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Friday, March 27, 2009


I was chatting with Tanna (fellow runner and co-worker) about Boston Marathon qualifying times, yes I am obsessive. She said that some races have a division for Clydesdale's or larger men. My mind immediately went to my 6'9 little (OK younger) brother Jonathan. Images of his size 14's clamouring down the road. Arms and legs for days. Strides equal to multiple turnover for the "average" road racer. I think I may find a local 5K and ask him to join me for the pure joy of watching others oogle at him. Keeping an internal count of how many times I hear "How tall is that guy?"

I digress. Curious if there is a division for females, I quickly googled and found the Athena's category. Not having hours to research I concluded that the group is for women above 160 pounds. Hey, that's me!! At 6'0 tall and 187.2 (to be accurate) pounds. I found an article written a year ago by Dimity (Article), I do not 100% agree with all of her thoughts but it is an interesting debacle. Do I compare myself to those who are in my "above average" size range? Or should I stick it out with everyone and see where I stack up?

My height was an advantage in basketball and volleyball. Long limbs aided with my shot-put (2nd in state my senior year in HS) and discus tosses as well. But running?? Hmm... My strides are longer, but I have to pull around more weight and the wind resistance....hehehe.. Anyway, no deep thoughts today. Simply stated my take is this: I think it is fun to give us "Big gals" a pretty name like Athena to glamorize our efforts keeping pace with those in X-Small spandex.

Athena defined....Large spandex and proud of it!!!


Rookie on the Run said...

OMG! Your little (younger) brother IS TALL!! But I you already know that. :) I would love to see him running.

So, I'm confused... is it assumed that because your strides are longer, that makes you faster by default? If so, I'm wondering if the Athena group has a faster qualification standard???

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Oh sorry... The Athena group gets assessed a slower time since we are considered bigger and heavier :)

My point, which I muffed up, is that at least I have my long strides going for me.

Any yes, Jon is TALL!!!