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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

While in Traffic (2)

I had so much fun writing my first "While in the Traffic" posting that I thought it would be good to do it every Wednesday. Bullet style because my brain is RANDOM.

The mind rambles of a breadwinner, wife, mother, and runner during her 1 hour commute. Episode #2:

*Cash machine $40, no $20, already spent my allowance this week.

*I love this song, may be weird that I like Miley Cyrus but listening to the words of "The Climb" amazing. I need to have Charity buy that song and a few others for me and upload before my 10 miler Saturday.

*This Blackberry commercial with Jim (John Krasinski) from "The Office" always makes me think of the Micheal (Steve Carell) look-a-like at Volleyball. I could never focus because I always wanted to laugh.

*I HATE the news especially news about kids, makes my heart hurt, I know it is ignorant but I would rather change the channel. And hugs my kids tighter.

*Easton actually slept through the night last night, it was nice to go see him and bring him a bottle before I left. UGH breaking him from the bottle, I will think about that when we get back from Hawaii. I know he is too old for a bottle, but he is my baby.

*My throat hurts, I need a lozenge. "Achoo," sneezing sucks and in the car it is even worse. OK lozenge, in the purse. I need, well want, a new purse.

*I should get an omelet when I get to work. Ham, Cheese, mushrooms, YUM!!

*This commute is too long. I wish there was a way for me to get paid what I make now by taking photos, blogging/writing and running. That mom on Oprah did it.. Hmmm...maybe I should wait until the economy gets better.

*At least I get to go to the Safeco field to meet with a Mariner's guy today that will be different.

*That is after work, I need to remind Dave to eat without me. Guess I will grab Burger King, or maybe Subway. The Biggest Loser is always plugging Subway. I love that show but could totally due without the plugs for things.

*I was not expecting the people on House to kill off Kutner (Kal Penn), that was really unexpected. I guess the actor has a new gig with Obama, random!

*I watch too much TV. My tights don't fit, well most of my clothes don't fit.

*I need new long spandex. Of the 2 pairs I have one is from high school and the other I bought at a garage sale for .75 cents. I can't wait until garage sale season.

*I love the trees in Washington. I see a few hawks on branches every day on my commute, always makes me smile and feel protected.

*The photos of the Capital City Marathon in Olympia look pretty. I will run my 10 miler this weekend, and if I do good, I will register for the 1/2 on May 17th. That is NEXT MONTH..

*Easter is going to be fun. I bought the boys and cousin Zane matching shirts, all 3 of them, total photo op. It will be fun in Mom and Dad's yard, much bigger than our yard.

*Oh Kelly Clarkson always hits the spot, funny how when I hear a song on the radio that is on my play list it makes me feel like I am running.

*It would be so cool if Garmin watches had cameras.

*Wow my coffee went right through my mommy bladder, good thing I am here.

I meant to take a photo in the car, but this is me at my desk.


Ashley said...

Hahaha, Fair Weather Runner & I were talking about Miley Cyrus earlier and I've had The Climb in my head ever since! LOL I have a 6-year-old daughter, so at least I have an excuse to listen to her, haha!

Being Robinson said...

AHhh AHAH! This cracked me UP! I love it. I hope you keep doing this! I have the RW Calendar too, 'cept mine is on my fridge. But it made me think maybe I should bring it to work since I look at my cube FAR more than I look at the side of my fridge. I wish I could make money taking pics/running/bloggin too... my blog isn't NEARLY popular enough though... maybe when I'm a cool kid ;)

Being Robinson said...

HA, Ashley you beat me to a comment! YES, Miley it is, but you both have kids as an excuse, like I said... I have no excuse, I just secretly heart her.... :) My late 90's "grunge/alternative" college self would be so disappointed if she found out!