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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sun run with the Boys

Stats 4/6:
3.05 miles
8:50 pace
Sunny day, run with the boys, hills and pushing the double jogger.

I work from home on Mondays and since hubby is the CEO of the household (stay-at-home Dad) lunch time is our family workout time. The sun was out in full force so we loaded the boys in the double jogger (their combined weight is over 80 pounds, we grow them BIG). I NEED to get some hill training in so I told the hubs that I would push the boys up any inclines, he quickly agreed.

Mid way through the run in a development that has not been built on yet, there are a lot of those in Puyallup, I found a hill great for "repeats". The boys stayed at the bottom to rest and drink and I went up. I am painfully slow at hills, but more practice like this and I will be a champ! I have found my new training plan for Mondays HILLS. My photog snapped a few choice shots, I look crazy while running. The hill of death nearly killed me at the end while pushing my little linemen, but we made it. This is the last week of EASY on my plan no more 3 milers..

My motley crew, it was SUNNY!
The new training hill. It is .15 and a great incline.
I did it twice, I am thinking I will try to do it 4 times or more to get over my hill phobia. After all Seattle is not FLAT AT ALL!!
Close up Pony tail wagging. Hey I see sunlight between my thighs, when did that happen??


Being Robinson said...

YAY! I love the pictures, you have such a sweet family, you are so blessed!! Nice time too, especially pushing the stroller, total rockstar. I laughed my a$$ off at the "hill of death" comment. It is flatter than flat here, but there is a man made 'hill' at the big park where we often run, we have deemed it the hill of death. I plan to take pics and blog about it this week! So funny!

Rookie on the Run said...

What a cute family you have! Your boys are adorable. I love the big trees in your area... beautiful!

Are you planning to run in the Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon??

Great pictures! You look like a happy runner!

Jill said...

Look how skinny you are! Nice job on meeting your goal weight...so exciting.