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Monday, April 13, 2009


Stats 4/13:
3.5 miles
Time- 30:05
8:36 pace
HILLS, WIND, HAIL, RAIN, pushing jogging stroller with muscle man to get our boys out of the rain.

Curious why I looked so enthused after my run... Read on...

I work from home on Mondays. If the weather is 'nice' I have 3 training partners during my lunch hour (muscle man and the boys). Today the weather was 'OK' so we set out. I planned to use Mondays for a combo of speed and hill training, I make this stuff up as I go. My idea was to run with the boys to my training hill, do a few up and backs while they walked around, and run home together. Four miles total, no problem.

When we started out hubby saw a BIG dark cloud looming to the North, hmmmm. The rain cover in place with the boys content watching the Dora dvd Easton got for Easter. It seemed like the clouds were moving the opposite direction, so we continued. We traded off pushing the jogger and the WIND. WOW!! The resistance against the stroller was like fighting Arnold. Once we got to the bottom of the training hill I started up, SLOWLY, man I suck. I thought "I suck at hills!" over and over and over in my head....hey maybe that is why I suck...note to self change internal thought process about hills. As I approached the bottom and headed back up I got pelted with HAIL spears. OUCH!! Really? Wind, hills and hail? The hail started to come down harder mixed with a freezing downpour of RAIN. What am I doing out in this and with my kids no less? Not one of my finer moments in parenting.

I got to the top where muscle man had walked the kids up to see the "big yellow backhoe" and I said "Lets get out of here." He must have gotten his second wind from the brief walk because he was fast!!! For someone who claims not to run, my hubby made the next hill his bi---. IMPRESSIVE! I was lagging behind and I was not pushing 80lbs of kid and stroller. Pretty sure that adrenalin and Daddy protective power pushed him to the summit.

Next up hill of death...AGAIN.. By this point we were soaked, cold and DONE...but I made it, brief rest and stride to home plate. We could see our breath and were sure is was colder than the 47' the weatherman predicted. Easton had fallen asleep, babies are funny, so I took off my soaked jacket so I could take him to his crib. Below is my attitude after our run. Just another day in lovely Western Washington.

This was the shirt under my jacket, you should have seen my jacket. My visor was raining drops when I got inside.


Being Robinson said...

You get mad props for running up HILL in the HAIL and freezing rain... like a story a grandparent would tell you. ;) Nice work! Quite impressive.

RunToTheFinish said...

man i was just considering skipping my group run because it might rain.. and here you are with hail..dude I am a wimp

Ashley said...

Aaaaahhhhh, I am sooooo LOLing AND feeling bad for you at the same time!!! That totally sucks and sounds scary...but I can see it now: "One time I was pushing you guys uphill, BOTH WAYS, in the rain, and the hail!!!!...." You're pretty much a bad @$$ with a story like that!

By the way, I officially TAGGED YOU!!! Go check my blog! ;)

Rookie on the Run said...

I was laughing about "Not one of my finer moments in parenting." I have had several of those moments, myself!

What a funny story! Funny now, but I'm sure it wasn't funny then. It sounds like it was pretty miserable at the time. :D

Your husband is Super Dad! And how great that he runs with you while pushing the stroller.