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Monday, April 27, 2009


ALOHA!! We have returned from the land of waves and suntan lotion. We had an almost totally magical and fun vacation (will explain our bump in the plans later). I did not get in all of my training runs but hubby did join me for a 4 miler and a 6 miler!! Which is the longest he has ever run so big thumbs up to him. I am soooo behind in the Bloggy world, I am unsure how I will ever catch up...one Blog at a time I guess. I will be late commenting in the next few days. For now below are a few photos from our 4 miler the first morning we were in Oahu. What a BEAUTIFUL way to start the day!!!

At the Half way view-point on Diamond Head Ave. Muscle-man was tired. I was in HEAVEN!! If Nike would like to use this photo please contact me and send MONEY.. LOL
I LOVED running by the ocean and wish we would have been able to do it more..

In case you were curious we went to Hawaii for my friend Kiera's wedding, this is a photo from the BBQ the night before, I can clean up pretty nice :) I was DETERMIND to get down to my goal weight and feel comfortable in a bikini before our big trip... Mission accomplished....I gained 5 pounds on vacation. OOPS!!!

We had such a relaxing and wonderful week. Thanks to Mom and Dad for watching the little studs... Back to reality.
Oh I ran 13.1 miles this afternoon for fun.....Post to come soon!!


Rookie on the Run said...

You ran your own Return from Paradise Half Marathon! Woo-hoo!

Looks like you had a great time & how nice to be able to go off on a kid-free vacation.

You DO clean up nicely... very pretty! I love the braids, too. :D Oh, and the Corona looks yummy!

It's great to have you back!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

welcome back, awesome pics!

J said...

13.1 miles for fun! Great job! Looks like a great time in Hawaii!

RunToTheFinish said...

so jealous!! fabu place to run and way to go on getting hubby out there

Anonymous said...

Great idea to run a half after a vaca. Looks like it was a beautiful one!

Velma said...