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Friday, April 10, 2009

Last 3 on to 10...

Stats for 4/9:
3.03 miles
8:25 pace (8:19 and 8:30 splits)
Nice temperature run with Shelby

After a peaceful, and comfortable run I decided that I prefer the temperature to be in the 60's. As much as I like the sun, the cloud cover with no rain or wind is ideal. This was the LAST 3 miler on my plan. Which is OK. It takes me more time to get undressed and dressed than it does to run 3 miles. I planned to up the pace today, but opted to stay with my partner. As much as my mind said "Run Faster! Go! Go!," in the long run (LOL) helping my partner through a "Tired" day is more important.

I wore my new insoles, I was a bit nervous, but I REALLY liked the feel. Again I wish that my Garmin had a camera. The Photographer inside cries when I see beautiful "postcard quality images" on the run. The Cherry Blossoms trees were in full bloom today, GLORIOUS!!

I am feeling under the weather with a sore throat and the cold gunk that is going around, might be allergies, who knows?? Thankfully running seems to help me kick the crud faster. My little guys are sick too, along with every other kid, man are those Doctor offices packed.

I was in Bonney Lake last night visiting my family to die Easter Eggs. I was sooo tempted to jaunt into Fleet Feet and buy the spandex shorts I have been coveting , but I resisted temptation. Soon I will NEED them ;) 10 miles on Saturday! This will be my first EVER double digit run, wish me luck!!

Rookie question: Should I start trying out GU packs and water carriers now or wait for my longer runs?


RunToTheFinish said...

ohh good luck tomorrow!! I will be thinking of you as I am back to my first double digit since recovery

RunToTheFinish said...

I'm not a gu fan until I get over 2 hours of running

Velma said...

I guess it is a personal thing, but I GU every 5 miles in runs longer than 10. I would get used to carrying water now. That way, you can figure out what works before the runs get really long.

Thanks for your comments on my blog - very helpfuL!