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Thursday, April 16, 2009

To run or not to run...

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Stats 4/16:
5.01 miles
Time- 39:36
7:54 pace (7:37 and 8:11 splits)
Low energy, head cold, sunny day, solo run on river trail.

To run or not to run? That is the question… Most of us chose to answer "Yes" nearly every day. I was TORN today! I have been fighting a cold/allergies mucus and congested head for about a week. I was TIRED and my runny buddy was gone. I looked out the office window and saw sun….wait SUN?? That was my answer. I am guessing that part of my gunk could be caused by my less than smart choices with the weather recently (see post "Really?"). I am too determined to stay with my plan to let a nice day sneak by without hitting the pavement.

I set out with Kelly Clarkson and KT Tunstall to keep me company. Internal goal, you know how I love those, less than 8 minute mile pace. As I passed an older guy run/walking on the trail, I felt a sudden urge to walk. Wait walk?? I have not felt that urge for a while. I realized maybe I was going a little too fast for my current state of sickliness.

Out and back, nothing much to report. I am still getting used to my insoles and am very sure that I will take them out for my 11 miler on Saturday…my feet miss my old shoes :( I kept thinking about getting back to the office and EATING. I had leftover lentil soup that hubby concocted…YUM!! And I was craving an Odwalla Strawberry C, I am a lazy smoothie lover..

When I plugged in I was pumped to see 7:54 pace!!! That is my fastest 5 miler yet, PR baby. Hmm what could I do if I wasn't sick? Geeez, have you ever met anyone more self-competitive, I am crazed…


Rookie on the Run said...

Great run! You run fast, chica.

Sorry to read you're fighting the head cold thing. I always get so physically drained when my body is fighting sinus stuff.

I'm glad the sun was shining for you today (and Kelly & KT). :)

Felice Devine said...

That is FAST! Way to go!!

J said...

Great job on the run! I know that with the sun I have felt more motivated to run and have actually felt better during my workouts!

Being Robinson said...

WOW you are amazing. I hope to be as speedy as you one day. I'm finding I can't work on speed and endurance at the same time without getting hurt. BOO for being old and scrawny :)