6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chasing Red-Shorts

Stats for 4/30:
6.00 miles
Time- 48:23

Pace- 8:03
Ran first 1.8 with Shelby, level run, BEAUTIFUL sunny day, slight wind

Enthused from all the WONDERFUL comments from my post this morning :) my work-running-buddy Shelby and I set out...I told her that I was planning to run 6 miles and I would drop her off at mile 4 or 5 depending on what she wanted to do. Shelby is training for the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll half and is a bit shorter than me. I LOVE how hard she tries to keep up with my big-girl strides. We were moving along quickly when she decided she needed to slow or stop. Like a bad training partner I forged ahead, I always feel guilty when I keep going.

Ahead I ran, at times Garmin said 6:38, WHAT??? OK, focus on your pace Mel, GEEEZZZ!! So I continued at great clip and mentally hoped for sub 8min pace. I saw a bird on a log at the river, a helicopter, train, strange looking man in BIG glasses eating a sandwich while walking and a dude talking on the phone dropping f-bombs to the caller while sitting in his repair van CLASSY. My right shin hurt, which was a new pain, so I slowed my pace a bit and it passed. Altogether the run was uneventful....EXCEPT for one thing...

At mile 4ish I saw a man in red shorts ahead of me, his form seemed a bit labored but I figured it was because of his age. My guess he was around 55, so props to him for keeping active. I sped up a bit to pass him unnoticed. My long strides moved gracefully (LOL) as I slid slightly to the left to pass. The tip of my pointy right elbow edged in front of red-shorts-man when he looked (scowled) at me....As if hearing the gun at race starting blocks he TOOK OFF!! I was at about 7:12 pace so he must have increased to 6:30ish....I am all for healthy competition and not wanting to get "Beat by a girl" but really buddy?? Was it worth over-exerting your body and possibly dying? (OK I am being dramatic, for all I know he runs that pace regularly). So I was 50 meters behind red-shorts-man for the next mile and a half. Finally he took a right at an odd spot on the trail across a hotel parking lot.

I was glad to be rid of him, the negative vibe that I got from the brief eye contact was not good. I only hoped that I made the guy's day....and that he was proud of beating the Blue-shirt tall-girl. Like something out of a bad "Where's Waldo?" book I saw him on the overpass!! I swear I could see his Grinch-like grin as he ran above my head.

Oh the fun things we encounter on the trail!! Today I learned that I am competitive...OK I already knew that. I also learned that my insoles feel great! And finally that my body will start to hurt if I run at a pace above what I am meant to run.

New Month tomorrow folks!! May already!!

TIART- Time=Balance

The theme this week at the Runner's Lounge Take it and Run Thursday is TIME and BALANCE.

There are SEVERAL things in my life that I balance...I wear so many hats that there are days when I feel like my head will fall off (Sorry bad metaphor). What I have discovered through becoming a 'Runner' is that running gives me the balance that I need.

Yes there are days when I feel guilty that I am leaving my boys and husband for an hour++ to bond with the pavement. Yes I do not always feel pretty or professional at work after sweating for an hour on my lunch break. Yes I give up lunches with my sister because I do not want to miss my training mileage. BUT....What I gain is so much more.

I am an ATHLETE....have been my whole life. I NEED a release of my overactive competitiveness. I NEED to have goals and something to work toward. I NEED something that is just for me, a place where I can have my stats and feel pride for what I have accomplished.

Running has been my answer, my escape, my wonderful aide to my health, fitness and re-discovered confidence in my body and myself. I am a better, Mom, Wife, Friend, Co-worker, etc...because I run. I balance lunch breaks and Saturday mornings because it is what makes me a happier and healthier person. In the end the TIME that I spend creates the BALANCE that I crave in my life.
There is ALWAYS time to cuddle, especially when you are tired after a LONG run.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rest is Gr8

Stats for 4/28
4.01 miles
Time- 35:59
Pace- 8:59
Run with Shelby, sore knees from running 13 miles the day before.

I DO NOT like to miss the runs on my training plan, so with high hopes of making up the 4 miler I missed on vacation, I set out with Shelby by my side. I QUICKLY realized why my training plan gives a day of rest after a LONG run...I felt great while running the 13 miles, but could feel my knees ache the next day. Thankfully Shelby did not mind slowing the pace, the weather was mild and we only had to do 4 miles. Easy run and CHECK!! I will take today OFF and not stress about making up any mileage.

I have seen the 8's going around a few Blogs and it looked like fun so here goes (Sorry no fun photos or anything I am a little short on time today).

I am sad to be done with vacation, but very happy to be back to the Bloggy world :)

8 Things to which I am looking forward:
1. Capital City half Marathon May 17th
2. Mother's Day
3. Work trip to Vancouver, CA on June 6th
4. My 30th birthday on June 14th
5. Rock 'n' Roll Seattle on June 27th
6. Our 6th Anniversary on August 2nd
7. Printing my Hawaii photos and putting together a scrap book
8. Spending time with, and taking photos of, my family and closest friends

8 Things I did yesterday (filled this out on 4/28)
1. Unpacked from vacation
2. Ran 13.1 miles
3. Blogged and tried to catch up on commenting
4. Held my 15 month old son Easton for hours
5. Did the dishes
6. Packed my lunch for work
7. Pretended the couch cushions were a Motor home with my 3 year old son Blaine
8. Went to my parents and gave them their "Thank you for watching the boys" Hawaii souvenirs

8 Things I wish I could do/I want to do
1. Fix my friend Katie's knee
2. Help solve fertility issues for those who are ready, and should be, parents
3. Have the cupid ability to help others find their sole mate
4. Snap my fingers and go wherever in the world that we want with all of our stuff packed and all the money we would need to truly enjoy the trip. Then Snap and be home with everything put away and no money or time lost.
5. Be able to watch any moment in my life over by simply thinking about it and having it appear on my TV. (I have a horrible memory and it would be to go back)
6. Have a DAUGHTER
7. Work from home doing what I love with the people I love
8. Raise my boys to be strong, independent, smart and wonderful people.

8 Shows I watch
2. The Biggest Loser
3. The Office
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. Ghost Whisperer
6. Project Runway
7. Big Bang Theory
8. World's Strongest man competitions.. LOL


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Return from Paradise Half Marathon

Stats for 4/27:
13.1 miles
Time- 1:51:42
Pace- 8:31
Mild temperature, hilly run in my neighborhood, from Mount Doom to Sunrise Fountain.

The "Return from Paradise Half Marathon" (as my Bloggy running buddy Sara aka Rookie on the Run called it) started as a 12 miler. The 12 miler that I did not do in Hawaii because I was doting on hubby who was recovering from a boogie boarding accident. I was TIRED from traveling the day before, staying up late, unpacking, dishes, laundry and playing with the boys.. I had taken the day off from work to recover, relax and reconnect with my boys after vacation…LOL…how does a runner relax? I hugged my little guy and started out the door, he cried as I left, he missed me a whole lot and wanted to be held all day. The loving attention was WONDERFUL, but there was no way I was going to push his little 30 pound self around on my run.

Out I went and the rest was a blur…my post-vacation brain is in recovery mode so I am going to do a bullet point run recap:

-Started with Mount Doom, which is getting easier, especially when I do it at the beginning of my run.
-My cotton Run Girl t-shirt was a little hot, cotton really does not breathe well...it is cute but I doubt I will be able to wear it to run as the temps rise.

-I HATE stopping to cars, cross-walks, etc.. This run had a few major road crossings so I will probably not repeat it. Messes with my pace and just BUGS me!!

-My Ipod was in full force with Jordan Sparks and my other American Idol buddies, yes I am that COOL!! My new Skulcandy headphones were GREAT...totally recommend them.

-When Womanizer came on I imagined Brittany Spears trying to run a half marathon in full makeup, big hair and a short skirt…the image made me chuckle.

-I love the smell of grass, but not when I am running, it is not as bad as cigarette smoke, but it is VERY hard to breathe for me.

-The Scotch broom is about to bloom, I am allergic, UMMMM YUCK!! I am not looking forward to the results of a long run near the yellow bushes.

-I ran past a pack of high schoolers in PE class (I guess that it what is was) they were walking slowly down the road. I ran past at about 7:30 pace, because I could…LOL

-When I was approaching my half way turn around point I decided to go a bit further and make it a full 13.1. I don't like to turn around at random spots, I am weird like that.. So since I was not to the pretty fountain in the "Sunrise" neighborhood I decided to keep going..

-My knee twinged a little and my arch on my left foot hurt a bit, but all in all I felt great body wise.. I never felt out of breath or overly fatigued.

-I carried a water bottle for the first time…NOT FOR ME…I am going to look into a fuel belt this week. Any recommendations? I want one where the bottles are small and mount in back. Fleet Feet here I come...

-I had a few energy jelly beans before I went, love those!!

-My time was a bit slower than I hoped (wanted 1:50 flat to be on Boston pace), I am guessing in a race with no stopping for cars and the added adrenalin will get me there.

-REALIZATION: Pretty sure that I am going to change my registration from a 1/2 to a full in June… The final decision will be made this weekend. My body is responding so well to the training thus far that this goal seems reachable.. Hard to believe that I have now run the distance of a half marathon!!!

On the Run- Hawaii Style

Stats for 4/23:
6.01 miles
Run/Walk from Waikiki to Diamond Head

After our leisurely 4 miler I convinced muscle man that it would be fun to run from our hotel, the Waikiki Beach Marriott, to Diamond Head (Click here for info). So we set out planning to run to the entrance and walk quickly up the trail. It was a BLAST!! Hubby even enjoyed it. At one point we were passing a man with his young son and the man said "Hey those are the people we saw running from Waikiki." Instant respect!! Being in shape on vacation is a blessing!! This hike was so enjoyable, when in past years I would have been huffing and puffing. I even sprinted up a long stair case. Below are some of the photos from the day. It rained the last mile but even that felt good.

I was slated to run 4 days while I Hawaii, we accomplished 2, not too bad...considering we spent Saturday in the hospital while my hubby got his lip stitched up and neck x-rays....long story short we were boogie boarding in someplace we should not have been..

I will post about my "Return from Paradise Half Marathon" tonight (Thanks to Sara, aka Rookie on the Run, for the name).

This was a struggle for a 6 footer, I bumped my head on the way up... NOT GRACEFUL!! I blamed it on my visor.
He was tired but kept his smile and a great spirit
The view of Waikiki
Me and my hubby!!
This staircase made me think of something from LOST
What goes up must go down..

Above my head you can see the trails that we took to the top.
I DO NOT LIKE running through tunnels.. I sprinted until we were out.
Our 6 miles ended near the entrance to the Honolulu Zoo, it RAINED the last mile but felt refreshing. My shirt was SOAKED....with rain and sweat. Hubby kept talking about how much fun he had and the accomplishment of running from our hotel. Hmmmm....maybe I am getting him addicted....doubt it, but I can wish..

Monday, April 27, 2009


ALOHA!! We have returned from the land of waves and suntan lotion. We had an almost totally magical and fun vacation (will explain our bump in the plans later). I did not get in all of my training runs but hubby did join me for a 4 miler and a 6 miler!! Which is the longest he has ever run so big thumbs up to him. I am soooo behind in the Bloggy world, I am unsure how I will ever catch up...one Blog at a time I guess. I will be late commenting in the next few days. For now below are a few photos from our 4 miler the first morning we were in Oahu. What a BEAUTIFUL way to start the day!!!

At the Half way view-point on Diamond Head Ave. Muscle-man was tired. I was in HEAVEN!! If Nike would like to use this photo please contact me and send MONEY.. LOL
I LOVED running by the ocean and wish we would have been able to do it more..

In case you were curious we went to Hawaii for my friend Kiera's wedding, this is a photo from the BBQ the night before, I can clean up pretty nice :) I was DETERMIND to get down to my goal weight and feel comfortable in a bikini before our big trip... Mission accomplished....I gained 5 pounds on vacation. OOPS!!!

We had such a relaxing and wonderful week. Thanks to Mom and Dad for watching the little studs... Back to reality.
Oh I ran 13.1 miles this afternoon for fun.....Post to come soon!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Keep your eye on the Hoop

In college I always had favorite sayings...words I would read to re-energize and help me focus. Poems, quotes, books, cereal boxes, you get the idea... Often we get lost in our own heads so deep that we cannot find a way out. The mind is strong, it is amazing what you can accomplish with will power and positive thinking. I have been through injuries, sickness, bad games, slow and painful running, I have been overweight, out of shape and just plain out of it totally... I am at my best when my mind and body work together toward a positive outcome... Anyhow it is late and I have a plane to catch tomorrow...now I am truly going on vacation..but not until I leave you with this.

"What really matters is what you do with what you have."
Shirley Lord

I am not the most athletic person in the world,
inside I believe I am and that makes all the difference.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Off to Paradise

I will be out of Bloggy land for a few days. Off to use my new camera lens...THANK you Mom and Dad for the early birthday present!! I am soooooo excited to capture the beauty of the island and the bride Kiera :)

WE are about to leave the boys for the night...I am nervous but I know they will be in good hands. On a flight tomorrow...I will post as time permits.

Off to RUN in paradise

I will be out of Blog land for a few days, I have no idea what the hotel in Oahu will have as far as Internet...And I need to focus on muscle man for a few uninterrupted days. Our plan is to run in the morning and I WILL get my 12 miler in next weekend. I am VERY excited to run with the waves and beauty of the island.

I wish you all health and luck in your upcoming runs..

Leaving on a jet plan tomorrow....

You say you NEVER win...

After a very official drawing (Dad pulled a piece of paper out of a Scooby Doo bowl) the Pretty In Pink Giveaway the winner is:

The funniest thing in the comment to enter she wrote "I never win anything." I am happy to say that your luck has change pretty lady!! And I hope you can kick the gunk in T-Minus 4 days until your marathon... I will be in touch soon to get your info.

FYI if you are interested in purchasing one of the breast cancer bracelets please let me know. My mother-in-law sells them for $10 with a portion of the proceeds going to breast cancer research.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Stuff

After my successful run yesterday I went SHOPPING!! (No matter how tired I am, I can always find the energy to shop) And I was super successful. As a TALL female my level of success in the "Normal" departments can be limited. Yesterday I scored at Nordstrom rack buying a suit for work worth $268 for $28!!! It is black and fits perfect... OK that has nothing to do with running but I just had to boast.

As I rounded the mall I hoped to find new headphones for my Ipod, mine keep falling out on the run..ANNOYING! The guy at Sports Authority said that the Skull Candy Chops would work well so I bought a pair....time will tell, hopefully I chose correctly. I also bought 2 types of Gu (well not Gu brand) and some energy Jelly beans. I am EXCITED to test the items in Hawaii next week. I have mentally committed to complete my 12 miler and shorter runs while on my vacation. I think that the time change may be in my favor.

There was a Brooks Outlet store, I passed up on a couple tank tops and running skirts, which I will return to buy on my way home tomorrow. Totally necessary for vacation!! LOL. I wish I had time to hit Fleet Feet and buy a fuel belt, the temperature change may zap me.

Be sure to comment and enter my Pretty in Pink giveaway... Winner will be chosen tomorrow. Does anyone know if Boston will be on TV? I would LOVE to watch...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beauty and Cadence

Stats for 4/18:
11.01 miles
Time- 1:33:20
Pace- 8:28
Sunny, hills, side ache and solo

Dinner: Chicken cordon bleu, multi grain rice and yams. Bud light.
Snack: Special K Red Berries
Breakfast: Wheat Bagel w/ cream cheese and Jam, coffee, water and ½ Red Bull.
Post Run: Turkey Sandwich and rice, G2 blue Gatorade.

Since I would be running in my neighborhood instead of my favorite level trail, we mapped out a route the night before. I had my course and set out. I quickly realized that my compressions shorts were too big (that is what happens when you lose 65lbs) I knew it would not work so I jetted back home and changed (ANNOYING but necessary).

What a BEAUTIFUL day, sunny and not too hot. I felt great with an internal goal to get my 11 miles in 1:30 hours. With the various hills on the route I was not sure I would achieve that goal. The first mile was easy. I drafted a male runner with defined calves. His form was perfect, no sign of pronating. I admired his form and lack of effort, as I sped to keep up. Across the road a well dressed female runner zoomed by at a good clip. I was thinking it would be cool if Garmin watches had the functionality to beam your email address and average pace to other runners…helpful to find a possible training partner (patent pending LOL).

Good form guy dropped off at the stop light and I kept on. My side began to ache around mile 3, pretty sure I was going a little too fast, my first mile I ran 7:34 pace. I slowed and focused on my breathing. I LOVE the symmetry and cadence of the side walk. Each stride hits a line, takes me back to hop scotch in the grocery store. I often get lost in the rhythm of the pavement.

My feet hurt and I could feel a blister forming, guess I should have kept my insoles in, oh well live and learn. The first 8 miles flew by the highlight was running under the cherry tree lined neighborhood, the petals slowly fell and I WISHED I had my camera. Garmin watches should have cameras…as an amateur photographer my heart aches when I see something I cannot capture with my lens. The beauty was soon replaced with the realization that I was approaching HILLS. I planned to have all 3 hills at the end of my run to test my endurance. Not to disappoint each hill has a name.

Mount Doom: A .4 gradual incline with a fire station at the top… Yes I am a Lord of the Rings fan J. As I ran up the hill a song with the words “Shut up and drive” echoed on my Ipod. I took it as a reminder that my hill issues are internal and I quieted my negative thoughts.

Car-Killer Canyon: This .25 steep hill I will forever remember for the day we went on a snow walk. Cars stopped on the hill were stuck and slid back down. This was the slowest part of my run at 10:30 pace as I reached the summit.

Hill of Death the sequel: I was being tricky today so I thought I would take a route to avoid the “Hill of Death” at the end of my run. Little did I know that the Hill of Death is pronged and I must battle the hill no matter which route I take.

Toward the end of the run I realized that we had mapped the route out wrong and I was short 1 full mile!!! (We still have no idea how this happened the car had different mileage than my Garmin?) I had to get creative; luckily we live in cul-de-sac land so I ventured into a couple neighborhoods. I rounded the corner the last .25 and passed a little boy playing with a stick in a storm drain. A few steps later I realized the tiny-legged dude was speeding down the road, racing me!! SOOO FUNNY! He totally passed me and ran to his yard. Maybe I inspired a future runner. What a fun way to end my run. Once I plugged in and saw my time I was pretty happy, just 8 seconds slower per mile than my level run last week…not too shabby!!

Annoyance on the run:
Dodging Dog poop and yogurt (weird!) on the sidewalk
Having a side ache for 2 miles from starting too fast.
Blister and sore feet
Being short on mileage at the end of the run
Ducking to avoid getting hit by branches (dangers of being TALL)

Beauty on the run:
Majestic Mount Rainier and the foothills
Petals falling off of the vibrant pink cherry blossom trees
A young couple walking their infant and puppy
Sun with cool temperature
Little runner boy racing me with enthusiasm
Finishing my longest run yet...11 miles

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stud in the Family- Foto Friday

My cousin (well my cousin Kathy's son) Ryan was named Pac-10 Men's Field Athlete of the Week. He throws javelin for Cal and is a certified STUD!! Click here for the full article.

Below are the important details:
Young set both the school and meet records last weekend, posting a record-setting mark of 250-10 (76.45m). Young's mark on Friday also currently ranks fourth in the NCAA this season. Young's previous personal best was 235-02, which he set last season and then-ranked second best in school history

I wish I could say that I taught him everything he knows....but that would be a lie. I threw in high school, Shot Put, 2nd in state my senior year and Discus, 8th place in state. I tried javelin once and thought that I was going to throw my arm out of socket.
Kickin it old school for Foto Friday :)

While in the Traffic (3)

The mind rambles of a wife, mother, breadwinner and runner, while on her hour++ commute in heavy traffic....Episode 3:

*So glad I got my run in yesterday this rain is really coming down.

*That daycare is so cute. I feel bad for that Mom taking her kiddo out in the rain and dropping him/her off for the day. I am so blessed to leave my guys sleeping in their warm beds. Inspiration to work harder today.

*Man I am busy today gotta tie up loose ends before vacation next week.

*Latte time...wow those men are weird....apparently they were talking about me before I got in there. I love Robin my latte lady, she is going to run the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2, I guess she was bragging about me. Earlier this week I forgot my wallet and she spotted me a freebie for the day, couldn't do that at Starbucks.

*I should probably tip better. I just don't like tipping.

*I am really glad that my car is not held together with duct tape.

*This comedian is doing a bit about cell phone rings...call me vanilla but I prefer the normal "ring ring." Our office got new phones with a variety of ANNOYING rings, drives me CRAZY!!

*I am hungry, might have to get an omelet. I am ALWAYS hungry.

*Brake lights...oh goodie... an accident up ahead. How did that car drive off the road and into the light pole? Why are there always a ton of State patrol cars at an accident?

*Oh I don't feel pretty today at all. Boring french braided hair and an outfit I have worn a million times. Maybe I am a bit narcissistic...oh well I will embrace it.

*The name of my blog is a little blah...maybe I should change it to "Soggy Sneakers" or "Rain Running."

*The weather in Seattle area is supposed to be nice this weekend. 11 miles for me tomorrow. I hope it is clear and wind free for the Bloggy runners who have races.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

To run or not to run...

Make sure you enter my "Pretty in Pink" Giveaway...

Stats 4/16:
5.01 miles
Time- 39:36
7:54 pace (7:37 and 8:11 splits)
Low energy, head cold, sunny day, solo run on river trail.

To run or not to run? That is the question… Most of us chose to answer "Yes" nearly every day. I was TORN today! I have been fighting a cold/allergies mucus and congested head for about a week. I was TIRED and my runny buddy was gone. I looked out the office window and saw sun….wait SUN?? That was my answer. I am guessing that part of my gunk could be caused by my less than smart choices with the weather recently (see post "Really?"). I am too determined to stay with my plan to let a nice day sneak by without hitting the pavement.

I set out with Kelly Clarkson and KT Tunstall to keep me company. Internal goal, you know how I love those, less than 8 minute mile pace. As I passed an older guy run/walking on the trail, I felt a sudden urge to walk. Wait walk?? I have not felt that urge for a while. I realized maybe I was going a little too fast for my current state of sickliness.

Out and back, nothing much to report. I am still getting used to my insoles and am very sure that I will take them out for my 11 miler on Saturday…my feet miss my old shoes :( I kept thinking about getting back to the office and EATING. I had leftover lentil soup that hubby concocted…YUM!! And I was craving an Odwalla Strawberry C, I am a lazy smoothie lover..

When I plugged in I was pumped to see 7:54 pace!!! That is my fastest 5 miler yet, PR baby. Hmm what could I do if I wasn't sick? Geeez, have you ever met anyone more self-competitive, I am crazed…

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pretty in Pink- Giveaway!!!

Last year I had the privilege of running the Race for the Cure 5K to benefit Susan G. Komen Breast cancer research. I LOVED being surrounded by pink friends, young and old, all running for various reasons toward the same goal. My plan was to make this an annual event, of course often life/work get in the way....and this year I will be out of town for the event in Seattle. I am SAD!!! I was very impressed with the organization, especially how easy and fun it was to raise money for the cause.
Since I love Pink, am passionate about breast cancer research, am thankful for a recent goodie bag win, have a talented and crafty mother-in-law and would love others to participate in this race....I created the....

"Pretty in Pink" Giveaway
Since this is my first Giveaway, I am going to start small :)

You can earn up to 3 entries for this giveaway (You can accomplish all 3 with one comment if you prefer):

Entry 1: Log on the the Susan G. Komen website. Get involved, if you can, by finding a local event to participate in, purchasing merchandise or learning more about fundraising opportunities. Leave me a comment about any breast cancer events you have participated in or plan to attend in the future.

Entry 2: Add me to your blogroll or come "On the Run" with me (be a public follower), then send me a comment. If you are already a follower let me know.

Entry 3: Post a link to this contest on your blog and let me know.

Contest closes April 20th at 5Pm...because I leave for Hawaii the next morning. FYI your prize will come the first full week of May

And what will you win? The BEAUTIFUL handcrafted bracelet below. Various pink items for you to wear for future Komen events, including a brand new pair of the pink socks and hot pink nail polish in the photo above.

Bracelet created by my mother-in-law Terri. She makes and sells the bobbles with a portion donated to breast cancer research.

Mud and Hills

Stats 4/14:
4.57 miles
Time- 39:27
8:38 pace
Rain, hills, and soggy muddy trail with Shelby and Tanna.

On my way to meet Shelby for a 4.5 mile run (needed to make up the missed .5 from the debacle Monday, see post "Really?") Tanna (co-worker who has completed 4 marathon including Boston) asked if she could join in. I am never one to say "No", so off we went.

I made the mistake of asking about any "hill runs" around the work campus, so Tanna lead us to "Monster Hill." I know you think I am being dramatic, since I call the hill by my house the "hill of death." Really this is called Monster hill because it is on Monster Road, funny coincidence. So up we went, I felt good and coasted to the top!! Then Tanna said, "Has anyone ever taught you how to go down hills?" I said "No," and she bellowed "You go ask fast as gravity will take you," and took OFF. Hmmmm…my mind said "go slow" but I was totally curious so I went FAST. It was invigorating!! I have been stressing about how I will make up pace on races with hills, I just got my answer. After the hills we journeyed through a back woods dirt trail.

Rain + Washington + Dirt trail= Mud

As hard as I tried to tip toe, my lack of grace and size 10 trompers were mud bound. My BEAUTIFUL, sparkly white, NEW, shoes are covered in brown grossness. Oh well, at least now I don't have to be careful to keep my shoes clean. I wanted to wait for Shelby and ended up pacing with Tanna instead, sorry Shelby!!!

It was a good run for a drizzly rainy day and I am pumped that I found a way to concur "monster" hills. Oh the rain the rain… I know you feel bad for me…I bet you won't feel too bad for me when you know that I will be on a plane with muscle man to Oahu, Hawaii next week?? SO EXCITED!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Facts

Ashley at Journey to a Better Me tagged me to fill out this survey. Well to be totally honest I told her that I like surveys and was tagged as a result:

The rules are:
1. Fill it out
2. Change one question with one of your own
3. Add an additional question
4. Tag others

1. What are your current obsessions? Deciding if I should change my registration for the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon to the Full Marathon. Training and getting ready for the Capital City 1/2 Marathon in May. Blogging on my running and family sites. Writing my Children's Book.

2. Which item from your closet are you wearing most often? My MEK jeans, 3 Nike running jackets and spandex.

3. Last thing you bought for myself? Registration to the Capital City 1/2 Marathon and waterproof cameras for our trip to Hawaii next week.

4. What’s for dinner? Hubby makes dinner (LOVE HIM) so I would have to ask him, probably Turkey Burgers, Chicken Enchiladas or shrimp/mushrooms/ water chesnut bowl. Last night we had tasty homemade lentil soup and green peppers stuffed with cheese and mushrooms. Gotta love a man who will open a cook book and create something tasty.

5. Say something to the person who tagged you: Ashley is always good for a fun comment on my Blog and a good story on her Blog. Funny how you can connect with people through the Bloggy universe. Nice to know other mothers who are out there putting their runners to the pavement (or elliptical this week, get better buddy).

6. What is one item you could not live without? Is my husband an item?….hmm guess not.. Right now I would say my Garmin, Ipod and blackberry.

7. Vacation spots you must visit before you die? Ireland, Australia, Italy and a real castle anywhere...

8. Three things to do before you die:
Hmmmm I don't have a "Bucket List" so here goes...

1 - Travel with my boys and hubby to countless place in the USA by car or motorhome… Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Washington DC, etc...
2 - Slide down a natural water slide
3 - Live to be age 100 (LOL that is cheating)

9. What are you reading right now? I have 2 kids under the age of 3, I read 3+ books every night including "Smash Crash," "Adventures in Tonka Town," "The Lazy Lady Bug," and many more riveting titles.. My current reads are running magazines and the wonderful Blogs of my friends and fellow runners.

10. What is the last movie you saw and enjoyed? Can't remember…I know I liked seeing "Bolt" with Blaine.

11. What’s your guilty pleasure? I don't have guilty pleasures as much as vices… My vices are shopping, coffee, Thai food, chocolate, Facebook, Myspace and blogging.

12. What’s your favorite smell? Fresh baked cookies, warm clean laundry, my husband's cologne, cotton candy cooking and popcorn.

13.If cost wasn't an issue and you could run any race in the world what would it be? Since I don't have time to research races at this moment I will copy Ashley and say "I would love to run the Athens Marathon or do the LavaMan Iron Man in Hawaii".

**"The Avenue of the Giants" in the Redwoods, CA would be cool, but that one is attainable. As a tall person it would be so fun to run in a race with "Giants" in the title.

14. Do you have a goal that you are trying accomplish before 2009 is over? Finish the first draft of my Children's book and finish a 1/2 Marathon (possibly full goal TBD in 3 weeks).

15. Describe one of your happiest moments. There are a few: Finding out that I got offered a scholarship to play basketball and telling my parents. Meeting Dave, love at first sight and our PERFECT wedding day. Giving birth to my boys with my Mom, best friend, sister and hubby there to support us. Achieving my 'personal' goal weight after years of trying.

16. What was your best Halloween costume? My mom put me in some pretty cool things, I was a Hershey kiss and Grapes/raisins. My favorite was the one time in my life that I exposed my mid section as a Gypsy at a college party.

17. What do you have an addiction to? Running, my garmin, shopping and coffee.

18. What do you do that you would be embarrassed for others to know about? I have minor road rage, yell and often semi flip people off while driving. (semi means that my finger is not fully in sight of the other driver) I know it is BAD, but geeeeez people!!!

19. What is one totally irrational fear you have? Sharks scare me to no end..

20. Do you have a favorite training tip? Believe in yourself and don't make excuses. Your mind controls your body.

21. What's your most embarrassing moment? When I was in 1st grade I got on the Bus and was feeling queasy. As I started to walk down the aisle to find a seat I lost it and vomited on the floor. I quickly got off the bus, red faced and went back home.

22. (My added question) What is your dream job? I would love to get paid to take photos and write. My dream is to travel, be with my family and stretch my creative mind.

I tag my friends who run and Blog:
1. Jill
2. Ang

And Bloggy Runners:
1. Rookie on the Run
2. Amanda at Run to the Finish
3. Velma at Running with Boys

Monday, April 13, 2009


Stats 4/13:
3.5 miles
Time- 30:05
8:36 pace
HILLS, WIND, HAIL, RAIN, pushing jogging stroller with muscle man to get our boys out of the rain.

Curious why I looked so enthused after my run... Read on...

I work from home on Mondays. If the weather is 'nice' I have 3 training partners during my lunch hour (muscle man and the boys). Today the weather was 'OK' so we set out. I planned to use Mondays for a combo of speed and hill training, I make this stuff up as I go. My idea was to run with the boys to my training hill, do a few up and backs while they walked around, and run home together. Four miles total, no problem.

When we started out hubby saw a BIG dark cloud looming to the North, hmmmm. The rain cover in place with the boys content watching the Dora dvd Easton got for Easter. It seemed like the clouds were moving the opposite direction, so we continued. We traded off pushing the jogger and the WIND. WOW!! The resistance against the stroller was like fighting Arnold. Once we got to the bottom of the training hill I started up, SLOWLY, man I suck. I thought "I suck at hills!" over and over and over in my head....hey maybe that is why I suck...note to self change internal thought process about hills. As I approached the bottom and headed back up I got pelted with HAIL spears. OUCH!! Really? Wind, hills and hail? The hail started to come down harder mixed with a freezing downpour of RAIN. What am I doing out in this and with my kids no less? Not one of my finer moments in parenting.

I got to the top where muscle man had walked the kids up to see the "big yellow backhoe" and I said "Lets get out of here." He must have gotten his second wind from the brief walk because he was fast!!! For someone who claims not to run, my hubby made the next hill his bi---. IMPRESSIVE! I was lagging behind and I was not pushing 80lbs of kid and stroller. Pretty sure that adrenalin and Daddy protective power pushed him to the summit.

Next up hill of death...AGAIN.. By this point we were soaked, cold and DONE...but I made it, brief rest and stride to home plate. We could see our breath and were sure is was colder than the 47' the weatherman predicted. Easton had fallen asleep, babies are funny, so I took off my soaked jacket so I could take him to his crib. Below is my attitude after our run. Just another day in lovely Western Washington.

This was the shirt under my jacket, you should have seen my jacket. My visor was raining drops when I got inside.

You want to watch??

As hubby and I got ready for bed last night he started talking about going to the Capital City Marathon to be there when I crossed the finish line. OK this is not abnormal, I have an AMAZING and SUPPORTIVE husband, but we also have 2 kids under the age of 3, he generally avoids anything involving crowds and waiting. If we do things it is as a team or the divide and concur approach...but this he would have the boys for almost 2 hours (Race goal TBD) and probably not get the camera or camcorder up in time to catch my moment of glory.

So I realized I TRULY have no idea how to coach my spectators for my run. I know Charity wants to come, Dave and the boys, what do I tell them?

-Where should they park?

-Are there ways to see me along the route?

-How busy is the finish line area and where should they stand?

I know you all have not been to the Capital City Marathon...but if you can help my "1 week to Hawaii Vacation" brain I would greatly appreciate it. Any advice for me to pass on to my devoted supporters would be lovely..

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What do you get for $59.58?

I get the opportunity to run 13.1 miles at the Capital City 1/2 Marathon. I am officially registered and will run my first 1/2 Marathon on May 17th!!! Yes that is next month. After my 10 mile run yesterday I feel more than ready. What a treat to run in the beautiful and historical city of Olympia. I pray that Mother Nature will be my friend, mid May is not the best in Washington.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Double Digits

Stats 4/11:
10.01 Miles
Time- 1:23:36
8:20 pace (8:16 and 8:25 pace)
Stuffed-up head and cold, run on the Orting trail with Charity.

Eats for the Run:
Dinner: Pizza with wheat crust, ground turkey and olives.
Snack: Special K Red Berries
Breakfast: Wheat Bagel w/ Strawberry cream cheese, coffee w/ Vanilla creamer, ½ Luna Bar, ½ bottle water, and Red Bull
Other: Tylenol cold/decongestant and Excedrin

On the weekends hubby lets me sleep in (LOVE HIM). Unfortunatly this morning I was raring to go at 7:15AM. We had plans to take the boys to a local Egg Hunt at my alma mater Sumner High School, followed by 10 miles on the Orting trail with Charity. I couldn't sleep because I was STARVING, running does that to me, and because I was EXCITED. Excited for running 10 miles, I must be CRAZY (If I am crazy I am in good company).

Still trying to kick my cold, I took a Tylenol cold/sinus so I could breethe…the pill made me tired. So I took a couple Excedrin for the sinus headache and for energy, also downed a Red Bull. OK, you are all probably thinking, WHAT? I am a former college athlete, AKA pill popping persistently performing post power-drink (LOL) I know what to do to get the engine running for optimum performance.

My run was AWESOME. Loved 10 miles! Weather man called for rain, we had a dry trail with a lovely temperature. I was low energy the first half, probably due to the cold, the second 5 I felt a surge. Could have been the 4 runner guys who passed, I did the courtesy runner wave and once we were out of ear shot Charity said “You just got undressed.” I said “What?” I had taken off my undershirt at the half way point but there was no way this group had seen my in my Nike sports bra glory (hehehe). She explained “You just got looked up and down and undressed by that entire group.” I laughed and said, “WHATEVER!!” I am very sure that the guys were focused on their run and not checking me out, but I took her thought as a compliment and sped up a bit.

It was a blessing to have my BFF on the bike by my side. There is never a shortage of conversation, today we didn’t plug into the Ipods at all. Charity talked about starting a 5K training plan and buying some biking gear, this exercise stuff in infectious. My (our) first double digit run (bike) down and I am going to reward my efforts with….Registering for the Capital City ½ Marathon in Olympia on May 17th.. YIPPEE!! I will run my first 1/2 Marathon less than a month before I turn 30.

On the ride home I drank a Powerade and ate the other ½ of my Luna bar. When I got home I felt DEPLETED and ended up eating macaroni and cheese with the boys. Think I should have gone a bit easier on my stomach. Chalk it up to being a Rookie, OUCH!!

Egg hunt...well Tootsie roll and old McDonald Toys hunt.. Darn economy..

Spring is here and the trail is turning GREEN
Note the pink nails.. I was sweaty today at 1/2 way

My BFF since 10th grade

Not the victory pose of last week, but hey I made it.

Just after I got home hubby went to check the mail and dun dun dun… My winning goodies from Amanda at Run to the Finish arrived. THANK YOU Amanda!! What a fun surprise and sweet timing. My little chocolate buddy (Blaine) grabbed the milk chocolate bar and we split a tasty snack. I am excited to try all of the scrumptious treats. Hubby, the cook in the house, dove right in to the Nutrition book. He is my savior because he has a real interest in nutrition; we have steadily changed our meal plans based on his research.

This kid LOVES Chocolate

The loot

Soooo when good things happen to me I WANT to give back. I have been tossing around some ideas for my first giveaway. Since I have a mini following, you wonderful readers will have a HIGH probability of success. More details mid week, I have to get some ducks in a row.
For now first Double Digit run down and off to register for the ½. LOVE IT!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Quote Friday-

On my family Blog I start every post with a quote...I am CRAZY about quotes. I truly believe that a good quote can lift your spirit. So every Friday I plan to pass on gems from others and possibly coin a few words myself, ENJOY.. Good luck On The Run this weekend!!!

"I always loved running...it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs."
Jesse Owens

Last 3 on to 10...

Stats for 4/9:
3.03 miles
8:25 pace (8:19 and 8:30 splits)
Nice temperature run with Shelby

After a peaceful, and comfortable run I decided that I prefer the temperature to be in the 60's. As much as I like the sun, the cloud cover with no rain or wind is ideal. This was the LAST 3 miler on my plan. Which is OK. It takes me more time to get undressed and dressed than it does to run 3 miles. I planned to up the pace today, but opted to stay with my partner. As much as my mind said "Run Faster! Go! Go!," in the long run (LOL) helping my partner through a "Tired" day is more important.

I wore my new insoles, I was a bit nervous, but I REALLY liked the feel. Again I wish that my Garmin had a camera. The Photographer inside cries when I see beautiful "postcard quality images" on the run. The Cherry Blossoms trees were in full bloom today, GLORIOUS!!

I am feeling under the weather with a sore throat and the cold gunk that is going around, might be allergies, who knows?? Thankfully running seems to help me kick the crud faster. My little guys are sick too, along with every other kid, man are those Doctor offices packed.

I was in Bonney Lake last night visiting my family to die Easter Eggs. I was sooo tempted to jaunt into Fleet Feet and buy the spandex shorts I have been coveting , but I resisted temptation. Soon I will NEED them ;) 10 miles on Saturday! This will be my first EVER double digit run, wish me luck!!

Rookie question: Should I start trying out GU packs and water carriers now or wait for my longer runs?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How did you do it?

In 2008 I was successful in losing the baby weight from the birth of my son Easton January 2008. Just recently I achieved my personal goal weight; a weight I never dreamt I would see on the scale. I get asked a lot what I did to shed the UNWANTED extra poundage. Honestly, the answer is simply diet and exercise. In January I wrote a Blog for my family site with "10 tips for weight loss in a busy world" the list included ideas taken from years of reading articles and watching TV, things that work for me, and advice from others. Below is my "no frills" list. Even if you are not trying to lose weight these are great (simple) tips for healthy everyday living..

1. Weigh yourself at least once a week (in the morning after you go to the bathroom naked.. LOL). Knowing where you are at weight wise and having a (REALISTIC) goal of where you want to be is the best way to drop the pounds. (FYI ladies certain times of the month the scale will go up about 5+ pounds, you know why, don't stress.)

2. Exercise. Everyone has that one thing they enjoy, be it mall walking, Pilates, swimming, jogging or actually going to a gym. Increase your activity and commit yourself to a minimum of 30 minutes 3-5 days a week. For stay at home Moms/Dads work out tapes, running/walking pushing a jogging stroller, body weight exercises like push-ups (on your knees is OK) or sit-ups and at home exercise equipment may be easiest for you.

3. EAT. Dieting does not mean starving yourself. You can eat and you can eat a lot. You NEED fuel. You just have to know which foods will not bust the calorie bank. Foods like carrots, celery, and green peppers are great for snacking. I have found the 100 calories items like popcorn and granola bars to be lifesavers!! Another tip is to use bowls. What I mean is have your tortilla chips but put the serving size in a bowl and close the bag. This will make you aware and help you avoid boredom eating of an ENTIRE bag.

4. Be accountable for what you put in your mouth. We all have our comfort food, which is generally something which hits above 400 calories and mostly from fat. Since I have been running I have taken a MAJOR shift in the way that I approach food.

100 calories= (roughly) 1 mile of running

3,500 calories= 1 pound

Every bite that I take is mileage in my mind. So the more high calorie items I eat, the farther I have to run to get it off and the farther I will be away from my weight loss goals. So I can eat my mini Take5 bar that is 110 calories, but I know that is one more mile that I get to run... Eat your comfort food, enjoy a meal with friends! When you splurge (Like me with my Pizza and cupcake) consuming plain salad, soup or cucumbers for a couple meals and/or increasing your exercise can get you back on track.

5. Find a weight loss/fit partner (preferably your spouse). Meeting goals is much easier with support. Find a work-out or dieting buddy. I am lucky because Dave (aka Muscle man) and I are on the same page and support each other every day. Without my husband I would not have achieved my goals!! I also have a running partner Shelby, together we are speeding through our mileage. Your partner should be positive, and understand how to motivate you.

6. Think of creative ways to cut calories. I love to start the day with a mocha/latte which means that I consume 300-500 calories with my morning jolt. Every other day I will have plain coffee with a splash of fat free creamer or tea. This produces the same result with little or no calories. For dinner you do not always need a starch. Have your protein with vegetables, by doing that you can save 200+ calories and still get a great filling meal. Fill your plate with the low calorie options and reduce your portion size on the fatty foods. You can go to a Restaurant and ask that they box half the meal before bringing it out, or even pick a meal you can share... Charity and I get Thai food and split a plate, we get our fix without over stuffing.

7. You can go to fast food. Reality there are days, especially when you have kids, that convenience is the only option. You can have a Whopper, try ordering it without the mayonnaise (get a ketchup packet because your burger will be dry). Condiments, even salad dressing, can be a killer on calories especially when you order in the drive through, a salad is not always the best if you pack on the nuts, croutons, and crispy chicken. Order grilled chicken, use half or none of the condiments, ask for fat free dressing and do not use the whole packet. Water is free folks and it is much better for you than anything served at fast food.

8. Get the junk out of your house. I LOVE ice cream but do not buy ice cream, it is not in the house so I don't eat it. Smart choices at home start with wise shopping at the grocery store. You may think that your kids need the snacky junk foods, not true. My kids LOVE pretzels which are much lower in calories than chips. And Yogurt is a great substitution for ice cream. Leave the junk at the store!!! And clean out your pantry. Healthy foods cost more, but the results in how you feel, and how you look, will be worth the cost.

9. Pay attention to what you drink. Fruit juices may be healthy but are often full of natural sugars which could be killing your diet. A few low calories options are water with a splash of lemon juice, Zipfiz or Emergen-C added to water, homemade tea or sparkling waters with fruit flavoring. If you are a soda drinker try to cut back on even the diet version because sodas are known to slow the metabolism. You do not need to cut out the alcohol, just know that each beverage has a value...I LOVE Margaritas but for the 400-600+ calories I think I would prefer a light beer or glass of wine.

10. Be proud of yourself!!! If you read my Blog you know I am not scared to boast about my successes, LOL!! My view is that I should be proud of myself and not afraid to let others share in my joy. Who knows who you can inspire with your achievements? One pound, one good choice at a meal, one inch, one pant size, one week of working out, or whatever it is. Be proud of what you have done. DO NOT get in the habit of beating yourself up about what you did not do. Change your focus to what you DID do. I LOVE to watch the Biggest Loser because it is amazing to see what sure will and extreme focus can do. The slogan is "What have you done today to make you feel proud?" Ask yourself that and it is amazing how your attitude toward diet and exercise can change.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lunch with me...

What does a salad for $5.75 from my cafeteria look like?

Please do not judge, I TRIED to avoid the Styrofoam but the cost of salads is by weight and the caf peeps were out of other enviro-friendly options.

On my non-training days I try to eat low carb, which generally means salad. Believe it or not I am a rare person whose menu item of choice, even dining out, is salad. Included in today's jumbles of ingredients: Tomato slices, Beets, Mushrooms, Peas (I LOVE peas), Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Egg, Grilled Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, Sunflower seeds and Honey Mustard dressing. I am no authority on nutrition but I know how my body feels when I eat fresh ingredients.

Off to consume my masterpiece. Happy lunching!!

While in Traffic (2)

I had so much fun writing my first "While in the Traffic" posting that I thought it would be good to do it every Wednesday. Bullet style because my brain is RANDOM.

The mind rambles of a breadwinner, wife, mother, and runner during her 1 hour commute. Episode #2:

*Cash machine $40, no $20, already spent my allowance this week.

*I love this song, may be weird that I like Miley Cyrus but listening to the words of "The Climb" amazing. I need to have Charity buy that song and a few others for me and upload before my 10 miler Saturday.

*This Blackberry commercial with Jim (John Krasinski) from "The Office" always makes me think of the Micheal (Steve Carell) look-a-like at Volleyball. I could never focus because I always wanted to laugh.

*I HATE the news especially news about kids, makes my heart hurt, I know it is ignorant but I would rather change the channel. And hugs my kids tighter.

*Easton actually slept through the night last night, it was nice to go see him and bring him a bottle before I left. UGH breaking him from the bottle, I will think about that when we get back from Hawaii. I know he is too old for a bottle, but he is my baby.

*My throat hurts, I need a lozenge. "Achoo," sneezing sucks and in the car it is even worse. OK lozenge, in the purse. I need, well want, a new purse.

*I should get an omelet when I get to work. Ham, Cheese, mushrooms, YUM!!

*This commute is too long. I wish there was a way for me to get paid what I make now by taking photos, blogging/writing and running. That mom on Oprah did it.. Hmmm...maybe I should wait until the economy gets better.

*At least I get to go to the Safeco field to meet with a Mariner's guy today that will be different.

*That is after work, I need to remind Dave to eat without me. Guess I will grab Burger King, or maybe Subway. The Biggest Loser is always plugging Subway. I love that show but could totally due without the plugs for things.

*I was not expecting the people on House to kill off Kutner (Kal Penn), that was really unexpected. I guess the actor has a new gig with Obama, random!

*I watch too much TV. My tights don't fit, well most of my clothes don't fit.

*I need new long spandex. Of the 2 pairs I have one is from high school and the other I bought at a garage sale for .75 cents. I can't wait until garage sale season.

*I love the trees in Washington. I see a few hawks on branches every day on my commute, always makes me smile and feel protected.

*The photos of the Capital City Marathon in Olympia look pretty. I will run my 10 miler this weekend, and if I do good, I will register for the 1/2 on May 17th. That is NEXT MONTH..

*Easter is going to be fun. I bought the boys and cousin Zane matching shirts, all 3 of them, total photo op. It will be fun in Mom and Dad's yard, much bigger than our yard.

*Oh Kelly Clarkson always hits the spot, funny how when I hear a song on the radio that is on my play list it makes me feel like I am running.

*It would be so cool if Garmin watches had cameras.

*Wow my coffee went right through my mommy bladder, good thing I am here.

I meant to take a photo in the car, but this is me at my desk.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Yellow Orb in the Sky

Stats for 4/7:
5.03 miles
8:40 pace (8:35 and 8:45 splits)
Run with Shelby, in the sun, talking the whole time.

Oh the Sun!! It feels so good. I actually felt HOT today which is rare for me, I am usually freezing. I love sporting my visor, instead of a hat and fleece ear cover. I know that the beautiful weather will not stay long, but WOW was is great today.

Shelby and I went for our usual 5 mile route along the river on Interurban trail. We chatted the first half and I talked mostly at the end. It was a good pace, a conversational pace for me for sure. Funny before we left the office Shelby IM'd me that she had eaten a cookie, happened that the IM came just as I was finishing my sinful cupcake. Partners think alike. Thankfully the sugar rush did not hurt us too badly.

Thanks to my buddy Jill and the active.com "Find Things to do" tool, I found a reasonably priced local 1/2 Marathon in May. I am thinking of registering, full details once I register. I get more and more excited about the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon as the months go by. My body feels ready, my new shoes are pillows and I am 100% addicted to running. With time and distance I will know my full capacity. What I know now is that I have not even come close to reaching my full potential.


What do you do when you have FINALLY reached your goal weight after over 10 years of trying? Hmmmm? You devour a chocolate cupcake instead of your usual 100 calories pre-run snack. Oops, off to run 5 miles to work it off.

Sun run with the Boys

Stats 4/6:
3.05 miles
8:50 pace
Sunny day, run with the boys, hills and pushing the double jogger.

I work from home on Mondays and since hubby is the CEO of the household (stay-at-home Dad) lunch time is our family workout time. The sun was out in full force so we loaded the boys in the double jogger (their combined weight is over 80 pounds, we grow them BIG). I NEED to get some hill training in so I told the hubs that I would push the boys up any inclines, he quickly agreed.

Mid way through the run in a development that has not been built on yet, there are a lot of those in Puyallup, I found a hill great for "repeats". The boys stayed at the bottom to rest and drink and I went up. I am painfully slow at hills, but more practice like this and I will be a champ! I have found my new training plan for Mondays HILLS. My photog snapped a few choice shots, I look crazy while running. The hill of death nearly killed me at the end while pushing my little linemen, but we made it. This is the last week of EASY on my plan no more 3 milers..

My motley crew, it was SUNNY!
The new training hill. It is .15 and a great incline.
I did it twice, I am thinking I will try to do it 4 times or more to get over my hill phobia. After all Seattle is not FLAT AT ALL!!
Close up Pony tail wagging. Hey I see sunlight between my thighs, when did that happen??