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Monday, March 23, 2009

First time off plan

It was bound to happen eventually...life got in the way of running. My hubby and I set out with the double jogger and our boys to go for a jog/run. I planned to run with them to the park then leave to complete the planned mileage for the day- 4 total miles. Once we got to the soccer field after 1.5 miles at a slow pace I decided I wanted to watch my son play, BIG MISTAKE. The field was sopping wet and my sneakers were quickly water logged. Running was not an option because I did not want to add to my collection of blisters.

SOOOO.. I was hoping I would make up the mileage this week but it won't happen because we are going out of town with my family this weekend. My friend, and fellow runner, Angie told me once not to stress if I miss a day. So I am taking that advice. We did complete 2.86 miles with our stroll through the woods.

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Velma said...

Great blog. Yes, we have a ton in common. I rowed in college for Wisconsin. You are a bit faster than me :) I will follow the journey to the marathon. You are going to love the adventure!