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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On the Run- Hawaii Style

Stats for 4/23:
6.01 miles
Run/Walk from Waikiki to Diamond Head

After our leisurely 4 miler I convinced muscle man that it would be fun to run from our hotel, the Waikiki Beach Marriott, to Diamond Head (Click here for info). So we set out planning to run to the entrance and walk quickly up the trail. It was a BLAST!! Hubby even enjoyed it. At one point we were passing a man with his young son and the man said "Hey those are the people we saw running from Waikiki." Instant respect!! Being in shape on vacation is a blessing!! This hike was so enjoyable, when in past years I would have been huffing and puffing. I even sprinted up a long stair case. Below are some of the photos from the day. It rained the last mile but even that felt good.

I was slated to run 4 days while I Hawaii, we accomplished 2, not too bad...considering we spent Saturday in the hospital while my hubby got his lip stitched up and neck x-rays....long story short we were boogie boarding in someplace we should not have been..

I will post about my "Return from Paradise Half Marathon" tonight (Thanks to Sara, aka Rookie on the Run, for the name).

This was a struggle for a 6 footer, I bumped my head on the way up... NOT GRACEFUL!! I blamed it on my visor.
He was tired but kept his smile and a great spirit
The view of Waikiki
Me and my hubby!!
This staircase made me think of something from LOST
What goes up must go down..

Above my head you can see the trails that we took to the top.
I DO NOT LIKE running through tunnels.. I sprinted until we were out.
Our 6 miles ended near the entrance to the Honolulu Zoo, it RAINED the last mile but felt refreshing. My shirt was SOAKED....with rain and sweat. Hubby kept talking about how much fun he had and the accomplishment of running from our hotel. Hmmmm....maybe I am getting him addicted....doubt it, but I can wish..


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Great pics! That looks so fun... I think that the tunnels would get me sprinting too LOL

J said...

That is so great you two went running together! And in such a beautiful place! Love the pictures - such a gorgeous view!