6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Switch, Survivor and Shopping List

Stats for 3/20:
6 miles
8:32 overall pace (8:06 and 8:59 1/2 split times)
Slight incline, rain and wind

This morning I was mentally preparing myself for a 4 mile run with my work-lunch-running-buddy Shelby. At 10ish she sent me an IM that she could not go. OK..hmmm. Running alone, no problem. My weekend is going to be BUSY to spend more time with my boys maybe I should do my long run today. I had an hour and a half to change my brain to prepare for a 6 miler in the rain. It was worth it to me to get to spend 16-20 more minutes with my kids and hubby.

On my second week of 4 day training I don't have my laundry schedule down. Today I was VERY aware that I had put on the wrong gear. My jacket had a hood, drover me crazy and a zipper that bounced on my chest the entire run. I LOVE to run, however I can be easily taken out of my euphoria by annoying gear. I also realized at mile 3.73 that I had worn my 3 mile socks. Good moisture wicking running socks are expensive so I only own 2 good pairs. Today I put on my cotton socks, EVIL fabric to wear for running. I could feel the blisters forming, FABULOUS. Then the wind and rain picked up, LOVELY. Just then my friend Beyonce joined me and "Survivor" blared in my ears. The tough woman in me was inspired!! I have been through the birth of 2 babies, 2 knee surgeries, countless pre-season workouts and played through illness and PMS…this 6 miles was not going to beat me, "I'm a Survivor!!!" I was much faster the first half of the run, which could be wind aided/resistance, but I made it and in a pretty good time.

As I approached my last mile I was mentally creating my running shopping list. Running is expensive, but I figure I have not joined weight watchers or a health club, so I am saving us money.

Below is what I need to buy:
Moisture wicking socks (3 or more pairs)
Spandex and under spandex in a smaller size (who knew spandex could get baggy)
Waterproof hat
Headphones that don't fall out of my ears
Shoes or at least new arch supports to get me through
A massage (OK that one is a wish list item)

27 miles down 393.2 more to go...

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