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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beauty and Cadence

Stats for 4/18:
11.01 miles
Time- 1:33:20
Pace- 8:28
Sunny, hills, side ache and solo

Dinner: Chicken cordon bleu, multi grain rice and yams. Bud light.
Snack: Special K Red Berries
Breakfast: Wheat Bagel w/ cream cheese and Jam, coffee, water and ½ Red Bull.
Post Run: Turkey Sandwich and rice, G2 blue Gatorade.

Since I would be running in my neighborhood instead of my favorite level trail, we mapped out a route the night before. I had my course and set out. I quickly realized that my compressions shorts were too big (that is what happens when you lose 65lbs) I knew it would not work so I jetted back home and changed (ANNOYING but necessary).

What a BEAUTIFUL day, sunny and not too hot. I felt great with an internal goal to get my 11 miles in 1:30 hours. With the various hills on the route I was not sure I would achieve that goal. The first mile was easy. I drafted a male runner with defined calves. His form was perfect, no sign of pronating. I admired his form and lack of effort, as I sped to keep up. Across the road a well dressed female runner zoomed by at a good clip. I was thinking it would be cool if Garmin watches had the functionality to beam your email address and average pace to other runners…helpful to find a possible training partner (patent pending LOL).

Good form guy dropped off at the stop light and I kept on. My side began to ache around mile 3, pretty sure I was going a little too fast, my first mile I ran 7:34 pace. I slowed and focused on my breathing. I LOVE the symmetry and cadence of the side walk. Each stride hits a line, takes me back to hop scotch in the grocery store. I often get lost in the rhythm of the pavement.

My feet hurt and I could feel a blister forming, guess I should have kept my insoles in, oh well live and learn. The first 8 miles flew by the highlight was running under the cherry tree lined neighborhood, the petals slowly fell and I WISHED I had my camera. Garmin watches should have cameras…as an amateur photographer my heart aches when I see something I cannot capture with my lens. The beauty was soon replaced with the realization that I was approaching HILLS. I planned to have all 3 hills at the end of my run to test my endurance. Not to disappoint each hill has a name.

Mount Doom: A .4 gradual incline with a fire station at the top… Yes I am a Lord of the Rings fan J. As I ran up the hill a song with the words “Shut up and drive” echoed on my Ipod. I took it as a reminder that my hill issues are internal and I quieted my negative thoughts.

Car-Killer Canyon: This .25 steep hill I will forever remember for the day we went on a snow walk. Cars stopped on the hill were stuck and slid back down. This was the slowest part of my run at 10:30 pace as I reached the summit.

Hill of Death the sequel: I was being tricky today so I thought I would take a route to avoid the “Hill of Death” at the end of my run. Little did I know that the Hill of Death is pronged and I must battle the hill no matter which route I take.

Toward the end of the run I realized that we had mapped the route out wrong and I was short 1 full mile!!! (We still have no idea how this happened the car had different mileage than my Garmin?) I had to get creative; luckily we live in cul-de-sac land so I ventured into a couple neighborhoods. I rounded the corner the last .25 and passed a little boy playing with a stick in a storm drain. A few steps later I realized the tiny-legged dude was speeding down the road, racing me!! SOOO FUNNY! He totally passed me and ran to his yard. Maybe I inspired a future runner. What a fun way to end my run. Once I plugged in and saw my time I was pretty happy, just 8 seconds slower per mile than my level run last week…not too shabby!!

Annoyance on the run:
Dodging Dog poop and yogurt (weird!) on the sidewalk
Having a side ache for 2 miles from starting too fast.
Blister and sore feet
Being short on mileage at the end of the run
Ducking to avoid getting hit by branches (dangers of being TALL)

Beauty on the run:
Majestic Mount Rainier and the foothills
Petals falling off of the vibrant pink cherry blossom trees
A young couple walking their infant and puppy
Sun with cool temperature
Little runner boy racing me with enthusiasm
Finishing my longest run yet...11 miles


Rookie on the Run said...

Wow! Congratulations on your longest run! You are doing great!

I, too, hate when I see something picture-worthy and don't have my camera. You do a nice job recreating the picture with your words, though.

Car-Killer Canyon- that is SO funny! I can just picture cars sliding backwards in the snow. The image makes me laugh. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, though. I don't "do" snow.

As always, great blog! I look forward to reading your blogs... they're entertaining!

J said...

Great job on the run! I cant imagine how big the garmin would be if it had a camera!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

what a great description of your run! Planning ahead for my SF Nike race, I bought a small camera to put into my fuel belt. :) Like your hill names!