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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pace, Puddles and IPod

Stats for 3/19:
3.03 miles
7:51 pace
level run, slight drizzle and wind

As a fairly new runner I realize on every run that I have NO IDEA what pace I am going. If my Garmin did not guide me I would be across the board with times ranging from 6:30 minute miles to 10+. I am hoping that through training I can develop the internal gauge necessary to run 26 miles without going too fast or too slow.

Spring is nearly here and the Seattle drizzle will be every present. Today I felt like I was puddle hopping to avoid soggy sneakers. I am due for a new pair. Ironic that my Gel Nimbus shoes, named after a cloud, seem to soak in the water from the grey puffs dripping above. I am hoping to make it to the local running store to get fitted for a good pair of water resistant shoes.
I LOVE to have music on my run.

I realized that the play list that I selected, with the help of my best friend, is not running quality. During my short 23:45 I must have skipped about 10 songs. Imagine the distraction as my training mileage increases. My iPod is a tiny shuffle with no option for sophisticated play lists for speed, cool-down, etc. A few months back I asked some fellow runners and friends to send song ideas for running. I think I am going to have to pay for a few and load tunes worthy of joining me on my training.

6 runs down 58 to go….


Derek said...

Welcome to the blogging world and good luck on your journey to the marathon. Have a good plan and just remember to have fun. I am also a ex Bball player that got into running to loose weight and stay in shape. Enjoy yourself and hopefully running will become a lifelong passion.

Database Diva said...

Hello TallMom, it's nice to meet you. The photo looks familiar. Is that the Burke-Gilman Trail? I live up in Snohomish and run mostly on the Centennial, or around town, but I've been known to run on the BG with friends.

For your next pair of shoes, I can't say enough good things about Super Jock N Jill. For years I drove down to Green Lake from Snohomish to buy shoes and then break them in around the lake. I still visit when I'm in the area. I also shop at Road Runner Sports on occasion. Lately I've been buying my shoes from Shelby at Run 26 in Lynnwood. He is #1 in my book when it comes to evaluating your gait and getting you in the right shoes.

Good luck with your training for Rock N Roll Seattle!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

The photo is from the Orting Trail, thanks that reminded me to add a caption. I am going to try Fleet Feet in Bonney Lake this week to get fitted. Mainly because I want to support a local family business. I have been fitted before but now that I am truly traning I would like the best pair of shoes I can get.

Thank you for the encouragement!!