6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feathery Five

Stats for 3/31:
5.01 miles
8:43 pace (8:35 and 8:51 splits)
Run along the river path with Shelby

At about 9:45AM the rain outside the office windows was pouring buckets, puddles filled, rivers swelled and trees rejoiced. My mind slowly shifted from Tuesday run to hmmm maybe Wednesday run. Thankfully at 11:25 there was not a drop in sight so we got in gear. While stretching the sky dropped some sleet/rain balls on us. I began to question the choice to go outside. Shelby chose the path to the right along the river, I am guessing the pesky sleet/rain cloud pestered the runners to the left.

One of these days I will get a photo of my darling and dedicated running buddy and me. Today Shelby was more than adorable, a few things I will keep confidential (some things on the trail should be left on the trail) but her fear of Canadian Geese is too precious not to share. The path on Interurban passes an area ruled by Canadian Geese and their droppings. Generally the path is clear (not clear of fecal matter) but today the feathery friends were gathered ready to pounce. Our pace slowed then sped up, I could tell something was up, come to find out Shelby has a fear of Geese. My Mama bear instincts kicked in and I tried to scare the goofy geese away. They weren't budging. With some positive and distracting chat and a speedy pace we made it through without being flogged by our feathered foes.

Five miles in the books and nary a rain drop in sight. BONUS! When I logged my mileage to my 2009 Excel sheet I passed a milestone over 200 miles run. To be exact 200.93 miles in 2009!! And 30,155 calories burned. Thank you Garmin for helping me to rejoice.

Hubby texted dinner tonight will be Turkey Burgers on Wheat buns, Yam fries and broccoli. Yum, YUM, YUMMERS!!


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