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Thursday, March 19, 2009

1st Week of Traning

Last week was my first official week of my 16 week "Rookie" marathon training. Yes I am a Rookie with only 3 road races under my belt: a local 5K in Bonney Lake, which I won for the Women when I was 20. My time was amazing, but I cannot for the life of me remember. Ran the 10K Bloomsday while in college. And last year I ran the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K. I digress...

My plan was to start training on Monday, but Mother Nature had other plans. I am not a fair weather runner, but large snow flakes, wind and COLD made a Tuesday much more appealing. With my work-lunch-running buddy Shelby in tow, and the Garmin ready to capture our every step, the journey began.. Internally a switch turned on and I questioned my choice, " Am I really going to do this?". My obsessive mind keeps struggling "1/2 Marathon or Marathon??" UGH!! With the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon 16 weeks away I plan to decide on my goal distance at week 8 of training. And now my current obsession is time, "If I do a Marathon why not qualify for the Boston Marathon?" So I have the 8.23 pace posted on my Runner's World Calendar.

It may be a stretch to believe that my post 2 knee surgery and 2 kids body can travel over 26 miles in one day. Now I am adding the pressure of time, what am I crazy?? Most would say yes, but as I Blog hop I realize that I am in good company. SO week 1 is in the books and my average pace was 8.27, SWEET!!! For a week wrought with stomach issues, cold and wind that is pretty darn good. I opted to traverese a few big hills on my 5 miler, painful but necessary. Hills, hills, evil hills. If anyone has tips for hill training I would love to hear.

Today is training day 2 for this week. It is raining, but it is Seattle so what is new??


Marlene said...

Well I couldn't leave this post sitting here without any comments. LOL, I remember the no-comment days when I was writing just for me!

Who knew it would come to this?!

marie cecile said...

I am currently on a no-comment basis as I started my running blog this week. But just to write for oneself is such a motivation. So are all your blogs ! Did not know there were so much people struggling with the same problems as me !
your two blogs are my favorites ! ;)