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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Double Digits

Stats 4/11:
10.01 Miles
Time- 1:23:36
8:20 pace (8:16 and 8:25 pace)
Stuffed-up head and cold, run on the Orting trail with Charity.

Eats for the Run:
Dinner: Pizza with wheat crust, ground turkey and olives.
Snack: Special K Red Berries
Breakfast: Wheat Bagel w/ Strawberry cream cheese, coffee w/ Vanilla creamer, ½ Luna Bar, ½ bottle water, and Red Bull
Other: Tylenol cold/decongestant and Excedrin

On the weekends hubby lets me sleep in (LOVE HIM). Unfortunatly this morning I was raring to go at 7:15AM. We had plans to take the boys to a local Egg Hunt at my alma mater Sumner High School, followed by 10 miles on the Orting trail with Charity. I couldn't sleep because I was STARVING, running does that to me, and because I was EXCITED. Excited for running 10 miles, I must be CRAZY (If I am crazy I am in good company).

Still trying to kick my cold, I took a Tylenol cold/sinus so I could breethe…the pill made me tired. So I took a couple Excedrin for the sinus headache and for energy, also downed a Red Bull. OK, you are all probably thinking, WHAT? I am a former college athlete, AKA pill popping persistently performing post power-drink (LOL) I know what to do to get the engine running for optimum performance.

My run was AWESOME. Loved 10 miles! Weather man called for rain, we had a dry trail with a lovely temperature. I was low energy the first half, probably due to the cold, the second 5 I felt a surge. Could have been the 4 runner guys who passed, I did the courtesy runner wave and once we were out of ear shot Charity said “You just got undressed.” I said “What?” I had taken off my undershirt at the half way point but there was no way this group had seen my in my Nike sports bra glory (hehehe). She explained “You just got looked up and down and undressed by that entire group.” I laughed and said, “WHATEVER!!” I am very sure that the guys were focused on their run and not checking me out, but I took her thought as a compliment and sped up a bit.

It was a blessing to have my BFF on the bike by my side. There is never a shortage of conversation, today we didn’t plug into the Ipods at all. Charity talked about starting a 5K training plan and buying some biking gear, this exercise stuff in infectious. My (our) first double digit run (bike) down and I am going to reward my efforts with….Registering for the Capital City ½ Marathon in Olympia on May 17th.. YIPPEE!! I will run my first 1/2 Marathon less than a month before I turn 30.

On the ride home I drank a Powerade and ate the other ½ of my Luna bar. When I got home I felt DEPLETED and ended up eating macaroni and cheese with the boys. Think I should have gone a bit easier on my stomach. Chalk it up to being a Rookie, OUCH!!

Egg hunt...well Tootsie roll and old McDonald Toys hunt.. Darn economy..

Spring is here and the trail is turning GREEN
Note the pink nails.. I was sweaty today at 1/2 way

My BFF since 10th grade

Not the victory pose of last week, but hey I made it.

Just after I got home hubby went to check the mail and dun dun dun… My winning goodies from Amanda at Run to the Finish arrived. THANK YOU Amanda!! What a fun surprise and sweet timing. My little chocolate buddy (Blaine) grabbed the milk chocolate bar and we split a tasty snack. I am excited to try all of the scrumptious treats. Hubby, the cook in the house, dove right in to the Nutrition book. He is my savior because he has a real interest in nutrition; we have steadily changed our meal plans based on his research.

This kid LOVES Chocolate

The loot

Soooo when good things happen to me I WANT to give back. I have been tossing around some ideas for my first giveaway. Since I have a mini following, you wonderful readers will have a HIGH probability of success. More details mid week, I have to get some ducks in a row.
For now first Double Digit run down and off to register for the ½. LOVE IT!!!


Rookie on the Run said...

Sounds like you are having a GREAT weekend! Congratulations on your double digit run AND for signing up for the HM! My dream is to one day do a HM in the state of Washington... I love Washington.

I had to laugh about the Tootsie-Roll and McDonald's Toy Hunt. The Easter bunny was on a tight budget this year here, also... he even regifted some Christmas gifts the kids forgot about & never opened. ha ha

That goodie-bag looked like a great one! :)

Tall Girl Running said...

I remember the first time I ran double digits in one run... I was riding that high for days afterward! Congratulations on reaching that milestone. Your pace is so impressive, makes me green with envy!

I'm enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work!

Jill said...

Wow, what a great time Mel...that is impressive! CONGRATS on your first 10 miles! I'm so excited you are going to do the 1/2 marathon next month! You are looking great...love your new gear!

RunToTheFinish said...

wow you held a fantastic pace for your first double digit!!! That is wonderful and you are so going to kick butt at that race!

glad you got the package all in one piece, hehe I love sharing!