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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chasing Red-Shorts

Stats for 4/30:
6.00 miles
Time- 48:23

Pace- 8:03
Ran first 1.8 with Shelby, level run, BEAUTIFUL sunny day, slight wind

Enthused from all the WONDERFUL comments from my post this morning :) my work-running-buddy Shelby and I set out...I told her that I was planning to run 6 miles and I would drop her off at mile 4 or 5 depending on what she wanted to do. Shelby is training for the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll half and is a bit shorter than me. I LOVE how hard she tries to keep up with my big-girl strides. We were moving along quickly when she decided she needed to slow or stop. Like a bad training partner I forged ahead, I always feel guilty when I keep going.

Ahead I ran, at times Garmin said 6:38, WHAT??? OK, focus on your pace Mel, GEEEZZZ!! So I continued at great clip and mentally hoped for sub 8min pace. I saw a bird on a log at the river, a helicopter, train, strange looking man in BIG glasses eating a sandwich while walking and a dude talking on the phone dropping f-bombs to the caller while sitting in his repair van CLASSY. My right shin hurt, which was a new pain, so I slowed my pace a bit and it passed. Altogether the run was uneventful....EXCEPT for one thing...

At mile 4ish I saw a man in red shorts ahead of me, his form seemed a bit labored but I figured it was because of his age. My guess he was around 55, so props to him for keeping active. I sped up a bit to pass him unnoticed. My long strides moved gracefully (LOL) as I slid slightly to the left to pass. The tip of my pointy right elbow edged in front of red-shorts-man when he looked (scowled) at me....As if hearing the gun at race starting blocks he TOOK OFF!! I was at about 7:12 pace so he must have increased to 6:30ish....I am all for healthy competition and not wanting to get "Beat by a girl" but really buddy?? Was it worth over-exerting your body and possibly dying? (OK I am being dramatic, for all I know he runs that pace regularly). So I was 50 meters behind red-shorts-man for the next mile and a half. Finally he took a right at an odd spot on the trail across a hotel parking lot.

I was glad to be rid of him, the negative vibe that I got from the brief eye contact was not good. I only hoped that I made the guy's day....and that he was proud of beating the Blue-shirt tall-girl. Like something out of a bad "Where's Waldo?" book I saw him on the overpass!! I swear I could see his Grinch-like grin as he ran above my head.

Oh the fun things we encounter on the trail!! Today I learned that I am competitive...OK I already knew that. I also learned that my insoles feel great! And finally that my body will start to hurt if I run at a pace above what I am meant to run.

New Month tomorrow folks!! May already!!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

LOL, he totally didn't want to get chicked! Great job on the run though :)

RunToTheFinish said...

good golly I want to be that fast!

Rookie on the Run said...

Even when you're trying to be slow, you're FAST!!

The guy in the red shorts probably has a blog posting tonight titled, "I Almost Had a Heart Attack but at Least I Did Not Get Chicked by the Blue-Shirt-Tall-Girl".

Melanie Tait said...

Hello there - I love your blog, it's great!

Isn't it funny how a person can stick in your mind after the briefest moment like that?

That's such a nice way to think of it - hoping you made his day. You probably did - maybe all he had to do was go home and clean his red shorts! Now as he watches the spin cycle, he'll be smiling to himself that he beat the tall fast girl for once :)