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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hubby on the Run

Stats for 3/28:
2.01 miles
8:36 overall pace
Run with Hubby (Dave) wind and rain storm

Saturday the boys woke us up at 7:25ish and our Ocean view condo quickly buzzed with activity. My parents and 8 year old nephew were asleep in the living room, but not for long. Mom, bless her heart, offered to watch the little ones while I took the big guy on a run. Nice for hubby to be on the run without pushing 80+ pounds of kiddo. WOW was it cold, rainy and windy. The favorite spandex were in the laundry at home. Windbreaker pants do not live up to the title, AT ALL, my knees were freezing! Our plan was to find a path with a beach view and run 3 miles. We were not successful on either plan. Not knowing the area we travelled on a low traffic road which ran parallel to the beach, no view and TONS of puddles. Not quite the pretty and peaceful run we had envisioned...Oh well! Hubby asked how far we had gone and I said .89, he grimaced and I could tell that he was internally plotting an exit strategy. I could hear the words "I think I will walk, but you can go on ahead and I will catch up."

Being with a man for over 7 years you learn a thing or two. What I know about my husband and his running:

1. He is a fair weather runner. He does not like cold, wind or rain. The fact that he even left the warmth of the condo was amazing.

2. 3 miles is about his max with the best of conditions.

So I said, "We can do 2 miles if you want?" He quickly agreed and we turned soon after. I had completed my training plan mileage for the week, fearing that this would happen..it pays to be a planner. The run was not what I had been hoping for, maybe we will find the peaceful beach run in Hawaii this month!!! Below are a couple shots from the trip, even with clouds and rain the beach is BEAUTIFUL.


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