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Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Stuff

After my successful run yesterday I went SHOPPING!! (No matter how tired I am, I can always find the energy to shop) And I was super successful. As a TALL female my level of success in the "Normal" departments can be limited. Yesterday I scored at Nordstrom rack buying a suit for work worth $268 for $28!!! It is black and fits perfect... OK that has nothing to do with running but I just had to boast.

As I rounded the mall I hoped to find new headphones for my Ipod, mine keep falling out on the run..ANNOYING! The guy at Sports Authority said that the Skull Candy Chops would work well so I bought a pair....time will tell, hopefully I chose correctly. I also bought 2 types of Gu (well not Gu brand) and some energy Jelly beans. I am EXCITED to test the items in Hawaii next week. I have mentally committed to complete my 12 miler and shorter runs while on my vacation. I think that the time change may be in my favor.

There was a Brooks Outlet store, I passed up on a couple tank tops and running skirts, which I will return to buy on my way home tomorrow. Totally necessary for vacation!! LOL. I wish I had time to hit Fleet Feet and buy a fuel belt, the temperature change may zap me.

Be sure to comment and enter my Pretty in Pink giveaway... Winner will be chosen tomorrow. Does anyone know if Boston will be on TV? I would LOVE to watch...


Mel-2nd Chances said...

not sure it's on TV, but it's supposed to be streamed on the 'net wbztv.com/bostonmarathon

great scores on the shopping! :D

Rookie on the Run said...

You should rent yourself out as a personal shopper. That Nordstrom Rack deal was amazing!

J said...

I know Boston is being shown online but i dont think its on TV. check out runners lounge, they have the links. http://blog.runnerslounge.com/

I love shopping too, I am not as tall as you but I still have trouble finding clothes that fit right and look good! Finding bargins is the best!!

RunToTheFinish said...

Here is where I'm watching boston: http://www.universalsports.com/mediaPlayer/media.dbml?CLIP_ID=110201&_MODE_=EVENT&db_oem_id=23000

and you probably are new to my blog. so originally I had a coach this year and was training to qualify at my marathon in May, but I got injured...so now I just want to finish!!

I'll work towards qualifing though again.

I'm not nearly as tall as you and can't ever find pants!