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Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday- You Know you are a Runner when..

A bright blue dry-fit shirt is a must-have for Spring.
Total impulse buy and I nearly bought shorts to match. Wow was this shirt comfy on a 65' day and bonus it matches my shoes. Some runners are hardcore, I am tough with a little style mixed in. Gotta be a girl :)
You take photos of your shoes.
Never in my life did I take a photo of my basketball shoes. And yet on the debut of my new running shoes I snapped a shot. So pretty and white, not for long!!

You connect with running commercials.
Emotions ranging from crying, to pride to "Where can I get that outfit?". I am IN LOVE with the Nike "Believe in the Run Campaign" and will DVR the commercials when they come on so I can watch them over and over.

You post photos of yourself in spandex and with no makeup on your Blog and Facebook. (Oh and you post photos of your BF too, sorry Charity).
This is the full version of the Victory photo, see Mount Rainier in the background. AWESOME!!
My Best Friend Charity who is always willing to come along for the "ride." In high school she guilted me into running the 4x200 relay. Payback, she gets to be my relay buddy bike-style with much further to go than 200yards..
I love out and backs...there is something about making it half way.
Spring trees in bloom and away I go. EASY 9 on a level trail. I gotta get going on hills, but WOW do I LOVE flat runs..


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Rookie on the Run said...

Fun pictures! It looks beautiful where you run (and live). I've never seen those Nike commercials... but then, if they aren't aired during Sponge Bob and iCarly, I'm not likely to see them!

Love the blue shirt & that it matches your shoes!! Don't you just love the shoe-laces on your Kayanos???