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Friday, April 17, 2009

While in the Traffic (3)

The mind rambles of a wife, mother, breadwinner and runner, while on her hour++ commute in heavy traffic....Episode 3:

*So glad I got my run in yesterday this rain is really coming down.

*That daycare is so cute. I feel bad for that Mom taking her kiddo out in the rain and dropping him/her off for the day. I am so blessed to leave my guys sleeping in their warm beds. Inspiration to work harder today.

*Man I am busy today gotta tie up loose ends before vacation next week.

*Latte time...wow those men are weird....apparently they were talking about me before I got in there. I love Robin my latte lady, she is going to run the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2, I guess she was bragging about me. Earlier this week I forgot my wallet and she spotted me a freebie for the day, couldn't do that at Starbucks.

*I should probably tip better. I just don't like tipping.

*I am really glad that my car is not held together with duct tape.

*This comedian is doing a bit about cell phone rings...call me vanilla but I prefer the normal "ring ring." Our office got new phones with a variety of ANNOYING rings, drives me CRAZY!!

*I am hungry, might have to get an omelet. I am ALWAYS hungry.

*Brake lights...oh goodie... an accident up ahead. How did that car drive off the road and into the light pole? Why are there always a ton of State patrol cars at an accident?

*Oh I don't feel pretty today at all. Boring french braided hair and an outfit I have worn a million times. Maybe I am a bit narcissistic...oh well I will embrace it.

*The name of my blog is a little blah...maybe I should change it to "Soggy Sneakers" or "Rain Running."

*The weather in Seattle area is supposed to be nice this weekend. 11 miles for me tomorrow. I hope it is clear and wind free for the Bloggy runners who have races.



Janice {Run Far} said...

Sometimes I am amazed at the amount of things that go through my little brain in such a short time. Being a women/mom/wife I feel like I have to move from one thing to the next just as quickly as possible, maybe that is why I think through things so fast.

Being Robinson said...

I like your blog name, sometimes I can't remember who's blog is who's because the names are so similar, yours stands out in my mind because it's UNIQUE! Just my opinion though. :) Good Luck on your 11 tomorrow.

Felice Devine said...

I like your blog name, too!

Have a good run tomorrow.

Aron said...

have a great run this weekend!!

i am hungry alllll the time too!

Rookie on the Run said...

I like your blog name... I remember the name and can connect you to it.

That is such a blessing to be able to keep your boys home... kudos to you and your husband for making that work!

Have a great weekend!