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Friday, April 3, 2009

Eating and swearing in the rain

Stats for 4/2:
3.01 miles
7:48 pace (7:33 and 8:03 splits)
Rain and sore gut

Generally I use the word Monkey in place of superlatives that I don't want to utter in front of my children. For example "What the Monkey!" would be shouted at the idiot changing lanes nearly taking out my front bumper. Today on my run I found a new one… "Oh Sh--!" Will now be replaced with "Oh Pizza!!"

Due to powers outside of my control (Mother-in-law's choice) we ate Pizza Hut for dinner. And like a kid in a candy store, I went all out- 2 slices of supreme pizza, cheese sticks dipped in marinara and cinnamon sticks slathered in frosting. I thought for sure the scale Gods would point and laugh this morning. With a weird twist of fate I lost a pound. Hmmmm?? I do not get my weight fluctuation AT ALL.

Today I waited for Shelby but her meeting ran late, SAD :(. A quick trip back to my desk to get my Ipod, and a lovely compliment from Tish "Wow you look so cute in your running gear, you have gotten so skinny!" Confidence boosted!! With rain/snow dripping on my Garmin and Miley Cyrus (yes I am that cool) blaring from my Ipod I was OFF! Internal goal 7:30 pace. Why? Because I like to torture myself… at .43 I felt like I got hit with a greasy-dough-bullet right in the gut. Could have been the pizza or maybe the abs workout my bikini taunted me into?? Either way OUCH!! "Oh Pizza this hurts!!"

The rain continued and it was the kind of rain that hits you in the face. I thought of the Forrest Gump rain montage, a quick smile and I was back to my pain. A co-worker walked on the path with her dog carrying her umbrella. Hmmm…my soggy pony tail will look lovely when I return to the office. Power through and sprint to the finish. Three miles feels so fast... I saw Shelby about to start her run…a quick hug and chat about our running plan for next week and it was her turn to play in the rain.

My Angel co-worker Beth offered to pick up Thai food. How could the chubby girl inside resist? I knew at the end of my run I would have a tasty lunch (indulgent I know). This weekend I have an 8 miler in the plan, last time I ran 8 miles I burned over 1,200 calories. Holy Pad Thai!! That does not quite work, oh well I tried.

Here's to cheating, eating good food….and leaving the calories on the pavement!!!

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