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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mud and Hills

Stats 4/14:
4.57 miles
Time- 39:27
8:38 pace
Rain, hills, and soggy muddy trail with Shelby and Tanna.

On my way to meet Shelby for a 4.5 mile run (needed to make up the missed .5 from the debacle Monday, see post "Really?") Tanna (co-worker who has completed 4 marathon including Boston) asked if she could join in. I am never one to say "No", so off we went.

I made the mistake of asking about any "hill runs" around the work campus, so Tanna lead us to "Monster Hill." I know you think I am being dramatic, since I call the hill by my house the "hill of death." Really this is called Monster hill because it is on Monster Road, funny coincidence. So up we went, I felt good and coasted to the top!! Then Tanna said, "Has anyone ever taught you how to go down hills?" I said "No," and she bellowed "You go ask fast as gravity will take you," and took OFF. Hmmmm…my mind said "go slow" but I was totally curious so I went FAST. It was invigorating!! I have been stressing about how I will make up pace on races with hills, I just got my answer. After the hills we journeyed through a back woods dirt trail.

Rain + Washington + Dirt trail= Mud

As hard as I tried to tip toe, my lack of grace and size 10 trompers were mud bound. My BEAUTIFUL, sparkly white, NEW, shoes are covered in brown grossness. Oh well, at least now I don't have to be careful to keep my shoes clean. I wanted to wait for Shelby and ended up pacing with Tanna instead, sorry Shelby!!!

It was a good run for a drizzly rainy day and I am pumped that I found a way to concur "monster" hills. Oh the rain the rain… I know you feel bad for me…I bet you won't feel too bad for me when you know that I will be on a plane with muscle man to Oahu, Hawaii next week?? SO EXCITED!!!


Rookie on the Run said...

My beautiful, new Kayanos turned brown two weeks after I got them... trail run, also. I was sad at first, but like you, I don't feel paranoid to keep them clean anymore.

I'm so jealous that you're going to Hawaii! Is this a kid-free vacation? And you're right... I don't feel too for you!! :)

J said...

I hate getting my shoes dirty! My new ones have little spots of red on them from the track : (
Great job on the run!

tfh said...

Monster Road! That's pretty funny. Great job on the hills and esp. on flying down-- knowing how to do that is definitely an advantage in races!

Being Robinson said...

Ohhh bummer on the new white shoes, I feel your pain! I hate that.

No sympathy at all knowing you are going to Hawaii, but have fun. I'm jealous!