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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Yellow Orb in the Sky

Stats for 4/7:
5.03 miles
8:40 pace (8:35 and 8:45 splits)
Run with Shelby, in the sun, talking the whole time.

Oh the Sun!! It feels so good. I actually felt HOT today which is rare for me, I am usually freezing. I love sporting my visor, instead of a hat and fleece ear cover. I know that the beautiful weather will not stay long, but WOW was is great today.

Shelby and I went for our usual 5 mile route along the river on Interurban trail. We chatted the first half and I talked mostly at the end. It was a good pace, a conversational pace for me for sure. Funny before we left the office Shelby IM'd me that she had eaten a cookie, happened that the IM came just as I was finishing my sinful cupcake. Partners think alike. Thankfully the sugar rush did not hurt us too badly.

Thanks to my buddy Jill and the active.com "Find Things to do" tool, I found a reasonably priced local 1/2 Marathon in May. I am thinking of registering, full details once I register. I get more and more excited about the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon as the months go by. My body feels ready, my new shoes are pillows and I am 100% addicted to running. With time and distance I will know my full capacity. What I know now is that I have not even come close to reaching my full potential.


Rookie on the Run said...

Ahhh... the sun was glorious here today, also! I'm not a big sun worshiper but today, it just hit the spot and I sat outside in it and basked (with sunscreen, of course).

I am so jealous that you're doing the Seattle Rock & Roll! Are you doing the full thing or the half?

I'm glad your cupcake splurge didn't hurt your running! :)

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