dark/light. There is such beauty in nature, the expression "Stop to Smell the Roses," came to mind. For runners we could say "Run to appreciate nature." Cheesy yes, but I truly notice the BEAUTY that surrounds during my training.

A young guy ran by wearing a bright green Under Armour shirt, VERY COOL!! I really need more green in my life, note to self see if they have that color in women's gear. Funny I was wearing a long sleeve coat over a long sleeve shirt and spandex pants. He was in shorts and short sleeves…Yes I am a WIMP. It is time to retire my Adidas spandex. Funny story I bought the spandex at a Garage sale years ago when I was about 40 pound heavier. Got the pants home, struggled to put them on, and looked like sausage casings…YUCK!! Those pants that I could not breathe in and sat in my drawer for years are now too big.. CRAZY!!

No sign of red-short-guy (click for story) as I continued, thankfully I did not need smirky vibes today. A grey haired woman with thick glasses walk past and smiled, the wisdom in her eyes was haunting. I thought of my Grandmas who have passed in the last few years. They were so proud of me while I played basketball and in all aspect of my life. What would they think of me running 13.1 and 26.2 mile races? Grandma Dorothy, sitting in her favorite chair watching baseball would say "Now what do you want to go and do that for honey?" Georgie, working in her garden overlooking Hood Canal, would look at me with a silly hidden grin and utter, "What a character you are Melanie!" The thought of my Grandmas made me smile from ear to ear. Anyone looking at me that moment would have thought I was Kookoo.. Amazing what we think of while we run…the sadness that I usually feel when I remember those who have passed was replaced with utter joy today.

The last mile I was on autopilot thinking about race strategies and how excited I am…I TRULY have no idea what my body is capable of with running, I have not overexerted myself at any point in my training. Time will tell!! Thanks to all for the tips below. I am going to take tomorrow off, run 3 miles at Shelby's pace on Thursday and rest/ice/stretch/massage on Friday and Saturday. I think that and a BIG plate of Spaghetti with Shrimp will put me just where I want to be.

WOW that was a long post for a 5 miler….my race report is going to be a novel.. LOL..