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Saturday, April 4, 2009

My new Kicks!!

The joys of having a Fleet Feet in Bonney Lake, WA :) After completing a WONDERFUL 9 mile run in the sun, post to come, I committed myself to purchasing new shoes. With a past knee injury, and marathon training mileage increasing, I opted to get fitted by the professionals. Boys and hubby in tow (BAD IDEA) I entered my local mecca. Not a stitch of cotton in sight and all the gear I will want and need the next few months (and Beyond). The co-owner Colleen Morrison helped me through the fit process, which included measuring my feet, running barefoot on a treadmill while being recorded and testing several pairs of shoes in the parking lot. I learned so much in the 55 minutes (that is why it was a bad idea to bring the boys). Colleen is a wealth of knowledge, I could probably go to the store just to chat with her, yes I am a rookie and I am NOT afraid to ask questions, even stupid ones. My new shoes are sooo pretty it will be tough wearing them in the rain and mud, thankfully the forecast the next few days says SUN....

Final Purchases:
I will spare you the prices, generally I am a bargain shopper but I went for quality and supporting a local small business.
Asics Gel-Kayano 15 White/Navy/Ice Blue size 10 (Photo soon)
*These shoes are like pillows on my feet, really expensive pillows.
Superfeet Berry Baya insoles
Balega Drynamixx sox
Nike Dryfit t-shirt in blue

And to top it off they have a buyer's award program for every $250 you spend, cumulative over time before tax, you get a $25 gift certificate.

Possible future purchases:
Gu Gel
More socks
Bright yellow Nike Sports bra
Nike spandex shorts with zipper pocket in back
Water belt or water to hand carry
Dryfit hat

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Rookie on the Run said...

I have those exact same shoes... and the same Berry SuperFeet! I love them both! You must be a fellow over-pronating, cushion-loving runner!