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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Pace

Stats for 3/26:
3.03 miles
8:23 overall pace
Run with Shelby

Shelby and I went for another (Easy) 3 miler today. Funny story Shelby forgot her long sleeve shirt and brought a t-shirt from college with beers on the back, not very work lobby appropriate. So we swapped, she wore my Nike dry weave long sleeve to stay warm and I sported the bright green size medium t-shirt under my jacket...problem solved!!

There was no rain, and very little wind. Thank Heaven!! So nice to have a dry day. The Boston Marathon qualifying time is posted on a pink sticky note attached to my Runners World Calendar (FYI if you don't have this calendar go get one it is awesome). The pace is 8.23 for my age group. So when I plugged in to get our stats, I was pleasantly surprised to see that exact pace. OK that was 3 miles, which prompts the question: How do people run that pace for 26.2 miles? Up & down hills, in rain, wind, heat, with blisters, stomach aches, blackened toe nails, stopping to use the port-a-potty, gulping down water, squeezing gel packs for nourishment and RUNNING without passing out. AMAZING!

Yes it may be a far fetched goal, especially for my first try at a long race, but what harm is there is having my goals set high? We did it today!!! Only time will tell what pace my body can handle, I may even surprise myself. I have not gotten where I am today by limiting my potential...

Until tomorrow... Happy Running!

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Rookie on the Run said...

Wow! Keep up the hard work! I don't know how anyone can keep up that pace for 26.2 miles. Crazy!