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Saturday, April 4, 2009

8 for Kate

Stats for 4/4:
9.01 miles
8:12 pace (8:20 and 8:04 splits)
Orting trail with Charity on Bike

Eats for the Run:
Dinner: Chicken Enchiladas
Snack: Special K Red Berries
Breakfast: Wheat bagel w/ strawberry cream cheese, coffee w/ vanilla creamer, 1/2 bottle of water and a chocolate covered coffee bean.
I decided to log my food because I need to learn how my body responds to various types of fuel.

My plan for today was to run 8 miles on the Orting trail with my best friend Charity riding her bike next to me. The SUN was out and it was perfect. As we parked and stretched a man slowly approached and looked beat, I love to talk with and wave at fellow runners so I chatted with him, he had run 18 miles!! That will be me soon. So we set off, the run was peaceful lots of fun small talk with Charity. When we were approaching the half way point (I like out and backs) I thought about the purpose for my run...

Today I was running for my friend Katie, she had surgery to repair her left knee ACL a few weeks back. I have more than empathy for her, so I wanted to dedicate my mileage to her, to prove to her that knee surgery is NOT the end of being "athletic". 8 for Kate...so why did I run 9? Katie's brother Danny was killed in a snowmobiling accident a few years back, Danny's birthday was yesterday. Although I never knew Danny, I know and love his family and widow Nancy. How could I turn around and not run for Danny too? I couldn't!!! One mile for DT. It may not mean much in the grand scheme, but it is my way of giving my friend a minute to think of something other than her mental and physical pain....I LOVE YOU KT!!

Details of the run bullet point style.

Watching a duck dive in the river
The countless people who smiled and waved
SUN (Thank you DT)
Passing an old man who walk/ran and was proud to say he was training for a marathon
Chatting with Charity
Seeing a group of Harleys on the nearby road

Smelling the cow fields
Nearly choking on the smoke from a fire pile

AND I AM TOTALLY HAPPY WITH MY PACE.. My internal goal was 8:23, I don't always meet my internal goals, today I crushed it and the second half was even faster.. AWESOME. And no pain!! Love it give me more...

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Great work and nice idea for your friend.