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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

While in Traffic

While stuck in my usual Seattle traffic this morning (hour commute on hwy 167 from Puyallup to Renton YUCK) my mind was busy. Below is my stream of conscious bullet point style..

*Not running today I should probably shop on my lunch hour. I need running shoes, shorts, and to mail a few packages. That will take more than an hour...never enough time.

*My legs are so white, shorts shopping is going to be painful, maybe I should pay for a few trips to the bulb beach.

*I would much rather be in a tanning bed than in this car. I hate my commute, we need to move closer to work. Selling our house in this market and moving, will think about that once we get back from Hawaii.

*My commute is 30 miles each way. A Marathon is 26 miles. OMG! What did I get myself into? Maybe I should do a half instead?

*I should check my Facebook, no I should watch the road. I wonder if people think I am a dork because I change my Facebook status a few times a day? Oh who cares. Why am I so addicted to the internet. Maybe I will detox while we are in Hawaii.

*I am supposed to run 12 miles while we are on vacation, wonder if that will happen. It is going to be great to relax and enjoy a meal without feading my baby bird.

*I am glad that I grabbed my cotton candy Jelly beans Mom bought this weekend. Eating Jelly beans at 6:15AM is wrong, I will wait.

*I love my latte lady Robin and the low $2.50 Endicott cost, but this drink is GROSS today. Maybe I will hit Starbucks after running my errands this afternoon.

*Wow that guy sucks at driving. Why do I always get cut off? I just don't like to drive at all, not even a little. Maybe I should have run to work? I would look lovely when I arrived hours++++ later.

*Guess I should concentrate on the road, I really need to put my CD case in here. Then I would miss the gossip by the disc jockeys...may be worth the trade off to actually hear music. Oh a commercial for Dessert sun Tanning. I really need to get a tan.

A little glimpse into the mind of a busy running Mom. Deep thoughts by Melanie. Have a great day!!


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Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to do an entry like this. I have a 45-60 minute drive to work too.

Ang said...

Now it's working, go figure! Anyway, I love this post. It gives a lot of insight into your life and how you think.