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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Filling the Tank

Stats for 3/23:
7.07 miles
8:22 overall pace (8:07 and 8:38 1/2 split times)
Windshield wiper on fast mode rain

Looking at my training plan for the week this weekend is a 7 miler....we are going to the beach with my parents and nephew. My husband, bless his heart, said that he would run with me, which is GREAT! However, Dave is done at 2 miles, so I highly doubt that he would make the 7 mile treck. So I opted to start my week with my long run.

I laced up, stretched and mentally planned out my run. The last time I did a 7 miler I had an out and back. I prefer out and backs, there is something about knowing I have made it half way. This time I was making up a route as I went. I will talk a lot about my "Tank." My tank is my mental and physical capacity to reach higher. On this day my tank was not full. I work from home on Mondays so I did not follow my usual snacking routine. I play volleyball on Sunday nights so I was tired. And with layoffs and stresses at work I was not 100% there mentally. Since I am a "no excuses" type of person I figured I would work it out on the pavement.

Oh the rain! The Rain!! THE DARN RAIN!!! Cars driving by had wipers on full blast, that is how hard the rain was coming down. Thankfully I put on a hat, but I still had to wipe drops from my face the entire run. At about mile 4.7 I noticed a little pocket runner coming up behind me. No offense to my little friends, but if I weighed 112 pounds I would be running 7 minute miles too.. Anyway I tried my darnedest to speed up and keep my pride. After a slight incline she had me. BUMMER!! So I kept a close distance curious where she was headed. This was a blessing because she took a left where I usually go strait and cross traffic. I would have never gone the way she went but once I followed I found it was EXACTLY the mileage I needed. Thank you mini runner!

When I got home I was anxious to plug in my Garmin, yes I am addicted!! The stats were great for a low fuel day. Before my shower I hopped on my scale. WHAT??? I weighed 184.6!!! OK my goal weight since college has been 185, I never NEVER thought I would reach it. I knew it was lack of water but seeing the number totally refilled my tank. I did a victory dance and warmed up in the shower. Long run down, now I have easy runs the rest of the week!! More later..


Anonymous said...

Mel, that is FANTASTIC! You are truly an inspiration...Keep up the great work, you look marvelous :)

Derek said...

"little pocket runner", now that is funny! I always say I would be a much faster runner if I weighed less than 170, but I haven't seen that weight since the high school days! Keep up the good work.